agent will graham

Hannibal: And if you see Ms Lounds, give her this message.
Hannibal: *makes a neutral face*
Hannibal: She’ll know what it means.
Will: Oh, and Hannibal said to give you a message.
Will: *makes a neutral face*
Freddie: Oh no. The neutral face of displeasure.

Will(on the prison phone): Beverly, listen, the WORST thing you could do is take matters into your own hands.
Beverly: Got it. I totally understand, Will! (hangs up) I am going to have to take matters into our own hands. (Leaves for Hannibals house)

Zeller: Behold! My latest attempt to end this stupid “Who does Will love more: Chilton or Lecter” debate once and for all. I fed all of Will’s letters, memos, and diary entries into a program and generated…

Zeller: *flips cardboard*

Zeller: …A word cloud. This is how we can settle the argument, by finding out who he mentions the most: Chilton or Lecter. The more he’s mentioned a word, the larger it appears.

Katz: It looks like “Lecter” and “Chilton” are both here about the same size…

Prize: …And much larger, “dog.”

Katz: He definitely loves dogs.

Winston: Aww!