Is there somewhere else to go? (agentevelynsalt & 007resurrection)

Evelyn was still somewhat agitated, full of wounds, her heart beat fast and she was beginning to feel a little dizzy from the blood she had lost. Just a little.  She went to the hotel and knocked on the door of James room. When James the opens, she says with a smile: “I told you to bring something on the way.” She said, laughing, holding in her hand a bottle of red wine.

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Two places, One destination || Evelyn Salt & Fox

Evelyn was on a mission, ‘Another damn mission’ she thought. Sure some advantage but sometimes looked the other missions were just a waste of her valuable time, especially on days like these. Salt could hear the man who spoke for the small device she had in her ear, telling her where to go and where to look. “I’m Going In.” She went into something like a hotel, walk straight to the front when suddenly bumped into someone. 'Damn’ Salt could hear the guy on the headset complaining and cursing, it could lose the mission’s take, she thought “I’m sorry, forgive me.”