I’m gonna be coloring these but I wanted to share with you guys so badly!

Me and my boyfriend are going to be working together on this little project. I managed to get him to write cute stories that involve the princess and the dragon characters that I created back when. I am really really really excited you guys! I have been letting myself down so much lately and that has to stop! I can’t keep putting my stuff on the side. I hope you guys support me and also my boyfriend in this little adventure! Hopefully we will all have a blast and maybe we can write children’s books, who knows! ♥ everything is possible right?

I’d love to hear from you guys! What do you think?

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and then Grace asked me to make a Persona thingy for Alex, but she wasn’t specific on the color so you end up having green/blue mashed together. frankly I have no idea what the colors are doing here. if you want I can change them to either only greens or blues.

and by the end of the day we were all anime.

I’m having way too much fun with these…

Lets Answer Weird Questions

1. What kind of Bender would you be? Air, Earth, Fire or Water?
Cant be an air bender, im as graceful as a 2x4 falling off a ladder. Cant be Water or fire, dont have the energy for fire or the elegance for water. Looks like Earth is for me. At least the green tunics will look good on me.

2. Favorite Pokemon? Least favorite Pokemon?
Favorite new pokie - Female Meowstic
Favorite Overall - Galvantula/Ampharos
Least Favorite New - Klefki
Waste of a space in the pokemon universe - Klefki

3. What video game do you always suggest for other people play?
It depends on the genre.

4. What is something you would like to have done within the next few years?
BE PUBLISHED! I AM SO LAZY! WHY WONT THIS BOOK WRITE ITSELF!!! <exit stage left and cries in corner>

5. What’s your favorite curse word?
While Driving - Cockmouth
Otherwise - Fucking

6. Music group/artist that has most affected your life? OR What group has been a constant staple in your music library for the longest time?

7. Ever play any MMOs?
Beat WoW once then quit cold turkey. That shit got boring after you beat all the dungeons. Hey guys, lets kill the same group of mobs twice a day for a month so we can level up our faction so we can get some fucking rainbow colors bullshit mount. An you know what…

I did it o___o

also spent way too much time and effort on a pallet swap Gorilla. But it was so worth it.

8. Since Hollywood is stuck on remaking old ideas, what TV-Show, comic, book, cartoon, IP, etc… would you like to see made into a movie if you were guaranteed it would be A+ excellent?
Dino Riders. Just Dino Riders.

9. Pizza
<stern look> Pizza

10. How many Tumblr blogs do you have?

11. You’re drawing something. Most often it is…


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1. How much money would it take for you to constantly be followed by a “Do you have a minute for <insert cause> person” and i mean constantly.

2. Read a book or watch a movie?

3. Found a twenty on the ground. What do you do?

4. A wizard offers you candy from the back of his time traveling van. How much do you take?

5. Harry Potter and Han Solo are flying the starship enterprise through Asgard. How many fandoms can they add before Dr Who arrives?

6. Pizza delivery guy who has seen some shit or B-list celeb that gets pasted up on commercial gigs?

7. How many fingers can you lose before the doctor can say, “At least we saved your hand.” ?

8. Which video game character would you switch lives with? <Not be that person, but replace you with that character and vise versa.>

9. During a convention, when taking a photo with a hot cosplayer, what is the exact distance of Jeff the Neckbearded Mouth Breather’s hoverhand?

10. Coolest idea you can think of right this second!

11. Dinosaurs are awesome.