agentmiltondammers asked:

Hello, Dan Cain? This is Agent Milton Dammers of the FBI. I tried to contact your "associate", Mr. Herbert West, though I had no such successful visit. I would like to ask you a few questions about the incident in the morgue at Miskatonic University.

Uh.  Uh, sure!  Sure, I’m… open to that, uh…

Wow, the FBI, huh?  I thought the Miskatonic Massacre case was closed.  I mean, I don’t have anything new to add.  I mean.  Um.

I’m sorry, have we met before?  You just look really familiar and I can’t place it.  I hope that’s not… an impertinent question, I’m sorry, I’ve never actually dealt with an actual FBI agent before.

It’s late morning when Jude awakens.

His eyes flutter open to Milton’s slack face beside his own on the pillow. Their arms entwine around each other like ivy vines. Jude smiles. Milton is so warm. He curls into the arms surrounding him, nuzzling into the soft skin of the older man’s neck.

“Good morning handsome” he whispers before laying a gentle kiss in the crook of Milton’s neck. 

His hands travel downwards to caress Milton’s sides.

[Jude stands in front of the doorway, his breathing is tense and shallow]

[his hand is on the door knob ready to twist it open, but he hesitates and swallows]

[the door opens silently and Jude slinks in feeling one part shameful and one part giddy]

[he comes to the stark realization there’s no steam in the bathroom despite the winter conditions outside]

[Jude felt his heart sink, and he knew he’d made the right decision]

[the towel falls from his form as he steps into the shower behind Milton without looking and slowly, ever so slowly, lays a gentle hand on his shoulder]