I’m gonna be coloring these but I wanted to share with you guys so badly!

Me and my boyfriend are going to be working together on this little project. I managed to get him to write cute stories that involve the princess and the dragon characters that I created back when. I am really really really excited you guys! I have been letting myself down so much lately and that has to stop! I can’t keep putting my stuff on the side. I hope you guys support me and also my boyfriend in this little adventure! Hopefully we will all have a blast and maybe we can write children’s books, who knows! ♥ everything is possible right?

I’d love to hear from you guys! What do you think?

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Daily Draw Day 14 - Soon

Gone will be the days we yearn for each others presence

Gone will be the lonely nights far from one another

Soon will be the beginning of our long journey together

Soon will be the end of the vast chasm of space filled between us

Now is the time for Us to be together

Now is the time for the end of soon