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wait hold the fuck up how about Sigma/Delta/Wash

They are a complicated problem in need of a solution. A series of variables formed and reformed through countless equations, countless conflicts, countless lives and life times, and each time Delta doesn’t know what to say to it. How does one turn the twist of math into the turn of answers? How do you account for reincarnation, souls traveling the twisted weft and weave of time to always find a way back together? How does one quantify a gaze shared six spans ago and echoed across a crowded bar during the middle of some sporting event he could care less for? How do you figure out which variables are significant and which are not? What answer should he reach for it to be statistically significant?

They haven’t seen him yet this pass. Delta is certain of that. The math says this time he’s the one that gets to know, that gets to remember, that has to attempt to reforge the bonds. The numbers don’t tell him how. They don’t give him the words to say or ways to explain that will twist them back to him with this new turning of time. There is no solution distilled from the purest form of knowledge which will explain why it is they should even look to him when it is Sigma that is their spark, and David who is their heart. And what, what is he?

Does the mind have any place in love? Is it not a thing of passion, of impulse, of emotion in simpler terms? How does one who seeks to understand, to pick apart and piece together, ever to fit? Yet with each life time they find him. Choose him, pull him into their arms like he’s a life raft and they are drowning. For the life of him, he doesn’t know why.

Hundreds of cycles, hundreds of lives, and still the equations spin out before him. Never can he solve for x. Only fret until there is no point anymore. Fret until the papers are scattered to the wind and David’s hands are in his hair and Sigma’s lips on the column of his neck, and his own voice a high, needy whine.

Maybe he doesn’t have it yet, but Delta prays he has another hundred life times more to try and find it. Because it would also mean he has those lifetimes to spend with them.

I have been watching episodes of Chicago PD and catching up on the first two seasons.  I think I have a new must see show to watch and the writing is better than Agents of Shield.  The main character, Voight has done some shady stuff, knows what he is and doesn’t try to come across as the hero like Coulson and his team do.

I am also in love with the pairings of Ruzek and Burgess along with Linstead and it isn’t contrived bullshit that breaks them up like on Agents of Shield with Skyeward, Fitzsimmons and Huntingbird.

I will still keep up with Agents of Shield to see what happens but my love of the show has cooled down after that disaster of a season finale and spoilers that look like the writers didn’t learn a thing from it. 

we’ll miss you


I know I said I was gonna draw something else but then I thought about Wash laughing at something while Tucker tried to make a move and I draw on impulse so

Tiny Tucker has to use a box of spare bullets to reach Wash’s level


some blue team babes from that teen dorks au  I was talking about! 
have some actual nerd, sweater-wearing Wash, greaser Tucker because no one asked for that but whatever I still needed it, and sweetie pie Caboose who lets all his sisters–all 17!–dress him for school.

I figure that Wash is 18, Caboose and Tucker are 17. Or something like that. 
More to come soon!

EDIT: Some of you guys tagged this post as eye-strain and I’m so super sorry for that! So I went and fixed the backgrounds–now they are white and hopefully that helps–so please reblog this version if you can!! I hope it’s not too bad now, and I didn’t mean to cause any discomfort. 


you’ve got sucker’s luck >> an agent washington famix

01. monster - imagine dragons // 02. eet - regina spektor // 03. squealing pigs - admiral fallow // 04. daniel in the den - bastille // 05. grounds for divorce - elbow // 06. radioactive in the dark - fall out boy/imagine dragons //  07. bad blood - bastille // 08. next year - two door cinema // 09. exile vilify - the national


Wash clutching Carolina’s waist

Wash calling out to Carolina for help

Carolina worried for Wash’s safety

Carolina keeping Wash from losing his head to the floating platform

Carolina shielding Wash from the explosion

This is all I needed in my life, my Freelancer babies protecting each other <3 <3 <3 <3