agent inka


Something I drawed to Mongrelgrim/the-arcane-eye as a thank you for the awesome picture they drew of Marduk. The character Agent Inka always been my favorite and been keeping an eye out even before I joined tumblr (creppy stalker warning here no? *cough*) and it felt good drawing someone elses asura, especilly as one who has such a awesome design and I never get to draw purple that much. :)

You can see the step by step I went through with it.

But I will say this: carry on with your awesome art, you’re an insperation for me too and look forward to see more in the future! Hope you like it! <3

Someone take my pencils and phone away from me! I can’t stop doodling and spamming pics! XD
Took inspiration from when me, Inka and Mattis enter into pvp and they noticed Marduk is quite tall. It also felt like the beginning of a “enter a bar”-joke. “One mesmer, one necro and one ele went into a pvp area…”
But man, I had so much fun, hope to do more pvp more often!

vargorm  asked:


18. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Inka looks absolutely relieved — more grateful than he can possibly articulate, perhaps — that this question was not another overtly sexual one. “…The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten?” he echoes thoughtfully, rubbing his chin. “During my days training to become a Peacemaker — before I was inducted into the Arcane Eye — one of my fellow cadets dared me to eat a live devourer hatchling. About the size of my palm.”

The Eye agent gives a crooked smile at the memory, tapping his claws together. “I was so foolish back then, and too eager to impress my peers.”

anonymous asked:

Truth you say? Tell me! Are you (tsundere) for any of your rivals or enemies? Especially those hated ones!

(anon bless u that’s the best question ever LOL)

The agent stares at the individual making this inquiry for a protracted moment; it is not clear yet whether he is offended, suspicious, or perhaps a mixture of both. That is, not until he opens his mouth. “Who put you up to this? Was it Mattis? Well, you can go right back to him and tell him I’m— I’m not interested in what he is attempting to…!”

Inka forces himself to be silent — it is clear that he has said to much. He leans back in his seat with a grumble. “I… do not have feelings for my rivals. Feelings, to be blunt, can be exploited. An agent of the Arcane Eye is not so easily seduced by the enemies of Rata Sum and its people!” The Asura gives a pained grimace at the thought, worriedly smoothing his collar.