You know you have a true villain when their monologues start to run long. Sometimes I get the urge to put up a villain point counter that goes up every 10 seconds of babbling. In the Imperial Agent storyline there are several Villains with a capital V. I swear Jadus goes on for over 10 minutes on his self-absorbed rant. Eventhough I enjoy it, I can just imagine the protagonists standing there, wondering when this will end…


More Harry Potter AU time! Davin is totally crushing on Roscoe… he’s a sad potato.

Meanwhile, I’ve just got this idea of Sha and Ez both being beaters and continuously facing each other in the field. Sha would be super intense and hardcore, let’s face it XD.

I feel sorry for poor little ignored hufflepuff Zaharian.

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Personally, I really like Hannah as well as Sully. I think they are perfect supporting characters. They are strong, they have their own ideas of life, that was showed during the show, they have their own interests, professions and goals aside from Booth (in Hannah’s case) and Brennan (in case of Sully). And it seriously makes me sad they are gone forever, because it would be really interesting what a twist it would’ve been if they returned. Though Sully will probably become B&B’s friend as he was incredibly understanding when he left, Hannah might add some tension between everyone.

The important thing is that it would be pretty cool if those two would’ve got together, I think they would’ve been great - free spirits as they both are they would’ve found a common ground to become something really special to each other.

  • Rosen:I underestimated this young woman. Not just her ability, but the strength of her argument.
  • Sullivan:I don't get your point. You switching sides?
  • Rosen:This drug was created to prevent brain defects in infants. If it was implemented, it might well have prevented more Alphas from being born.
  • Sullivan:You don't know that. All I know is that there are good guys and bad guys, and today your guys put the bad guys in the ground.
  • Rosen:I know, and I can appreciate that. I can have two conflicting emotions at the same time. Something Don Wilson used to say.
  • Sullivan:I hardly knew the man. Look, all this is to me is a bunch of criminals who used an issue to expand their reach.
  • Rosen:I want you to see something. We'd always assumed that Red Flag was a close-knit group of individuals, 50 to 100 members, a cartel. But when Anna flooded Gary's brain with messages, we got quite a different picture.
  • Computer:*lights up all over the States with red dots, each presumably representing a cell of Red Flag*
  • Rosen:This isn't a terrorist organization. It's a movement.