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I’m doing a project for class where we have to convince the class why we should get the 28th off for a specific holiday instead of taking our final.

Holiday in question? Superhero Day.

Now, if you’d be so kind and reblog this if you’d rather celebrate superhero day instead of take your finals that’d be amazing~

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Rhodey (Not writing for this character anymore)
Scott (Not writing for this character anymore)

AGENTS OF SHIELD  (Not writing for this character anymore)


AGENT CARTER  (Not writing for this character anymore)

DEADPOOL (Not writing for this character anymore)


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Why the world may not need the Avengers
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.: Fighting HYDRA, an ancient Inhuman that planned to destroy the world with an Inhuman bomb, and an army of robots created by a scientist using a book filled with supernatural power.
  • The Defenders: Defending NYC from powerful mob bosses, corrupt businessmen and politicians, an army of ancient ninja that performs blood rituals, and a rapist with mind control powers.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Guarding the goddamn galaxy from genocidal madmen who are after ancient artifacts filled with immense power.
  • Avengers: Fighting a robot that one of their own created and...themselves. And the only reason they were pushed into fighting each other is because of that robot.
So Infinity War pics are showing Scarlet Witch and Vision (without makeup) kissing thanks

I thought we were trying to move away from the 40-something-male-actor-with-a-20-something-female-love-interest trope, weren’t we?

Also he is made out of metal and plastic and has the mind of a computer and was given life by the same stone that made a killer AI that killed her brother

Also he tried to hold her against her will

Also he used her guilt after Sokovia and Lagos to manipulate her

Also the majority of the damage to the airport was done by him and I’m willing to bet he’s not going to pay for the repairs or the wages of the people who lost their jobs because he doesn’t have a job because he’s a computer made of metal and plastic.

Also when Wanda thought she was trying to save the world from a criminal mastermind, he and all his “logic” didn’t think to stop and tell the team, Hey let’s maybe give them five minutes to explain.  He just lasered a line into the ground and gave them a non-informed warning.  (more of a reason to be mad at Team Stark but hey that movie was 100% about perspective and he’s supposed to be an ‘advanced being’ so maybe he should have used that wisdom a bit.)

Oh but yeah it was canon in the comics so we have no choice

What I HOPE is that this is just a dream of his.  The lack of makeup is promising but if he can walk through walls I bet he could also make himself look like a person.  Look like being the key phrase there.  He’s an android.  This is just as disgusting as pairing Aida and Fitz, but at least those two actors are closer in age.  Paul could be Elizabeth’s dad.

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Prompt: Okay so can you do a fic where Kara finds out she's pregnant and tries to find a way to tell Mon El but everytime she's tried ends in disaster but she finally tells him on accident.

Here ya go! I always end up giving baby fics priority over the others because I’m a sucker for baby fics.

Title: Plans Change

“Okay, you can do this. Just take a deep breath”, Kara assured her own reflection as she stood in her bathroom with a pale face and shaky hands holding a pregnancy test. Not that she fully believed that it could actually detect if a Kryptonian was pregnant with a fully alien baby from two different species but she’d get Alex to confirm it later. Plus the fact that she couldn’t get sick was another indicator that she was probably in the family way. Regardless, she had to tell Mon-El. Even if it wasn’t completely confirmed, there was no way she could keep it from him.

When the front door to the apartment opened, Kara’s ears immediately picked it up. She placed the test in the back pocket of her jeans and made her way into the living area. “Kara!” Mon-El grinned at his girlfriend as she appeared in the room. “You’re home. I was wondering where you’d got to. Winn told me that you left early and seemed a bit out of sorts. Are you okay?”

The blonde forced a smile while inwardly feeling like her stomach was twisted in knots. She and Mon-El hadn’t even known each other for more than a year, in a relationship less than that and she was pregnant. She was worried how he was going to react. She herself wasn’t exactly reacting well to it but more because she was a Superhero. How was she supposed to juggle a baby and a career in crime fighting? Not to mention her work as a freelance reporter wasn’t exactly the most stable of jobs.

“Mon-El, I…there’s something I need to tell you”.

Immediately the Daxamite appeared right in front of her, his face etched into a concerned frown. “Is this about the other day?” He asked, referring to an argument they’d broken into after Mon-El almost got shot with a lead bullet while having Kara’s back in the middle of stopping a robbery. “Because you know I’m not going to apologise for doing what I had to when I thought that they were packing Kryptonite”.

“That’s not it”, Kara sighed, remembering that her reaction had been explosive…and extremely emotional. Yet another tip off that the pregnancy test was as accurate for a Kryptonian as it was for a human.

“Okay…what’s going on?”

“Here’s the thing…I’m-“

Suddenly a blue light erupted in the room and Kara watched with confusion as it morphed into a person. The confusion faded immediately as she recognised the imp that emerged from it. Evidently so did Mon-El as his attention immediately flew from his girlfriend to Mxyzptlk.  “YOU! Kara banished you!” He exclaimed and instantly took a step in front of Kara.

“I know, I was there”, the dimension jumper smirked. “And I’m not here to try to steal her away this time. That ship has sailed”.

Kara stepped out from behind her boyfriend and glared at the annoying man. “Then what do you want from us?”

“I think it’s about time that you Supers learnt to kneel to me, Mister Mxyzptlk!” A blast of light from his hands caused Mon-El to turn into stone, shortly before he escaped a blast of heat from Kara’s eyes.

And that was how Kara was interrupted the first time that she tried to tell Mon-El she was pregnant. After they managed to set Mon-El right (along with a few other people that had been turned to stone) and sent Mxyzptlk back to his dimension, Supergirl lost her legendary courage and ended up procrastinating telling her partner and boyfriend about their unborn child.

 A few days later, Kara had come up with an ingenious idea to tell Mon-El she was pregnant without having to tell him directly because apparently vocally expressing it wasn’t working out for her. Each time she tried, her words got choked in her throat and wouldn’t come out. So it was a week after the incident with Mxyzptlk when she thought of the perfect way to let Mon-El know of his impending fatherhood. She contacted her favourite bakery and asked them to make her a cake with I’m pregnant in icing and a few decorative marzipan baby items just in case the words didn’t sink in (and because marzipan was delicious).

As soon as the cake arrived, Kara put it on the table to present to her boyfriend after he got back from his shift. When she was called away as Supergirl to put out a few fires (literally and figuratively) she left it on the table, assuming that it would be perfectly safe. When she arrived back, Mon-El walked into the apartment and she quickly changed before grabbing the cake.

“Hey, I’ve got a surprise for you”, she grinned and opened up the cake box. She watched Mon-El looked at the cake in bemusement before his lips twitched upwards into a smirk.

“That’s nice but I much prefer your real ones”.


Kara turned the box around and let out a gasp when she realised that her cake must have been switched with someone else’s. Inside the box was a boob shaped cake with two marzipan nipples on either boob.

“I take it that this was not meant for me?”

“The bakery switched my cake!”

Mon-El took the box out of her hands and put it down on the table before scooping her face with his hands. “Like I said, I much prefer the real thing”. Before she could protest (or ring the bakery to yell at them), Mon-El brushed his lips against her mouth and the cake completely disappeared from her mind (and the baby too).

Kara’s next plan was fool proof. She was sure of it. She’d enlisted her sister’s help this time and made her go out and get a mini Supergirl outfit made that would fit a baby.  She decided to put it on their bed so that Mon-El would see it as soon as he came in since he was working the late shift that night.  The only thing that she hadn’t counted on was for a villain to show up in her loft and set fire to half of her bedroom. After taking care of the villain, she was forced to remove her bed which was completely burnt including the baby outfit and decided that maybe she should try to be just a little more direct since using objects wasn’t going in her favour.

As it turned out, Kara’s planning and scheming ended up being all for nothing. She and Mon-El were facing off against a CADMUS agent who was planning on blowing up an entire neighbourhood comprised of alien refugees. Winn had just about managed to disassemble the bomb when Kara saw the Agent turn towards her with eyes full of rage and shoot a Kryptonite bullet in her direction. With no time to move out of the way (plus there were innocent people standing directly behind her and she wasn’t going to let them get hit in her place), she quickly turned around to protect her stomach but when nothing hit her she glanced over her shoulder to see her boyfriend fall to the floor with a grunt.

“Mon-El!” she yelled and blasted the gun out of the Agents hands with her heat vision, not caring if she burnt him or not, her mind turning red with anger. Alex and the other DEO Agents appeared out of a black van that just pulled up and headed towards the CADMUS guy while Kara immediately dropped to the ground beside Mon-El. “Mon-El, you need to stay with me please”, she begged, her eyes full of tears.


“I need you! And our baby needs you!”

“Kara…what?!” Mon-El sat up effortlessly and looked at her with a shocked expression. That’s when she realised that it was a Kryptonite bullet and not a lead one. Kryptonite had no effect on Mon-El which meant the bullet hadn’t even pierced him. Her cheeks flushed pink as she realised her mistake…and the fact that she’d just unintentionally let the cat out of the bag.

“Can we forget I just said that?!”

Unsurprisingly, the Daxamite frowned and shook his head. “Kara, what are you talking about?”

“I’m…I’m pregnant. I should have told you before but I just…I just couldn’t”.

“Wait, you mean you’ve been flying around Kryptonite bullets while our half Kryptonian child is inside you?” He demanded with annoyance while Kara’s blinked in surprise.

“That’s the part you’re upset about? Not the baby?”

“Why would I be upset about a baby? That’s amazing”, he told her as he held her in his arms in the middle of the street, ignoring the curious onlookers.

She stared at him with wide blue eyes “Really?”

“Why? Are you not happy?”

“I mean I am but it’s kind of soon for us. I was worried that you’d freak out”.

“I love you. I’m going to love our child too”, Mon-El smiled at her and was about to lean in for a kiss when Alex barged over to them.

“You two need to get out of here. Save the personal stuff for the privacy of your home, Supergirl!”


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