No, no, no, Tex, no. I think I just figured out what the Director couldn’t. And Alpha either. It was you, Tex, all along. See I thought- I thought we, made you. The Director, and the fragments… but that’s not the case. You made us. When the Alpha was created, you just kinda came along for the ride. You gave the Director the idea that he could make something more. That he could split the Alpha up. Don’t you get it? You were the memory. You were the key. You were so strong, you made a whole other person. God - he always wanted to find you. You know, to get you right. To just see you one last time. And he wanted me to be able to do the same. To find you in here or… just, go down another iteration. Figure out this little Tex problem. Figure out how to do it right. But now I know. I know how to fix all o’ this. How to end it once and for all. It was so simple all along. I just had to tell you three words. Three words I wasn’t capable of telling you before.

Project Freelancer Zodiacs
  • Aries:Carolina
  • Taurus:North
  • Gemini:South
  • Cancer:York
  • Leo:Tex
  • Virgo:Florida
  • Libra:Wyoming
  • Scorpio:C.T
  • Sagittarius:Wash
  • Capricorn:Maine
  • Aquarius:Georgia
  • Pisces:479er