agent k is agent coulson's father

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What's your thoughts on how Coulson was recruited into SHIELD? I mean he was recruited straight out of high school by FURY HIMSELF! Like seriously Phil what the hell did you do to get noticed by one of the top spies? Also do you think it links in with his dad's death as during season1 they brought that up a few times calling it a 'defining moment.' Sorry Coulson's backstory fascinates me and I really want to know more lol :D

Goodness, anon, what great questions! I’m afraid I probably don’t know any more than you do regarding this subject, basically just information we’ve been provided with in the MCU, with a little of my own (and others’) speculation. I’ve had so many theories regarding Phil Coulson over the last three years that I hope I can organize them into some semblance of an order.

The first theory (the theory that started it all, really), is that Coulson is the little boy from The First Avenger. You may remember this cute little gifset from terminallyvague.

And the brilliant meta from janeturenne that made me scream in my dorm room in England two years ago:

My first reaction was ‘Nice thought but there’s no way, Coulson is much younger than…’ and then I stopped mid-thought.

Because you know what.

You know what.

After Steve, the US government had to keep trying to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum.

And who

and who

would be the FIRST DAMN PERSON IN LINE to volunteer?

They told us it never worked again.  And that was kind of true.  They never again recreated the super-strength or the gleaming pecs.  But other things, they got right.  They got the vastly delayed aging.  And the kind of reflexes that make a man able to take out two armed thugs with a bag of flour.  And the talent for leading through example.  And they got the most important part, Erskine’s favorite part: the magnification of moral fiber, taking the loyalty and selflessness of a loyal and selfless man and making him into something spectacular.

Coulson didn’t buy those vintage cards on Ebay.

He’s had them since he was a little boy.

That little boy right there.

Granted, that one’s a bit of a stretch, especially now. But it would be so dang cool if it were true, wouldn’t it??

My second theory is the infamous theory that Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones’s character) from Men in Black is Coulson’s father. You may recall this theory gaining popularity from this fabulous gifset by bisexualethanhunt:

Of course, as with any theory, there are a few holes in this one too. For instance, Tommy Lee Jones played Colonel Phillips in The First Avenger. (Incidentally, the OP has changed her blog title to “don’t care that lee jones was in captain america,” which definitely made me laugh.) And while I get that, all I gotta say is his name is Colonel Phillips and Tommy Lee Jones is fab and crazier things have happened. Plus, if Enver Gjokaj can play both Daniel Sousa in Agent Carter and Officer Saunders in The Avengers, the MCU can find a way to make Colonel Phillips somehow be an Agent K figure and also Coulson’s father. You know…just sayin.

The only problem I have with the above gifset is the timing. As we know from The Magical Place, Coulson lost his father at a young age, and in his psych evaluation, the event is described as a defining moment. But at the same time, I like the idea that Coulson’s father was involved in the government somehow, because it would explain how Coulson got on Fury’s radar while still in high school. Bonus points if Fury and Coulson’s father were friends/colleagues, and his dad kept subtly bragging about his awesome kid who was a Captain America fanboy and was quite skilled in jiu-jitsu (although you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at him). 

I hope we get to find out more about Coulson’s backstory. How Fury found him, the development of that whole relationship, his training with Garrett, how he met May, all that good stuff. I’m a sucker for that kinda thing. Anyway, I’m not sure if any of that was coherent or understandable, and I probably didn’t answer any of your questions at all, but those are the main theories that have been bouncing around in my head. :)