Suddenly Naked?? Freelancers, Part 1

Accidentally walking in on their significant other naked.

Texas: Utterly unperturbed. Just sort of leaning in the doorway, coolly surveying what’s hers. If you ask do you mind? she casually crosses her arms and, “Nope.”

Carolina: Stunned for a fraction of a second, “Oh– sorry.” But then it wears off, and she chuckles. “You know, that’s a good look for you.”


  • PFL: Takes a moment for his brain to catch up with what he’s seeing. Then he’s flushed behind his ears and down his neck, and pulling his lips tightly over his mouth. “… I’m just going to come back later.”
  • Post PFL: Quicker on the uptake. If he was feeling worn down before, he’s forgotten all about it. There’s a small smirk splitting his features while he eyes you a bit. “… Should I come back later?”

Maine: Takes his sweet time checking you out, then smirks slightly, and leaves the room.


some blue team babes from that teen dorks au  I was talking about! 
have some actual nerd, sweater-wearing Wash, greaser Tucker because no one asked for that but whatever I still needed it, and sweetie pie Caboose who lets all his sisters–all 17!–dress him for school.

I figure that Wash is 18, Caboose and Tucker are 17. Or something like that. 
More to come soon!

EDIT: Some of you guys tagged this post as eye-strain and I’m so super sorry for that! So I went and fixed the backgrounds–now they are white and hopefully that helps–so please reblog this version if you can!! I hope it’s not too bad now, and I didn’t mean to cause any discomfort. 



I know I said I was gonna draw something else but then I thought about Wash laughing at something while Tucker tried to make a move and I draw on impulse so

Tiny Tucker has to use a box of spare bullets to reach Wash’s level


you’ve got sucker’s luck >> an agent washington famix

01. monster - imagine dragons // 02. eet - regina spektor // 03. squealing pigs - admiral fallow // 04. daniel in the den - bastille // 05. grounds for divorce - elbow // 06. radioactive in the dark - fall out boy/imagine dragons //  07. bad blood - bastille // 08. next year - two door cinema // 09. exile vilify - the national