The Nightmares are Among us II Steve and Maria Hill

Sound, that was the first thing that returned to the soldier, sounds of muttering voices, machines somewhere in the background, air being pumped into the surrounding area. Then there was the sound of someone else breathing that caught his attention, someone was near him. Pain decided to make its self known to his body as it came back in a rush, stabbing up his arms, running down his back and invading every inch of his body. Piercing needles of cold stabbed violently through skin into muscle, shivers wracked the prone figure trying to revive warmth into the suffering body. It felt like cold metal was wrapped around his wrists, fastening them together as well as binding his legs and chest to a chair, someone did not want him going anywhere anytime soon. Cracking his eyes open slightly he could see cracked concrete walls, water dripping slowly from a faucet on the far left wall, there was barley any light coming from a small window high up. Letting out a shaky breath he shifted hearing the chains rattle and groaned at the protest his body put up, the man could not remember how he had gotten here.

A sound to his left caught his attention and gazing that way he was shocked to see Deputy Director Maria Hill tied up next to him, still looking like she was passed out. “Maria? Agent Hill can you hear me? You have to wake up…” he did not like the look of this one bit at all. He could not tell easily if she was injured or not in the limited light but he saw something that made his blood run cold, there was an IV in her right arm, and looking down he could see one in his own arm taped there innocently with nothing hooked up to either one of them currently. What could the people who had them want with that, direct access to their blood streams. “Agent Hill please wake up, we need to get out of here,” he said struggling against his restraints again starting to panic a bit about this.

Spa Day II Maria & Felicity

Felicity was extremely glad Maria had called her for their spa day, even if she wasn’t too thrilled with the whole mud bath idea. She needed the getaway, her parents’ place was starting to smell like old smokes and it kind of nauseated her.

Felicity eagerly awaited her friend’s arrival, which should be some time soon, outside of the spa. The time that was set for the girl’s day was noon and it was…fifteen past. Felicity sighed, thinking Maria wasn’t going to make it, and said “I wonder what SHIELD has her doing right now. Probably running an investigation on alien embryos in humans. I did tell her it was possible.”

Woah woah, I have a lot of visitors

“Good news is drinks are over there, you can have coffee, tea -which I hate-, warm milk, soda, water… Bad news is there is no booze around here and there won’t be for a while. Anyway if you make a line I will sign all your stuff and hear whatever you’ve got to say.”

Hugs and Kisses II Maria and Felicity

Felicity sat around in Maria’s home during the after Christmas “festivities” of the previous night. She hated when Maria had to go to work, it gave her nothing to do. She couldn’t go around her parents for fear of draining them silly, nor her cousin because he made her want to, so she just lounged on Maria’s perfect little couch and watched television.

“When is Maria coming home? It’s like 10:00. Prime Meridian. What kind of slave shop are they running at SHIELD,” she muttered to herself, flipping through channels. “And there’s nothing on TV. I wonder if Maria would ever consider acting. I could see her as a sexy little seductress, kind of an attitude problem but still lovable. Maybe have an super-nice friend who she abuses–not that she’s that mean or would ever do that, but I think she could pull it off convincingly…”

The man out of time. || @agent-maria-hill ||AU

SHIELD had found Steve in the ice, frozen, for almost seventy years. He was still alive, just unconscious, in his deep sleep. They placed him in recovery room, SHIELD building in New York. They decorated the room just like in forties.

The super soldier was still in his deep sleep, peacefully. He had been asleep for days in the recovery room, it was like he was in coma. But unexpectedly, a few moments later, His eyelids began to flutter, his hand moved slightly. His eyes opened very slowly, and all he saw at his first sight was the ceiling. He blinked, and sat up slowly. He could see the door opened, and a SHIELD Agent who dressed up like a nurse greeting him. But unfortunately, Steve noticed something odd, something was wrong, and the nurse seemed hiding something, and didn’t want to tell him what actually happened.

Steve got up and rushed out from the room. Everything seemed strange and completely different from what he knew. It made him panicking, and rushed outside the building, knocking out some guards that were trying to hold him.

Work party? || Sierra & Maria

Sierra stood by the bar at the compulsory SHIELD agent party. They were celebrating one of the senior agents birthdays - an agent higher ranked than Sierra, she knew neither their name nor what they looked like. She had a nearly empty glass of scotch in one hand and her phone in the other. She was pretending to text someone, a classic escape from socialising, so she didn’t have to talk to anyone. Very shy and reserved, Sierra wanted nothing more than to go home, but until her boss allowed it, she was here to stay. She sighed and slipped her phone back into a small black bag, one she carried everywhere with her. It contained enough weapons to kill the whole room, Sierra took every precaution where ever she went. After she was kidnapped, it was instinct. 


A random passerby says something completely inappropriate to Natasha, not that it bothers her too much but James, well he’s not such a fan. He, of course, opens his mouth leading to the original foul mouthed guy punching James in the face. Natasha and Sharon sit back completely un-amused as Steve, Sam and James start getting into it. Maria has finally had enough to drink that she just idly watches. Jasper is on the phone just saying “Yes, I’m serious, they are at it again.”, and over in the corner precious Clint wakes up after everything is said and done.