Happy 30th Birthday Mike Warren!

Wolf Trap VA (1) - 9 Days | SINGLE DIGITS|
Wolf Trap VA (2) - 10 Days | 
Paramount NY - 44 Days | 
The Vets RI - 45 Days | 
Theatre of Living Arts PA - 51 Days | 
Parker Playhouse FL - 107 Days | 
Straz Center FL - 108 Days | 
House of Blues San Diego CA - 121 Days | Belasco Theatre CA - 122

📸: Cropped from USA Network

  • what he says: i'm fine
  • what he actually means: hello my name is special agent mike warren with the fbi and i want to fix all my mistakes and get back to work doing the right thing but i don't know if i can because ever since i left the academy everything has gone to shit and i have failed at everything i've tried to do and my lies are my life and it's all become so messed up and most of it is my fault and i just wanted to save the world but i feel like i ruin everything and i've done some really shitty things and alienated people and at least two of the people i am living with have tried to kill me and now i'm sort of addicted to pain meds and can't make it up the stairs without excruciating pain and i was also technically dead for six minutes
  • ...
  • but everything is peachy : ) :) :) :) :)