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Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting - What’s in the Book?

Hey, I thought I would share a “light on the details” look at what the book covers, I have only had it for a short time and have given it a brief skimming (with a few closer looks when I just couldn’t help myself). It’s a list of the topics and not really spoilery, like who the gods are, what the factions are called, what the character options are, magic items and vestiges etc.

If you want to be totally surprised when you open your copy don’t look under the cut!

The book starts off with a brief history of Exandria, The Calamity, some events far in the history of the game right up to the break Vox Machina took after fighting the Chroma Conclave.

There’s a few tips/secrets not to forget when running a Tal'Dorei Campaign

The Pantheon of Exandria, the gods under their setting specific titles. They are:

The Archeart
The Allhammer
The Changebringer
The Dawnfather
The Everlight
The Knowing Mistress
The Lawbearer
The Matron of Ravens
The Moonweaver
The Platinum Dragon
The Stormlord
The Wildmother

The Betrayer Gods, the evil gods of Exandria:

The Chained Oblivion
The Cloaked Serpent
The Crawling King
The Lord of The Hells
The Ruiner
The Spider Queen
The Strife Emporer
The Scaled Tyrant

Information on the races and subraces of the setting, all of the PHB races are present as are Goliaths and Genasi, no Aasimar though. Dragonborn get an entry for Draconians and Ravenites, Duergar are included for Dwarves.

Factions and Societies:

The Arcana Pansophical
The Ashari
The Brawlers League
The Chamber of Whitestone
The Claret Orders
The Clasp
The Council of Tal'Dorei
The Houses of Kraghammer
The Golden Grin
The Myriad
The Remnants
Wardens of Syngorn

Calendar info

Location information, formatted with name, population, a description and adventure hooks. In these sections you will find extras in sidebars like magic items or a creature stats.

I want the illustration on page 100 as the cover of my adventure creation binder.

Character options, including the Blood Domain for clerics, Path of the Juggernaut for barbarians, the Runechild sorcerer origins, And Way of the Cobalt Soul for monks.

New Backgrounds:

Clasp Member/Myriad Agent
Lyceum Student
Recovered Cultist
Fate Touched

New Feats - Some cover Matt’s Houserules:

Dual Focused
Flash Recall
Mending Affinity
Mystic Conflux
Rapid Drinker
Thrown Arms Master

Vestiges of Divergence - New ones and those held by Vox Machina:

Armor of the Valiant Soul
Cabal’s Ruin
Circlet of Barbed Vision
Deathwalker’s Ward
Honors Last Stand
Kiss of The Changebringer
Plate of The Dawn Martyr
Spire of Conflux
Titanstone Knuckles
Wraps of Dyamak

Optional campaign rules, like the resurrection variants.

Allies and Adversaries, information on monster types in Exandria, NPC and monster stat blocks.


If I could put it this bluntly, I’m a result of survivors from the Armenian Genocide. So if they didn’t survive, I wouldn’t be sitting here now. When I read the script [of ‘The Promise’], and it’s something that Armenians would know, it’s something that we’ve heard since, like, I was a little girl. And I’ve heard stories from my great-grandparents about how my great-great-grandmother committed suicide in front of her children who were seven and five. And they were orphans, the orphans that you see in the film that ran away. Actually, one of them got somewhere, the other passed away, like somehow they were separated. So I feel this story is highly pertinent and incredibly important to me. When I read the script, I called my agent immediately and said ‘I think it’s fate that I should be in this film’. If it was done 20 years ago, I wouldn’t be the right age to do it. So how lucky was I that I could be a part of this. And I am really honored to join this incredible cast, Oscar Isaac, Charlotte [Le Bon], Christian Bale, and Terry George.


I’ve been playing Heroes and it’s been pretty fun! The designs are great too! I want to try drawing some of the characters!

I figured I’d start with Hinata since he’s Stell’s favourite…! Except this was practice, totally practice.

I’ll draw a cleaner Hinata some time. x’)

How sweet it is to be loved by you

A completely pointless fluffy Philinda-in-Ireland fic. Literally. All fluff. No angst to be found. Haha. Title is a Michael Buble song.

Dedicated to the birthday girl and one of my favorite people EVER, @b00k-freak! I LOVE YOU.

Also on AO3.

He tries to read the book.

Honestly, he tries. 

The whole idea of this vacation spawned from his desire to read this book in Ireland. Granted, he wasn’t sitting in a pub at the moment–which had originally been part of the dream–but he was much happier with the way his idea had turned out instead. 

Rather than a noisy pub, Phil sat in a beautiful old house with polished wood floors, a garden out back, and a view of the Irish country-side that was to die for. Currently, Phil sat on the couch in the cozy living room as it rained lightly outside, his sock-clad feet were propped up on the coffee table, and he was trying his best to keep his eyes from straying to the other side of the sofa, where the source of his distraction sat.

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DEADPOOL #33 & 34 

Gerry Duggan (W), Matteo Lolli (A), David Lopez ©, Scott Koblish (VC), Jim Lee (#33 VC)

* It’s not easy living under a Hydra government.

* Especially when you accidentally sided with them.

* Yeah – Deadpool messed up pretty badly this time.

* PLUS: Deadpool vs. Agent Preston for the fate of Ellie!

32 pages, $3.99 each.

The nephilim and Team Free Will: future and determinism

This is a post that started out as an analysis of the scenes where Kelly’s and Cas’ eyes glow golden with the power of the nephilim, and ended up a long longer than I planned. My argument is that the nephilim is the new agent of determinism in the show, and somehow I accidentally ended up drawing the conclusion of romantic Destiel. I never do it on purpose but it always happens. (It’s not a post about Destiel. It’s a post about free will and destiny. Go figure.)

Please read this, it took hours to write and I should be writing my thesis instead.

The starting point of my reflection is: is the nephilim exercising a form of mind control over Kelly and Cas? My answer is yes and no. I mean - in the substance, it’s something like that. But I think it comes from a different place than ‘mind control’, and has larger implications in the context of the show.

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A vague meta-concept for a game, free to anyone who can make good use of it –

The game requires exactly three players.  This is because there are three roles in the story: Hero, Maiden, and Monster.

In the broadest sense, there is only one way the story can play out.  The Monster, who is transgressive, lays a claim on the Maiden, who is desirable and pure.  The Hero contests this claim, defeats the Monster, and saves the Maiden.  Everyone knows that this is how things are going to go.  Everyone accepts it.  Why else would you become a Hero, a Maiden, or a Monster in the first place?

But this primordial story-skeleton has room for lots of variation.  And it is within those variations that the conflicting interests of the participants play out. 

The Hero believes that the story should be an adventure story, or (with extreme success) an action story.  He wants the tale to be a showcase for his skill, his bravery, and his savoir-faire.  In his eyes, the Monster should be primarily a gnarly obstacle that he can use to show off his stuff, and the Maiden should be a Men’s Own Fantasy prize that he receives for being so awesome. 

The Maiden believes that the story should be a comedy of manners in the spirit of Jane Austen, or (with extreme success) a rom-com.  She wants the tale to be a showcase for her charm, her character, and her pathos.  In her eyes, the Hero should be a Woman’s Own Fantasy prize that she receives for being so lovable, and the Monster should be unpleasant and unworthy (so as to demonstrate how much better she deserves) but fundamentally non-threatening. 

The Monster believes that the story should be a gothic melodrama, or (with extreme success) a horror story.  It wants the tale to be a showcase for its memorably weird nature and for the profundity of the threat that it represents.  In its eyes, the Maiden should be reduced to spellbound helplessness by its grasp, and the Hero should be a blank-faced cypher serving as an agent of Inexorable Fate. 

Gameplay consists of the three of them tussling with one another over these issues, and collectively shaping a narrative through their attempts to get as much of what they want as they can. 

(I honestly don’t even know whether this should be an indie tabletop RPG, or a silly John Kovalic-esque card game, or what.)

anonymous asked:

the good thing about the revival is that it made me reconsider IWTB lol. just watched it again and the cinematography is gorgeous and mulder and scully seem more like themselves than they were in the revival somehow?

IWTB is such a beautiful movie. Before I hear anyone say how wrong I am, I want to underline how magnificent a movie it is as a *stand alone* and sadly, I believe being part of a franchise based on and driven by conspiracy greatly impeded the success of the movie. I highly recommend Roger Ebert’s review explaining why this movie is actually very good.

For the same reason MS1 was accused of being OOC, I often feel that people expected to find Mulder and Scully in the same state-of-mind where we left them, i.e. just reunited and in a adrenaline-generated passion for each other, on the run across America trying to save themselves. 

They had been living together for 6 years by that point, their life had settled down, Scully finding work but Mulder living like a recluse, without income, without anything to look forward to in the morning except waking up next to Scully. And maybe this opinion is unpopular BUT I think this was explored really well throughout the movie. Mulder needs to get back to what he did, to what he was and is but Scully, while accepting to put on the Partner hat for a while, is terrified to lose what she and Mulder tried so hard to build together.

The argument in the hospital is so important. Scully was asking him to choose between them or himself (perhaps unfairly) and you can feel her heart break when he walks out. For the first time Scully deliberately refuses to follow him, and, eventually saved her own life when we see the fate Agent Whitney meets… When Mulder acts recklessly without listening to Scully, people die. But equally, the relationship between Mulder and Scully having changed, their emotions cloud their decisions and this is what I believe that scene was trying to highlight (S: Mulder, you think I don’t understand, but I do. This stubbornness of yours, is why I fell in love with you // M: It’s like you said, it’s why we can’t be together.).

I think IWTB was really interesting, giving us a good insight into Mulder and Scully’s relationship and how they haven’t figured it all out. They have a past they struggle to reconcile with the romantic relationship they now share and as much as I hated the idea of a break-up in Season 10, looking back it now makes a lot more sense.

anonymous asked:

What about sidgeno where geno always gets injured or is in accidents and sid is the concerned paramedic/doctor that somehow is always around to treat him? Thanks !!

ask and ye shall receive! i loved this one. <3 written in celebration of the pens’ victory tonight, and crossposted on ao3 here!

Zhenya liked to think he wasn’t accident prone, but, his luck for the past several months seemed to be proving him wrong.

Or, he thought as he stared up at the paramedic who was fussing over him, he might just be the luckiest guy in the world.

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Same, Cas. Same.

Lizbob was laughing at me earlier because I’m in the middle of this seemingly long stretch of episodes that involve Major Fandom Disagreements. And this is one of them. Because of this ^^


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A Fix It

Hey look I wrote again!  Little fix it/missing scene from World’s End.  Huge thanks to @fitzsimmonsavengers for the beta.  

This isn’t real. 

This isn’t real. 

This isn’t real. 

Fitz repeated the mantra even as AIDA pulled him away from ‘Jemma’s’ body and pinned him roughly against the monitors. He had programmed the LMD himself but it still did nothing to lessen the shock of seeing those eyes he loved so much staring back at him dim or her agonized screams from echoing in his ears. AIDA’s breath on his ear broke him from his thoughts and made his skin crawl all at once. 

This was very real.

“I am going to kill everyone you love, right in front of you. And there is nothing you can do to stop me,” she purred into his ear and sent another shiver down his spine. Cold lips pressed against his cheek and he couldn’t fully suppress the noise of revulsion that he let out as he pulled against her iron grip.

“Your beloved Jemma was simply a warm up, how about we go see Coulson now? Then May, Daisy, and Mack…until it’s just you and me like it was in the Framework.”

Fitz’s eyes snapped wide, this hadn’t been part of the plan. 

Before he could voice his protest or even try to pull away the now familiar sensation of her teleportation abilities took hold and she whisked him away once more.

Jemma took a calming breath and pressed herself against the wall outside of the room the gate was in. The cool metal of the machine gun heavy in her hands. She had never handled a weapon like this before but found it necessary when it came to facing down Fitz’s tormentor once and for all. The thought of what AIDA had done to him made her blood boil and heart break. After breaking down in the pod they hadn’t had a chance to talk properly. Coulson giving them as much time as he dared before he came to get them. AIDA had set her own plan in motion, starting with shutting down the Framework. Not only was Fitz needed to help Daisy protect Mack and Elena but he was working with her on a solution for AIDA herself. 

Once they were out of this she would ask him to go somewhere safe where the evils of the world couldn’t touch them. Where they could be alone to start what would be the long process of healing, together. A small pop came from the room followed by AIDA’s voice forced her attention back to the situation at hand,

“Agent Coulson, do you really think you can stop me from taking the Darkhold?”

Jemma took another breath to steady herself before she began to carefully pick her way around the rubble to enter the room.

“Let Fitz go and we’ll talk about it,” Coulson said and Jemma felt her heart drop. 

This had not been part of the plan. 

Jemma turned the corner to see her fears confirmed.   AIDA stood facing Coulson, Fitz on his knees before her, AIDA’s fingers twisted into his hair to keep him in place. Fitz’s soft sobs echoed in the small room as he continued to sell the ruse they had started in the server room. Jemma still had the element of surprise but now she couldn’t risk shooting, for fear of hitting Fitz instead.

“You can’t stop me,” AIDA challenged and held up her free hand to let it crackle with energy. “Leopold has seen to that. My dear devoted Leopold, gave me everything I needed to make sure I was never hurt again by this big bad world.”

Coulson met Jemma’s gaze and with the slightest of nods and she took another slow and tentative step forward. She forced herself to stay calm even though every fiber of her body screamed at her to get him out of AIDA’s clutches for he had already suffered far too much by her hand.

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I really liked the idea of a @vanderweek so I thought I’d take part in it >u<

I kinda fell in love with the idea that Luciel is the one who gave Vandy the name ‘Vanderwood’ when he was younger so I kinda went with the flow for the name origins thing, and the beginning of the work relationship between 707 and Vanderwood~

A child. That’s all they were. Yet, as time went further, childhood became nothing but a hazy memory.

Around them, the others were dropping like flies, and a similar tale was told each time – “They aren’t capable to become an agent.”

Eventually, it was down to just four.

Them, a red haired boy with glasses, a timid boy, and a confident young girl. There was only room for two to be the best of them all, and become full-fledged agents. The other two… Their fates would remain unknown until after the tasks ahead during the next day.

They were unsure of what to think of the other three who had been by his side since the beginning, but they weren’t going to let that get them down. They were going to be independent and fight through it all.

On the night before the final tasks began, they started looking at the scars which were covering their body. One was from a knife, which one of the previous trainees used against them in a training fight. Still, they had won the fight, and that other one was sent away as incapable to become an agent. It still stung, but their tolerance for pain meant that it wasn’t too much of a bother.

As they stared at the pale mark on their arm, a head suddenly appeared from the bunk above them. It was the red-haired boy with glasses, and he seemed to be watching how they were staring at their arm.

“Um… Hello… Are you okay? Are you… uh… worried about tomorrow?” He seemed to be quite scared, so they simply shrugged the boy off. They were remaining away from all distractions so that they could focus on the next few days as best as they could. They had to be an agent… they didn’t want to be discarded again, just as they had done repeatedly in the past. “You’re not answering me…? Okay… Well, I just thought I’d let you know… I’ve found out some information about the tasks they’re giving us tomorrow…”

Now that had their attention.

They boy quickly scrambled onto their bunk, before smiling and turning his laptop around. “They want us to work in two teams… The winning team becomes agents. The other team is either being disposed of or made into low-level agents depending on how they do…” He pointed at his screen as they leaned in, and gave it a quick read through.

“How the hell did you find this out?” They couldn’t help but be curious of this boy. He seemed to be a lot younger than the others – themself included – yet he was breaking into and obtaining information from extremely confidential files and systems which very few actually had access to.

The boy fell silent, before he shook his head.

They couldn’t help but feel annoyed at the kid for keeping quiet, but they simply rolled their eyes and lay back. “Thanks for the info boy, but just go to sleep. We don’t want to get killed or anything for failing, do we?”

Those words seemed to strike a chord for the boy, so he backed away and returned to his bunk with his laptop. They didn’t really want to have to team up for the task… But they would have no other choice in the matter, if the boy wasn’t lying.

They eventually drifted off to sleep, and woke up just in time for the final test. They got up, and got changed ready. The boy who had informed him about the task seemed to have only just woke up by that point too, and was slowly pulling his glasses on.

But that gave them an idea…

“Hey, kid. We’ll team up. You seem to have the intel, but I can shoot and fight better.”

A curious noise came from the boy then, before he jumped down onto the floor. “R- Really? But you’re… But you’re the best recruit here… Wouldn’t I hold you back…?” They shook their head, before waiting for the boy to get dressed so that they could head down to get briefed on their final training task. “Oh… Should we do something like… Have code names for working as a team? So we know who we’re talking to, but nobody else does…”

They froze then. They had basically been nameless for as long as they could remember.

“I’m Luciel, but… Um… You can call me ‘707 extreme’.”

They remained still and silent for a moment, before they took a shaky breath. “I don’t know about myself… My name…”

Luciel paused for a moment, before he opened up his laptop and began looking through some information on it. “Hmm… Then… Let’s come up with one! I’ll pick a random word from this random file, and you pick another.” He showed them the laptop, and the first word which they lay eyes on was ‘Wood’. Luciel then chose a word, and said it out loud. “Van.”


“Vanwood…? It sounds… Hmm… How about we put in something else?”

They both remained silent for a moment, before they finally spoke. “… Vanderwood.” They then held out their hand, faint traces of a grin on their face. “707 extreme, you can call me Vanderwood.”

“Well… Let’s go and become agents, Vanderwood.”

“… Yeah.”

There’s this odd trope, which I have now come across in several examples of weird-dark Japanese fantasy, and never even slightly in anything from any other cultural source:

The gestalt masses of humanity, as a collective, made a wish.  Because of their corrupt and sinful nature, they wished for something really fucking terrible.  This wish was granted, and gave rise to a super-creepy evil entity that serves as the Metaphysical Big Bad of the narrative, standing in for “everything that is wrong with society.” 

This is specifically something much stronger than the “so long as there is darkness in men’s hearts, I will survive” trope.  The demon isn’t just feeding off of human badness, or reflecting it, in some nebulous way; it rules precisely because, at least on some level, people want it to rule and called it into being so that it might do so.

I’m not going to go into details, because in almost every case it would involve a huge spoiler for the work in question, but this pattern perfectly describes:

* Persona 5

* Berserk

* Fate/zero

* Paranoia Agent

…and even, to a lesser extent, Revolutionary Girl Utena.

(I feel like I’m missing a couple of salient examples here, but these will do for now.)

I am not sure what to make of this.  It bespeaks a sort of reflexive super-ultra-cynicism about humanity, a contempt for the People, that I think of as being very much at odds with the standard fantasy feeling of “the nameless faceless People are the source of all legitimacy and virtue, which is why the good guys have to fight and die for them.”  Is it just, like, a random cached concept that cropped up in one particular place?  Is this a reflection of weirdo Japanese auteurs feeling really hemmed-in by a more-than-usually conformist culture?  

Is there a TVTropes page for this that I can’t find?

I have no answers right now, just questions.  But…it seemed worth making note of the pattern.