You know you have a true villain when their monologues start to run long. Sometimes I get the urge to put up a villain point counter that goes up every 10 seconds of babbling. In the Imperial Agent storyline there are several Villains with a capital V. I swear Jadus goes on for over 10 minutes on his self-absorbed rant. Eventhough I enjoy it, I can just imagine the protagonists standing there, wondering when this will end…

@amarearts  okay but why didn’t you warn me that Davin Sullivan is like a can of handsome pringles

once you draw him you cannot stop, someone save me

I have actually started playing some SWTOR again and @juczerro has been helping me out a lot. I really appreciate it ;o;. I tend to be the map reader (I am absolutely terrible at following the map we get lost like 99% of the time) and Just gets stuck…. everywhere. We are the best agents ever, haha

I loved @amarearts making a new years picture so I made one too. The outfits were great!
AGENT PARTY… photo thing!

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thanks for a great year swtor fandom!
I really love this fandom, and I have improved so much ever since I became active in it, and I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes me
Love you all!

It’s been a while, but I really did marvel at how utterly unsuitable the imperial agent’s companions were. Not that I didn’t like them… just… you know… I questioned a lot of choices made when they were put on your team. 
That being said, Davin has two siblings with the Republic, so perhaps this group is just handed the least sensitive missions and left to secretly hand the information on to whoever.

If there is anything that is going to bring tears of pride to Sha’s eyes, it’s her students taking what she’s taught them and fucking with their other teachers. Especially if they get away with it.

Mommy’s so, so proud <3 Ten extra points on the exam for all of you.