Lincoln gets the codename “Sparkplug” for Season 3 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

↳ Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Newcomer Lincoln, aka Sparkplug, saw a lot of action on Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD. What exactly are his powers? We’ve got the answer right here. (youtube link)

So like i finished all of Bomb Girls: season 1, season 2, 1 and half hour movie in just a week and a half, yes i have a very productive life. AnD CAN I JUST SAY I NEED A CROSSOVER FIC WITH AGENT CARTER D,SJKDHWJ LIKE CARTINELLI X ANGIE/BETTY FLING (PEGS GET JEALOUS) AND WITH KATE/BETTY (KATE GET JEALOUS) SO PEGGY AND KATE WORK TOGETHER TO GET THEIR GIRLS

im sorry i just have alot of feelings


Agent L and Agent D, ready for action~ and protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe. 

Tonight Miss Del and I went on a grand adventure to see MiB3 at midnight! I’ve been a big fan ever since the first movie came out (I was only ten!) and it’s one of those things that I just can’t stop loving even into adulthood. We decided to dress up as agents! I’ve always wanted to cosplay an MiB agent and just simply never got around to it. So, what better excuse than a brand new addition to the MiB legacy? ;D 

Oh, and the movie was FANTASTIC, by the way… no spoilers here! But my expectations were super low and I was pleasantly surprised by how well done it was. It made this MiB fan very happy :D 



Since I already posted the Tallowe cosplay pix the other day, I figured I’d give y'all some more AGENT BROS in celebration of the holiday. We love us some secret agents! Miss Del and I wore our Men in Black outfits again for a Halloween party and of course, had to snap some pix! She’s her own character Agent D, and I’m Agent L from the animated series! With special guest Frank the pug.

  • jackdaniels!modern AU where it’s christmas time and Daniel comes to the office wearing the most horrific christmas sweater vest you could ever imagine and Jack is like “Jesus Fucking Christ, Susan, and I thought that your regular vests were ugly. Take that thing off. My eyes are burning.”

  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Jack spent the morning teasing Daniel about his ugly christmas vest and Daniel just ignore him because christmas is a busy time at the Police Station and someone have to do some actual police work.
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Jack get bored of laughing at his ugly vest and being ignored and decides to get rid of that ugly thing himself. Because someone have to save the poor eyes of the people of this office from Daniel horrible taste in clothes. And he is always up to be the hero. And, mostly, it is a great excuse to keep ignoring the big amount of paperwork he has in his desk due to christmas-craziness.
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Jack has the brilliant idea of throwing coffee to Sousa in order to him having to remove his ugly vest but he fails miserably and the only thing that get cover in coffee are his own shoes.
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Jack doesn’t give up so easily and decide to use brute force directly, because he doesn’t want to end having to clean the floor again. So he waits until Daniel goes to the men’s room to scare him from behind, so he can pull off his vest in the shock, but Daniel has great reflexes so he grabs Jack’s hands and flip him over in a second and before Jack can realized what the hell is happening, he is on his knees in front of a Daniel looking at him very intensily. 
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Daniel doesn’t let go Jack’s hand so easily and Jack fight back to free himself from his grap and unintentionally hits Daniel on his bad leg so this left go his hands abruptly and lose his balance.
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Daniel ends lying on top of Jack while this starts to unbuttoning Daniel’s vest, taking advantage of his confusion.
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Daniel have not idea why Jack is undressing him but he let him do it anyway and when Jack finally get rid of the damn vest, and before he can say anything about why he is doing this, Daniel grabs him by the lapels of his shirt and kiss him soundly.
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Jack have not idea why Daniel is kissing him but he let him do it anyway and kiss him back fervently until his mind goes blank.
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Daniel and Jack go home together that night and Jack ends having to get rid of the fucking ugly vest for a second time that day while Daniel is kissing his neck exhaustively and they are both a mess of limbs on Daniel’s ugly ugly sofa. 
  • jackdaniels!modern AU where Jack is not precisely thinking about Daniel terrible taste in furniture at that moment because he is very focus on kissing him back and get rid of the rest of his clothes… He will have time to tease him about his house decoration choices later. Or tomorrow.

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