agent triplett

My favorite thing about marvel is that for the fans to accept that a character is dead they have to completely destroy their body on camera since they revived coulson and I personally find that beautiful

Imagine goofing off with Skye and Tripp to cheer everyone up.

Y/N: Work it Tripp!

Tripp: How about you join us *pretends to have a lasso and rope you in*

Skye: Tripp is just bringing in the ladies!

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I want to (no I NEED to) see how they ended up in each other’s arms

Did Fitz grab Simmons or did Simmons run for Fitz?

Also they better start the next episode off right here. Because if I don’t see Fitzsimmons faces when they break off from this hug and realize how much they’ve missed each other and maybe they will even kiss I will cry

These are important questions I need answered


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“You’re telling me your mother is a crazy Enchantress and your father is a mass murderer.”

“I haven’t seen them in years,” you replied with a wave of your hand.

“That’s still something the team isn’t going to be thrilled to here. Wait what do you mean years?” Trip said, with a worried expression

“A few decades or so.” You couldn’t exactly remember in human years how long it had been, but you knew it had been a while.

Trip ignored that wanting to not think about how much older than him that made you.

“Do you think you’ll tell them soon?”

You shrugged. You weren’t sure honestly because you had been mainly worried about what Trip would think when you told him. His only reaction so far had been to worry about what the others on the team would do when they found out about your parents

“Are you okay with all of this?” you asked, suddenly nervous.

Trip paused and looked at you. The two of you had been dating for a year now and he couldn’t imagine being with anyone else, so this information hadn’t bothered him except he was worried about the enemies you might have because of Lorelei and Loki.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be,” he said, walking closer to you and wrapping his arms around you.

“In your words ‘your mother is a crazy Enchantress and your father is a mass murderer’ so I get the impression it bothers you.”

“Only because the team might react poorly.”

You smiled hesitantly and Trip smiled back.

“I love you,” you said.

“I love you, too.” He kissed you on the forehead.