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About the one where Shiro is away and Keith handling the kids? May I request with Keith being away for some reason??? Like he gets injured? It's not serious, but he is still required to go to the hospital for few days, even a week and THE KIDS REACTION??? KEITH THINKING THE KIDS WON'T MISS HIM AND HE IS WRONG??? I just have a lot of feels and I cry whenever I read your Sheith family. ( I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS FOR KIETH FSJKLFJSKL )

Thank you for this! I also got a request similar to this by @maniacani wherein he goes on tour with his author!! I can’t think of a way wherein Keith gets injured but hopefully this would also be okay as I can see this happening too! :D

[The Voltron Family] So Keith will be away for a month because one Best Selling Author under him was going to have a tour around the country, so he has to be there. During dinner, Keith breaks the news to the children.

See, Hunk didn’t say anything and Keith is kinda upset because his lil fave didn’t seem to care that he’s going away. The day Keith is about to leave, only Hunk isn’t present. Lance says his room is locked and that made Keith go upstairs to check. He knocks on the door and hears someone sobbing.

Keith: Hunk, baby. Open the door. It’s Daddy Keith.
Hunk: *hiccups* *unlocks the door and opens it* *is a crying mess*
Keith: Awwwww, Hunk.
Hunk: *runs into him and hugs him tight* Don’t go. Please, please don’t go.
Keith: *hugs back* *bites his lip* I wish I couldn’t, but I have to.
Hunk: Please take me with you instead. *sobs*
Keith: I can’t. You have school tomorrow. 
Hunk: I can skip school then. 
Keith: No, you can’t do that. As much as it hurts me to leave you, I have to. :(

Hunk detaches himself while obviously still crying but he’s a big boy now so he tries to wipe his tears. He goes back to bed and brings Mr. Cuddles–his stuffed bear that Keith gave him the very first day he was adopted. 

Hunk: If you cant take me, take Mr. Cuddles instead.
Keith: But Mr. Cuddles is your sleeping buddy.
Hunk: He is. But you need a sleeping cuddle buddy too, Daddy Keith, and I won’t be there with you. :(

KEITH FELT LIKE DYING BECAUSE OH GOD WHY IS HUNK LIKE THIS? So he takes the bear and promises he will take care of Mr. Cuddles. Shiro was actually having troubles with the kids much to his surprise. He goes to Hunk who seems to be ready to sleep.

Shiro: Hey, do you want me to read you a bedtime story?
Hunk: *shakes his head* It’s okay, Daddy Shiro. I’ll just go to sleep.

The following days, it was Pidge’s turn to display some weird behavior.

Pidge: Daddy Shiro, can you tell me how Hephaestus met Aphrodite? 
Shiro: *blinks* Um, they got married.
Pidge: Before that, silly!
Shiro: *at loss* Oh wow. I… I actually don’t know. I could tell you about Hades and Persephone though? Probably not in details but–
Pidge: *frowns* Daddy Keith already told me that last month!
Shiro: I see, well… *scratches head*
Pidge: *squeezes her blanket and quietly adds* I miss Daddy Keith.
Shiro: *heart melting* Me, too, Pidge. Do you want to call him?
Pidge: *nods* Yes please. If that’s alright. 

So Shiro calls Keith which was apparently in the middle of the night where he is, and Pidge got her Hephaestus and Aphrodite story after all and she’s been giggling because Keith would do voices. Shiro just smiles.

Lance was the next one. So when Shiro went to Lance’s room, he got the phone with him. He came in prepared.

Shiro: Just stay on the line, Keith.
Keith: I don’t think he even wants to talk to me, Shiro. *sighs*
Shiro: You can’t be so sure. 
Keith: I’m pretty damn sure. This is Lance we’re talking about.

So Shiro enters the room, he hides the phone behind his back with Keith still on the other line. Lance is standing up on his bed with his wand.

Shiro: Hey, buddy. What are you doing up and about?
Lance: *turns around* Okay, this is an emergency, Daddy Shiro.
Shiro: *smiles* Okay, tell me what this emergency of yours is.
Lance: I forgot this one spell and I’m sure Daddy Keith knows it.
Shiro: Hmmm, what if I know it though?
Lance: *rolls eyes* Oh puhleeze. You can’t even remember Rictusempra!
Shiro: Let’s google it then.
Lance: You said never to trust google all the time. Besides, I wouldn’t know how to pronounce it.
Shiro: We could always just youtube it yknow?
Lance: *whines* Daddy Shiroooooooo
Shiro: What exactly do you want, Lance?
Lance: *sits on his bed  *crosses arms* *pouts* I miss Daddy Keith’s voice, okay? Just don’t tell him that!! I have an image!

Shiro retrains himself from laughing and he’s pretty sure that Keith is probably dying of laughter on the other side of the line. 

Shiro: Well, I guess we could call him. I do have my phone here with me…
Lance: *lights up* You’d do it?! FOR ME??!!!
Shiro: Yeah of course. *phone to his ears* It’s ringing now… Ring Ring Ring~
Keith: *on the other line* *rolls his eyes* Unbelievable.
Shiro: Hello, Keith. Sorry to wake you up but someone here…
Lance: HAS A QUESTION!!!!!! 
Shiro: *fonds* Someone here…. has a question. Not that, someone misses you or anything but… Lance here, just wants to ask a question.

So Lance and Keith talk over the phone and Lance is smiling so brightly and Shiro wishes that Keith could see how much their kids love him. So when Shiro was about to go back to bed…

Keith: How’s Hunk btw? He’s the only one I haven’t talked to tonight. Be honest with me, Shiro. How’s my son?
Shiro: He just slept without even asking for a bedtime story.
Keith: Oh god, my poor baby. :(
Shiro: He misses you the most, Keith. 
Keith: Oh god, I want to go back. He needs me. Or at least Mr Cuddles.
Shiro: You can’t. You have a tour. You can’t just ditch it. You can just talk to him tomorrow morning before school.

While Keith is on his second week of being away, he receives a call from Shiro during one of the events of the tour. It was a Saturday.

Keith: Hey. You don’t really call this early. Are the kids awake yet?
Shiro: Yeah, turn around and look at the audience.

So Keith turns around, cause he’s backstage, and sees in the audience Shiro, Hunk, Pidge and Lance waving at him frantically. He goes down and meets them. The kids all got up and ran into him and battled their way who gets to hug their Daddy Keith first.

All three kids: DADDY KEEEEIIIITHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Keith: Oh my god. You guys came. *looks at Shiro* You drove 12 hours?!
Shiro: They’ve missed you so much, so. *shrugs* *whispers to Keith* Yknow I was told by three little munchkins while driving here, that they love their Daddy Keith a lot so they kinda just want you to know that.
Keith: You idiot. *teary eyed while hugging his kids*


Maybe my cape doesn’t fly
And bad men win - even good men die
But one small spark can light the whole night
So one small life can fight the good fight

So it’s out officially now. Jason Chu’s official music video for “MARVELS” starring Hudson Yang from “Fresh Off the Boat.”

I heard the video, I knew about the video, but the emotional impact of actually witnessing the words birthed anew on the screen.

Jason and I had once, heh, marveled about the lives we’re living where we get to hang out and work with people who’ve inspired us and we admired. “Heroes into homies,” he laughed. And now, my homie has become one of my heroes. What a powerful message. I’m glad he felt led to share it.