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Fitz and Trip are the biggest secret shippers of their two best friends Jemma and Skye, so naturally they decided to make some easy money off of each other on a Skimmons relationship bet, which Bobbi blows to even bigger proportions.

Clever Girl (Jurassic World AU) Social Media

Expected Release Date: August 12
So the trailers skimmonsfiction made are doing fantastically well and so are the social media posts!  Thanks to you guys we will be giving you lots more between now and the twelfth!  It’s just 10 days till the fiction release so everyone needs to get excited!!!!

Triplett as the Chillest Person Alive on AoS spoilers
  • Triplett::)
  • Skye:I'm an alien, and my scary dad is looking for me and will probably try to kill all of you
  • Triplett::) Welcome to earth, can't wait to meet your folks
  • Fitz:I'm hallucinating Simmons, she's standing beside you
  • Triplett::) *Waves* What up girl?
  • (Actual) Simmons:Donnie is probably going to turn me into a human Popsicle
  • Triplett::) Nothing chiller than that
  • May:I'm going to try to kill Coulson
  • Triplett::) It happens.
  • Coulson:I'm going to be constantly putting you all in danger, and I may be going crazy
  • Triplett::) I was actually expecting that.
My reactions to the newest Agents of Shield

Ward breaking Raina out of her prison

Fitz getting electrocuted because he didn’t listen to Simmons

Coulson’s team being threatened by the air force

Triplett joining the team and wearing that black tank top

Raina seeing right through Ward

The team doubting Coulson

May and Coulson arguing

Skye and Fitz still believing in Coulson despite everything

Garrett and Ward finding all of SHIELD’s biggest secrets

Coulson’s speech to the team when he finally breaks down

Patton Oswalt showing up and being super funny

Finding out Skye made the hard drive so only she can open it

Ward and Skye reuniting

Garrett showing Quinn the gravetonium

Skye crying in the preview after Ward seduces her

Waiting a week for the next episode


Sooooooooooo has Ward gone back to the good side now?

Take a look at Ward. He has a red glow on him. He hasn’t joined Coulson’s team back yet BUT he’s basically on his own now. 


If you count, with the

-“Romanoff took this test” remark

-reveal that Triplett’s the grandson of one of Steve’s Howling Commandos

-compliment of Bruce Banner’s research in Gamma Radiation

HALF of the Avengers were referenced in ONE episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.