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Lotte Verbeek (ad Mr Graham McTavish) photographed by Iris Edinger at the Magic Con 2017 in Bonn, Germany.

Will’s psych eval letter - text

So I literally rushed home to study my auction items and here is the text of Will’s psych eval for anyone who is interested tbh Hannibal just stops short of mentioning how pretty and blue Will’s eyes are. Also it’s no surprise how interested Hannibal is in Will’s situational flexibility am i right??


RE: Psychological Evaluation of Agent William Graham


EVALUATOR: Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Per the direction and auspices of colleague Dr. Alana Bloom, this evaluation has been prepared for Agent Jack Crawford with a RECOMMENDATION regarding Agent William Graham’s suitability for active field service.

SUMMARY EVALUATION: After reviewing Agent Will Graham’s case file, conducting person interviews and completing a full battery of psychological tests, it is apparent that Agent Graham exhibits a deep and sustained understanding of the subtext of social interactions, as well as communicating his own emotional state. No personality disorders were evident, as he seems well fit for all normative social and occupational situations. He demonstrated both focus and situational flexibility, with an especial talent for understanding dynamic field challenges and problem solving. What’s more, he shows an acute flexibility to empathize with a case. This may be his only professional fault.

Moreover, Agent Graham’s professional history with homicide investigations only serve to buttress his value in the field. His overall stability makes him an asset to the Bureau and any agent who might have the good fortune to be on his team.


Marriage problems
  1. Hannibal Lecter has a problem with boundaries.

  2. Will is hard work.   OR   Well, Hannibal said yes to everything.

  3. Stunned cannibal.

  4. It looks like Will finally decided.

  5. Well, this isn’t very far from reality.

  6. So many problems for him. So many.

  7. Will is capable of sudden changes of expression.

  8. Hannibal is a saint.

  9. Hannibal wants to keep some mystery in the marriage.

  10. Hannibal is Hannibal.

  11. That’s travel with style.

  12. Maybe Will has not fully understood the word marriage.

  13. Trouble in paradise.

  14. What’s for dinner?

  15. I’m starting to see a pattern in how all the fights will end.

  16. The girl with the series of most peculiar dads in the world

  17. Will’s search for puppies never ends

  18. Special Agent Graham using his power of deduction.

  19. Will is hard to convince and I don’t understand why.

  20. Abigail is waiting for them at home, in the dark kitchen.

  21. That time when Will was smart enough.

  22. Family indoor games.

  23. I don’t understand all this resentment between them.

  24. I hope Will has no doubts left on the subject.

  25. I’d like to see Will and the baby deer confronting each other.

  26. They should try counseling with the Wendigo.

  27. Since Frederick is so eager to be friend with Hannibal…

  28. They have their things to discuss at the dinner table.

  29. After all, he is a psychiatrist.

  30. This marriage s'ha da fare.

  31. Aaaaand… We tied the knot! Hannibal is happy. As you can see, Will has the same expression as always. Hannibal must enjoy what he has.

  32. I can’t help it. I love this family.

  33. Hannibal insists on having people for dinner.

  34. I bet Christmas is Will's favourite time of the year.

  35. Poor Hannibal can’t think properly. Not entirely his fault.

  36. Will using his power.

  37. After this conversation Will confiscated Hannibal’s phone. Forever.

  38. Their neighbours keep changing.

  39. Probably Hugh Dancy, Will.

  40. They’re not listening to Jack anymore.

  41. Come on, Will, just an ear…

  42. They didn’t expect the tears. The tears end the game.

  43. He is an artist, Will. Leave him alone.

  44. I think Hannibal won’t stop asking his favourite questions. Can I eat you, Will? AND Can I kill Jack?

  45. This is the natural consequence of n#44. Hannibal never listens.

  46. I hope Abigail appreciates the effort.

  47. No such thing as a simple dinner, with Hannibal, uh?

  48. It must be a habit of his.

  49. Will starting to sound reasonable. And… Dominant.

  50. Will is now unstoppable.

  51. Pazzi is another victim of the Murder Husbands. In every way possible.

  52. Maybe it’s a new board game.

  53. You do this every time, Will…

  54. Will makes him suspicious.

  55. Anthony is one enthusiastic guy.

  56. Will… You know that you can’t say certain things.

  57. A bunch of psychopaths…

  58. Will, at some point you agreed to that. So…

  59. Dogs learn quickly.

  60. New new new new new new new…dog.

  61. A school day with husband.

  62. Murder Husbands leisure time!

  63. Dads.

  64. Cast pearls before swine.

  65. Hannibal’s gifts.

  66. Trying to pass on knowledge to unworthy people.

These and the recaps are my big accomplishment of 2016! I wanted to collect them together.

I now understand proudness.