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I hate that I love you - Jack Wilder Imagine

Prompt: Reader is an FBI Special Agent who arrests the four Horsemen along with Agent Fuller after they robbed the bank. Unfortunately Reader has met Jack before and they develop a love-hate-relationship.

Authors note: So this is the first imagine I´m putting up on this blog. I had this idea in my head for quite a long time now and I finally wrote it. It got pretty long tho so I forced myself to stop at one point. Since I´m having a lot more ideas for this story there´s probably gonna be a Part 2. I´m sorry for any typos but its currently 4am and I just spent about 3 hours on this so I don’t really feel like editing it right now. I hope whoever reads this likes it tho.

Fandom: Now you see me

Pairing: Jack Wilder x Reader

Warning: There´s like one cuss word 

Word Count:  1.622

„Alright, let´s get those magicians”, I said to Agent Fuller and the rest of our team. We were at the Aria Hotel ready to arrest the so called Horsemen for robbing a bank at their show last night. I had to admit that I thought Fuller was just messing with me when he told me about them. I mean magicians? C´mon these guys are entertainers. However it didn´t matter what they are. What matters is that they somehow managed to rob a bank in Paris from a Las Vegas stage in less than 10 minutes.  We were standing in front of their door silently nodding at each other and then I kicked the door open.

 “FBI! Hands where I can see them!” Fuller and I screamed at the same time. I don’t know what I was expecting but definitely not this. The Horsemen didn’t even flinch. It was as if they were already expecting us. Merritt McKinney was lying on a couch reading and not even bothering to put his book down. It took Agent Fuller to scream at him again so that he let the book rest on his chest and held his hands up. Daniel Atlas was standing at the window with a deck of cards in his hands. At least he put his hands up even though I did not like that smug look on his face. Jack Wilder was what it looked like sleeping on a chair with his feet on a table. I walked over to him with my gun pointed at his chest as he put his hands in the air. He looked rather bored but as soon as he saw me a grin spread on his face.

 “(Y/N), good to see you again. Look, about that last-“ “It´s Agent (Y/L/N) to you”, I cut him off. “C´mon are we really going to the last name calling? It´s not like I don´t know you.” The other Agents gave me questioning looks I simply decided to ignore. I hadn’t told them that I knew Jack Wilder. After all it was none of their business.

 I met him on my way home a few weeks ago when he `accidentally` bumped into me and wanted to apologize by showing me a little card trick. I like magicians and on top of that he was very handsome so I let him. He told me to pick a card, put it back into the deck and then he started to shuffle it.

 “I´m Jack by the way.” His smile was contagious. “(Y/N)” I replied while he cut the deck with one hand and one card shot out of the middle right into his hand. “Is this your card?” I couldn’t help but grin at him. “This is a phone number.” “Yeah it is and you´re free to keep it” His smile was actually the cutest one I had seen in a very long time.  “You know, you said you were going to show me a card trick to make up for bumping into me. You still don´t know what my card was though so I guess I can´t call you because you didn´t keep your promise which doesn´t change anything about you being that asshole who almost made me fall onto the ground and I´m afraid you being so utterly handsome still doesn´t make up for it.” I crossed my arms smiling at him and waiting for his next move.

 He did look surprised for a split second but his grin didn’t vanish. “Well, if you insist.” With a swift movement of his hand the phone number turned into my card - the ace of hearts – with the slight difference of a number being written across the middle of it. “Now, was this your card?” A laugh escaped my lips and I grabbed the card saying: “I guess it was even though I like this version much better.” He wasn´t that much taller than me but that didn’t change the fact that he was looking down at me with a huge smile across his lips. He was just about to say something opening his mouth but I grabbed his wrist and put it quite high on his back. My smile had faded and so had his. Instead he looked pretty shocked. 

“Woah, hey, hold on, hold on.” I kept quiet for a little longer wanting to hear his excuse. “Were you just trying to steal my wallet?” I asked him not very friendly. Yes, he was handsome and yes, I did enjoy that little flirt but I would not let him steal from me. “What? Why would you think that? I-“ I cut him off getting tired of this. “I´m going to stop you right there. I am an FBI Special Agent and I don’t like it when the bad guys are lying to me. Are you doing this to all the girls? Now listen to me very closely. I will let go of you and you won´t run away, do you understand?” He made a huffed noise which I took as a yes. I let go of his arms and he turned around to face me. 

“What? No apology?” I asked arms crossed once again. “You´re from the FBI?” He asked in awe and I had to keep myself of smiling at him because he just looked too cute with disbelief plastered all over his face. “Does that sound like an apology to you?” I must have looked intimidating because after a few seconds of staring at him he sighed and opened his mouth for what I was expecting an apology. “I´m sorry, (Y/N), but I didn’t try to steal anything from you.” That made me raise up my eyebrows. He was actually going to stick to that story. I knew exactly that he wanted to steal my wallet and yet here he stood telling me he didn’t. Pathetic. 

 “Don´t lie to me, Jack. I know what you were about to do but I´m FBI. I don’t deal with pick-pocketers and it´s been a long day so I really wish this wouldn´t have happened. I like you, Jack, and trust me I would´ve called but whatever. Just go now.” His eyebrows went up in surprise. “Are you serious?” “I am but if I ever see you again I promise you I will put you in handcuffs.” A smile started to form on his face and I couldn´t help but smile back. Even if it was just a small smile. “Either way it was still a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).” “Wish I could say the same thing about you, Jack.” With a last smile and a wink he turned around and walked away.

 And that´s the story of how I met Jack Wilder. I didn´t know he was one of the Four Horsemen but when Fuller showed me their faces I thought one of them looked oddly familiar and when he told me his name was Jack Wilder I immediately recognized him as the guy who had tried to steal my wallet weeks ago. I had to admit that it was nice seeing his face again. The circumstances weren´t so nice though. 

“Like I said, it´s Agent (Y/L/N).” Just in that moment Henley Reeves appeared at the stairs putting on her jacket causing almost all Agents to point their weapons at her. “Do one of you guys mind giving as a hand with our bags?” She asked while she put her hands up. I didn´t like the tone of her voice but it wouldn´t be of any use to call her out on it so I just focused my attention back to Jack. “Let`s go”, Fuller said and I grabbed Jacks arms making him stand up so I could put him into handcuffs. 

“Last time we saw each other you did promise me you would put me into handcuffs, I just thought my charm would prevent you from doing so and instead you´d go on an actual date with me”, he said while I walked him out of the hotel room and led him downstairs. “Shut up, Wilder.” I couldn´t have him talk to me like that in front of my fellow agents or they would start questioning my authority. “No, I´m serious. I really wanted to ask you out but then that happened. I guess some would say it was the universe that brought us here together once again, don´t you think so?” He was messing with me just like McKinney was messing with Fuller but somehow he managed to get the idea of going on a date with him into my head and I couldn´t stop thinking about it. “I said shut the fuck up!” “Hey, no need to scream. I was just stating the fact that I find you very attractive, alright. However I already made myself clear about that last time, didn´t I?”

 These Horsemen had all of this planned, I could feel it. None of them were surprised or showed even the slightest change of emotion when we entered their room and now they were all talking to us as if we were not arresting them. Something was going on and I did not like it. When I sat back in the car next to Fuller he was giving me a questioning look. “Drive.” I didn´t feel like talking right now especially because I knew that he wanted to talk about Jack Wilder and if I did I might accidentally tell him something I didn´t want to speak out loud. Jack Wilder had been spinning around my head since the day I first met him and seeing him again like this didn´t make things any easier for me. God forbid when I need to interrogate him.


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Imagine escaping Agent Rhodes with Jack

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“Hurry up Jack,” you yelled up the stairs as you pulled on your flats, bracing yourself on the door as you hop a little to get them on. “Henley said be there by 7 and its already 6:50.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming” Jack says, breathing heavily as he dashes down the stairs. “We good to go?” You nod and you both walk out of the house, Jack locking the door after you’ve stepped out.

“6:55,” you warned as Jack drove wildly through a yellow light.

“Danny’s gonna have my ass for this,” Jack moans, barely slowing down for the stop sign.

You shake your head. “Did you bring match sticks for the fire?”

“Yeah” Jack says, leaning over the steering wheel and staring intently at the road.

“Are the other three going to be there?” you ask, clutching your seat belt as Jack swerves through two lanes, cutting off a red car.

Jack shakes his head, pulling to a stop in from of the building. “They’re probably long gone by now.”

“Good,” you say as you jump out of the car and follow Jack inside and up the stairs.

Jack smiles, unlocking the door and letting you in first before closing it quietly behind you. “You love this,” he states, walking to the middle room and gathering a handful of papers, he starts tossing them into the fire, not waiting to the see the paper get enveloped in flames.

Smiling to yourself, you come to stand next to him, helping him toss paper into the fire. Just as you threw a string bound stack into the flames, the door slams open a man in a suit followed closely by Rhodes.

Jack smiles wickedly before charging the suited man, driving him into the kitchen. Once they’re out of sight, you turn to Rhodes. He’s standing a few feet in front of you, his gun leveled at your chest.

“Can’t shoot me?” you taunted, backing up until your back hits a table. Rhodes follows, making a face as you grope the table behind you, smiling when you find what you want.

“You sure as hell can’t outrun a gun, no mater what magic you use,” he spits, saying magic as if it were an insult.

You pretend to think as he takes a step closer. “Eh, I think I can,” you say, snapping you fingers to fan out the cards in them.

Rhodes laughs, taking another step forward. “With cards?” he says, feeling confident against the rectangles of plastic in your hands. “I think not.”

You smirk, enjoying his oblivion. “Try me.” You launch a card as his face, smiling satisfactorily as the sharp sound of paper slicing skin is heard, and the angle of the gun drops a few inches. From the kitchen, you hear the sound of whirring and then shredding of something thick.

“Looks like your buddy needs some help,” Jack taunts, walking out of the kitchen. Rhodes growls before running at you, and you duck out of the way as he crashes into the table.

Running backwards, you toss another card, eliciting another cry from Rhodes.

You have three cards left and Jack, forgotten by Rhodes, continues to burn paper.

As Jack finishes, tucking a stapled packet into his jacket, you fling two cards at Rhodes, making him stop because of his injury and its closeness to his eye. Grinning you turn to the door and run after Jack only stopping at the doorway to toss you last card at the man in the sink, causing his jacket to fall in further.

“We did good,” Jack pants as he runs down the stairs. You grin, but it fades away when you see a team of men running up the stairs with guns.

“This way,” you say, thinking quickly and jumping into the trash chute. Jack follows, the sound of both you shoes rubbing against the metal walls resounding in you ears even after you’ve fallen out of the chute.

Walking out of the trash room, you and Jack act calm and natural, trying not to draw any attention to yourselves.

“That was pretty kick-ass,” Jack compliments as you two casually walk past a car with an agent inside. Being closer to the car, you shield your face from her by turning your face to Jack.

“Kick-ass? I threw cards at him Jack,” you say, mildly flattered.

Jack shakes his head as you turn the corner, and get into the black car sitting outside. When Jack reverses and pulls out around the corner, you can see Agent Rhodes running out of the building and the other blonde Agent stepping out of the car to greet him.

“You hurt him enough so that we could get out.” He laughs. “I wonder who taught you that trick.”

You laugh along with him, able to relax as he drives the speed limit and stops fully at all the stop signs. “Yeah, I wonder who, Jack.”

So this is an imagine for my absolute favorite movie, Now You See Me (you should watch it if you haven’t already!) Jack is my total favorite, so i thought i’d do a Jack imagine :) also, this is a scene from the movie, just changed a bit to fit.

tell me how you liked it, your feedback makes me a better writer!

Director Fury tasked me with finding a handful of agents I can trust. You will maintain SHIELD’s integrity, and if it ever falls, I believe you’re best suited to rebuild it. 

When you level Peggy Carter up to level 5 in Avengers Academy, this is the team she picks to save SHIELD. It’s so beautiful. 

Squad goals! 


Here we have one of the greatest Scientific minds of the MCU and she’s been  demoted to needy girlfriend status.

Sif is just bad-ass.  She hardly has any lines but she steals any scene she’s in.

Just some extremely underused MCU characters who are primed for more screen time

The Fish Oil

Seriously I love the idea of an Inhuman gaining their powers from the fish oil and later joining the Avengers.

Like can you imagine an encounter like this

Spider-Man: yeah I got bitten by a radioactive spider, what about you?

Random Inhuman: *quietly* fish oil

Spider-Man: what was that?

Random Inhuman: FISH OIL OK.

Darcy Stark and the Hydra AU Part 20

Continuing on from the background, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, and part 19.

Phil startled, and looked at her in surprise, before nodding thoughtfully and asking “Jarvis?”

“I do not mind.” Jarvis answered, before bringing up a set of coding on the nearest wall.

Skye and the scientists made excited sounds and turned to look at it. Phil kept his eyes on Darcy’s. She smiled slightly and shrugged a bit. He smiled back and nodded again before turning to answer a question Skye had posed.

Conversation picked back up. Darcy let Bucky and Steve draw her back into their chat, even as she kept an eye on the discussion with Jarvis. Phil calmly and competently spoke with Jarvis and his agents, while Clint kept a thoughtful eye on him and piped in with comments on occasion.

Tony came in and looked around as he made his way towards the door to the landing platform. His eyes landed on the code Jarvis was showing and he stopped, looked thoughtfully at the group headed by Phil, and said “Huh.”

Then he shook his head and continued to the door. He pulled it open with a cheerful “Come on in, Honeybear! Jarvis’ll get War Machine down to the lab for its tune up.”

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"Why hello there,Agent Rhode is it?" A soft voice called out behind Alabama,who looked rather drained and lethargic.

“Yeah, you okay Alabama?” There was a slight pinch to his eyebrows, and instead of a smile his mouth was threatening a concerned frown. “You look like you were hit by a truck.”

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