starshipkeptin-archive  asked:

gonna be real obvious here and HANNIBAL (for 1 the show)

Favorite character:

Hannibal Lecter, of course

Least Favorite character:

Frederick Chilton

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):

  • Hannibal/William
  • William/Alana
  • Jack/Bella
  • Katz/William (though that’s more a BroTP as much as I kind of hate that term)
  • Freddie/Wendy (i’m really hopeful that Wendy will be in the show therefore i ship before she has even arrived)

Character I find most attractive:

Hannibal I’m So Freaking Handsome and European With My I Could Kill You With These Cheekbones Lecter

Character I would marry:

Beverly Katz, she’s just a wonderfully pretty badass (I mean I would say Hannibal but he’s a serial killer and just…)

Character I would be best friends with:

If I didn’t marry Katz, then here, but otherwise Alana Bloom as well

A Random Thought:

No, like I REALLY want Wendy to be in the show

An unpopular opinion:

Uh…I don’t really want Hannibal to be romantically involved with anyone in the show. No matter how much I ship Hannigram I don’t want it to happen in show cause that’s just…I don’t want Hannibal, a fucking cannibalistic serial killer, to be reduced to a romantic subplot.  

My Canon OTP:

The cloeset canon OTP I would have would be Alana and William

Non-canon OTP:

Hannibal and dear William 

Most Badass Character:

Beverly Katz

Pairing I am not a fan of:

Uh…? I don’t know. Probably Abigail and Hannibal if that is one cause just…no. 

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): 

None of them, I think they did a great job on all of the characters.

Favourite friendship:

William and Beverly, definitely

Character I want to adopt or be adopted by:

To adopt? William, so I could get him proper fucking health care and a hug

To be adopted by? …probably William if he was a bit more stable, as Alana says. But besides him, I would say Alana.