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Unproblematic Fave: Special Agent Dale Cooper

  • Endlessly positive and trusting
  • Probably fueled solely on black coffee and pie
  • Wants his friends to be good to themselves
  • When an 18 year old girl sneaks into his hotel room and gets in his bed naked he says that he just wants to be her friend because he knows thats what she needs and talks about her problems with her
  • When an old friend shows up having decided that they do not fit the gender they were assigned perfectly he adapts to her new pronouns and apologizes when he messes up.
  • Rly loves douglas fir trees

I made several attempts at linearting these over the course of two days but my tablet keeps acting up and my hands are cold and hurt a bit so I ended up only getting frustrated so have these unfinished Kallus sketches for now ;-;

(I firmly believe he deserves a lot of the shit he might have to face from now on but I LOVE REDEEMED/SORTA REDEEMED VILLAINS, it’s my favourite trope in the world, so yeah.)

Reasons I like entertaining the idea that Ed is actually playing the double agent (even though I know it’s unrealistic):

-Ed telling Oz to remember he is his best friend takes on the meaning that Ed is going into deep cover with Babs to stop her power play and he wants Oz to know he is not plotting against him (at the moment).

-Ed doing it because now that Babs knows Oz is in love with Ed, Ed has become a point of exploitation. He already was, in that he was a valuable asset as Chief of Staff, but nobody kidnaps a business relation for leverage. A romantic one, though? Oh heck yeah.

-Rather than potentially becoming a ‘damsel in distress’, Ed uses his agency to make Babs think that he is playing her game, even though he is playing the long con.

-Once Babs trusts him and he gets all his ducks in a row (i.e. assures that she will not try to use him as leverage to get to Oswald in the future, and sets up a scheme to overthrow and outwit her) he will betray her with a clever trap that takes away all of her power and influence.

-Ergo the only person in Gotham who knows Penguin’s weakness can now do nothing to act on that weakness in order to control him. Her knowledge is not longer power, and I’ll explain why in the next point.

-She still knows Oz is in love with Ed, sure. But she will never tell anyone else with actual power, because then whoever she told would be the one to dethrone Penguin, and SHE wants to be on top. This is her dilemma: tell someone with power and watch them take control in her stead (in which she gains nothing except perhaps their ear or their favour), or keep her knowledge to herself, biding her time until she is strong enough to actually use it again. Obviously she will do the latter, the girl’s a smart cookie. But it will take her a while to rebuild, and in the meantime the boys are safe.

-Finally, Oz is now safe from Babs’ control, and Ed doesn’t have to worry about being used as a bargaining chip against his best friend.

Where do they go from there? I don’t know. The possibilities range from:
-back to the old bromance, everything is forgotten and forgiven
-a more distant, reserved friendship and camaraderie because Ed can’t quite forgive everything but is still fond of Oswald
-Ed seeking a more personal revenge against Oswald now that he knows no one is going to abduct him and/or try to use him against Oz like a pawn (Ed is nobody’s pawn).


Similar Fighting Styles

Dottie Underwood (Real Name Unknown) | The Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
➡Agent Carter 1.04 | Iron Man 2

Enemy Down (Drabble)

Summary: Bucky is injured during a fight, and you’re there to help.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 546

Based off of this prompt: “If you die, I’m going to kill you.”

Warnings: Just the ~tiiiiiniest~ bit of angst, brief mention of injury, language.

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this one, actually. I love playful Bucky lol. Hope you guys enjoy! :D

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It’s 2017 and there are people who even with ample context clues, anvil size hints and confessions who still think that Jemma Simmons only returned Fitz’s feelings only because he told her he had feelings for first, and to press the issue that a girl should return a man’s feelings.  While I can appreciate being against that sentiment in life and fiction, Jemma Simmons has thought of him that way before she talked to Bobbi Morse, and imagined a future for them together, if muddled as to how.  

You’re also allowed to be confused and scared by how you feel.  Not all women know exactly how they feel and do have to muddle through things they may push down out of fear of ruining friendships.  This relationship has been two people who have been closer than close for 10+ years, and at the prospect of losing each other forever had everything fall into place.  They got perspective and after trying to fix lingering issues and after numerous roadblocks got together at their healthiest.  Deal.

Also, it’s 2017, and with backstory finally popping up we have more than context clues and hints as to why Fitz was angry with Simmons.  And yeah, it’s still rooted in her inability to communicate and his inability to maintain some measure of security and confidence.  A young man who has abandonment and self worth issues is going to be distraught at his best friend leaving him without explanation.  He only brought it up as to the awkwardness between them.

Double Agent Vader fic: The Unstolen Child

@tendokage asked what Double Agent Vader thinks of the Inquisitors, which gave me the kick I needed to finally finish this fic.

This one is set between ANH and ESB, so follows almost all of the fics I’ve published in this ‘verse so far, except for Apology Accepted.

A little insight into what Ahsoka’s been up to in the Rebellion, as well as why the Empire seems to be mysteriously short on candidates for the Inquisitor Program…

The Unstolen Child

Ahsoka crouched low in the musty darkness of the cramped closet and focused all her thought on disappearing. Emptiness, she thought. I am nothing. We are nothing. We are air and shadow and there is no presence here.

Behind her, Aneeya Adu was shaking soundlessly in the dark, one hand clasped over her daughter Oholi’s mouth. Ahsoka knew they were there because she could feel the air they displaced, the solidity of other bodies in a close space. But she couldn’t sense them in the Force.

She had to make certain that remained the case.

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Don’t let Luke’s adorable smile fool you kiddos. This child is delightfully vicious

But seriously, if you’re not reading @fialleril ‘s Double Agent Vader fic, you really ought to (scene from Empire Day)

kink: badass independent women who are actually incredibly soft, kind and compassionate


The agents and rooms are nothing but a blur as you rush through the Avengers base. Your home. Confused stares follow after you, but you ignore them. In fact, you barely even notice them.

You have to find Steve.

After what seems like an eternity, you reach the other side of the base, and the conference room that is your destination. Two young agents are positioned outside, guarding the door, and as you go to enter, the one on the right steps forward and stops you. “Ma'am, you can’t go in there. The Avengers are in a meeting.”

“I know, but this is important. I wouldn’t interrupt if it wasn’t important.” Tears of desperation well up in your eyes.

The two agents share a look before the first one speaks up again. “I’m sorry, ma'am, but you’re not authorized to go in there.”

Your heart sinks, but that feeling is soon replaced by anger. “My name is (y/n) Rogers, and I am desperate to see my husband. I can tell him all about this charade, or you can let me in the damn door!”

Both agents’ mouths are wide-open by the end of your spiel, and you begin to feel kind of bad for yelling. You didn’t want to pull the “captain america’s wife” card. “Please,” you add sheepishly.

The second agent clears his throat and flashes a card under the ID scanner that unlocks the door. “I’m so sorry for the wait, Mrs. Rogers,” he says as the light turns green. He opens the door. “I’ll go get the captain.”

All of the tension leaves your body at that one statement. “Thank you.”

A couple of seconds later, Steve emerges from the conference room in one of your favorite blue shirts. He drinks in your anxious eyes and fingers that won’t stop moving. “(y/n), what’s wrong?”

You gasp and step towards him. “Steve, okay so this is big news and I just couldn’t wait until you were out of the meeting.” He mumbles a quick okay before you begin again, speaking quite fast: “So I am three weeks late.”

His brow furrows. “For what?”

You roll your eyes and lean closer, very aware of the two baffled guards still stationed by the door. “My period, Steve.”

His eyes widen. “Oh.” His eyes widen a fraction more. “Wait, doesn’t that mean–?”

You cut him off with a finger over his mouth. “Im getting to that. So, when I made that discovery, I went to Dr. Cho when she visited–because I did not want to ask Bruce, nothing against him–and the results came today, and–” You pause and suck in a deep breath before smiling widely. “Steve, I’m pregnant. We’re going to have a baby.”

His mouth drops open. The two of you have been trying for a baby for about a year now, and now that it’s actually happening … He just can’t believe it. “I’m going to be a father?”

Tears well up in your eyes once again, and you look down at your still-flat midsection. “Technically, you already are.”

He’s silent for a moment before a laugh bursts out of him and he picks you up around the waist, spinning you around. “I’m going to be a father!” He yells. You’re giggling as he sets you back down and pecks you on the lips quickly. “I love you. Thank you.”

You lean up and kiss him again. “I love you.”

okay I’m sorry but ya’ll need to get the shit over yourselves with the “Sharon is Peggy’s niece” thing like

  • Steve’s been out of the ice for like four years now; even if he’s not happy about it he’s accepted that his relationship with Peggy is over
  • Steve had no idea Sharon and Peggy had any relation when he started flirting with her
  • I repeat: Steve liked his “cute nurse neighbor” way before he had any idea who she really was
  • I keep seeing people getting mad that they were flirting after the funeral when like… literally all they did was go out for drinks and to talk? Jfc they weren’t fucking on the casket
  • It’s not like he was around when Sharon was born and growing up?? Like yeah THAT would be super creepy, I could get behind hating THAT but obviously that’s not the scenario? They met as adults who are the same age
  • There’s nothing?? Inherently morally wrong about dating an somebody related to your ex??
  • Like no offense but it seems like ya’ll are just really reaching for excuses to hate Sharon 

Title: Honey, I’m not much of a dancer. ( but for you I’ll try ) pt.1
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: Eventual Peggy x Jack, Steve x Peggy will be mentioned in other parts.
Summary: It started like all things did, with a dance.

Notes: If you are curious, I was listening to this song when I was writing. I have four parts in mind and this is the shortest. Just basically a couple of ficlets I’m throwing together on how it might ~happen~ if Peggy x Jack were to happen. You might notice, Jack is still… kinda a douche, but I figured it OC to make him suddenly more enlightened. He will still stick his foot in his mouth and inspire your ire in the future, trust me.

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Archetypes Quiz~

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The Rebel is freedom-driven. Rebels thrive on wild and uncensored behavior.

  • Super Power: Justice
  • Archetype Family: Rebel
  • Other Expressions: Maverick, Feminist, Femme Fatale, Sex Goddess
  • Life Journey: Break barriers that restrict the human spirit.
  • Unique Challenge: Discover a creative, dynamic, and productive way to make your voice heard.

The Advocate is cause-driven. Advocates thrive on social and environmental responsibility.

  • Super Power: Hope
  • Archetype Family: Advocate
  • Other Expressions: Naturalist, Defender, Champion of a Cause
  • Life Journey: To act as an agent for positive change.
  • Unique Challenge: To find causes that engage my strengths, not my personal agenda.

The Visionary is idea-driven. Visionaries thrive on hyperfocus and intuition.

  • Super Power: Courage
  • Archetype Family: Visionary
  • Other Expressions: Entrepreneur, Innovator, Pioneer, Guide, Dreamer
  • Life Journey: To bring the future into the present, and sense the changing impulses of society
  • Unique Challenge: To remain committed to a new vision in order to bring it to fruition


Finding out

• McCree has the tendency to walk in on awkward moments. He’s occasionally barged in while some of the agents were in a compromising position.

• So, it wasn’t that shocking when he walked in on his S/O. However, he hadn’t expected to see her toying with some pretty crazy magic.

• He’d stand there, eyes wide, and he’d slowly realize what it meant. His S/O had been hiding something pretty big from him.

Realizing she was hiding it

• At first, he would be upset. For him, relationships meant trust and loyalty. He thought his S/O could trust him to reveal this side of her.

• He would be afraid that she was hiding other things from him, his feelings from being in the Blackwatch gang returning.

• Then he’d realize why. If people didn’t take so well to Omnics, what would they do with a witch?

• McCree wouldn’t forgive them right away, but he’s slowly learn to trust them once again.

• He would occasionally worry that his S/O was lying to him, but he’d forget that quickly. He loved her with all his heart, and something like this won’t ruin that.

• McCree would definitely ask his S/O to show him the ways of magic, even if he couldn’t possibly do it himself.