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Acmella oleracea, often known by its former scientific name Spilanthes, is a unique flower in the Asteraceae family. It has many common names, including electric daisy and toothache plant. These stem from the fact that the plant contains numbing agents. Chewing on the flower causes temporary numbness, tingling and salivation. This has made it a useful treatment for toothaches and stomach issues. 

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leia only comes up to about vader's chest, so there's a rumor that she headbutted his control panel and he fell over unconscious like a giant jenga tower

This actually happened though.

It was an accident of course. Even without lightsabers involved, training gets kind of wild sometimes.

Leia was kind of terrified in the moment when she saw all the little blinking lights on his chest panel had gone dark for half a second, and then pretty embarrassed after he came to, and then terrified all over again when she realized that his suit was actually a life support system and oh no.

Anakin was mostly embarrassed tbh. Like, what an awkward way to announce, “By the way I’m on life support.” But later he actually finds it really funny.

(Leia thinks his tendency to turn the state of his health and life into a joke is a bit disturbing, but post-Alderaan, especially, she knows she’s got some unhealthy coping mechanisms of her own.)

Eventually they tell Luke about this, and Leia tries to downplay it but of course Anakin wants to play it up and Leia just sits there feeling embarrassed for both of them while Luke can’t decide whether to laugh or be horrified. Or both. Both is good.

Jack's Nanny: 3

It takes you a while to get Jack back to sleep. You’re holed up in Agent Hotchner’s office and had used his desk chair to rock Jack to sleep. Even at six Jack wasn’t immune to being rocked; or well, swiveled, since you were in an office chair. You had put him on the couch and were pacing the floor of Agent Hotchner’s office, chewing on your thumbnail. The blinds are open, every now and then the skinny agent, Dr. Reid you think, looks up at you. The one with the tattoos, Agent Morgan? Is doing the same thing. Checking on you.
“You need to sleep.” Agent Hotchner whispers from the doorway. You hadn’t noticed him there before. He’s holding some blankets, a pillow and what looks like a cot. “I got these for you.” He quietly sets it up for you.
“If you need me to answer any more questions you’ll wake me up right?”
“Of course.”
“Thank you.” You say softly, “If it wasn’t for you I might be dead.”
“I’m glad we could get you to safety. Jack really loves you and have helped make him comfortable again. There’s no way for me to thank you for that.” Tonight is the most you’ve ever talked, not that he hasn’t been kind to you its just that he’s a serious, quiet man.
“I think that saving my life is pretty good repayment.” You give him a tired smile, “Seriously, if there are any questions please ask.”
“We will.” He gives your hand a gentle squeeze and leaves the room, closing the door behind him. You sit down on the cot and wish that you had a change of clothes, jeans are not the most comfortable sleeping apparel. There’s a gentle tap on the door. You stand and open it, it’s a blonde woman with bright pink lipstick and sparkly blue glasses.
“Hi.” She whispers, “I’m Penelope Garcia, I stole these from Hotch’s locker. They’re clean.” She passes you a pair of shorts and a tshirt. “They’ll probably be too big but better than jeans right?” She smiles and you can’t help but smile back.
“Is Hotch Agent Hotchner?”
“Oh, yea. That’s what we call him around here.” She’s friendly and you’d love to sit around and talk with her.
“Is he okay with me wearing his clothes?”
“Yea, he told me to grab them for you.”
“Hey baby girl.” Agent Morgan called softly from the bullpen, “We need your skills down here.”
“Sorry gotta go.” She gives your hand a squeeze.
“Um, Penelope?” She looks back at you, “Thank you.”


_I don´t mind the rain_

Bucky x Reader[Gender neutral!]


Warnings:Fluff,a bit angst[just a tiny bit,it´s like two sentences] and wet Bucky

2.822 Words

[This takes place between WS and CW,I think~?And I hope nothing is too out of character,I tried my best!I might make a series of this,if enough people are interested! :D]

~Sorry for any typos or mistakes~

It was a cloudy evening as you were walking through the streets.You tried to get home as fast as possible.You could feel a few raindrops on your skin but it wasnt really uncomfortable.Yet.

With a sigh you looked around and you could see people rushing to get home and a few cars driving past.What got your attention was an old lady,trying to get all the chairs and tables of her little cafe inside before the rain would get worse.

You felt a slight twinge of sadness and decided to help.After looking around again,you crossed the normally busy street,grabbed two chairs and dragged them inside.As you turned around again you saw the woman looking at you with a small smile.With a calm voice she said:

“Thank you dear,I was afraid I wouldn´t be able to do it in time”

Returning the kind smile,you nodded.

“You are very welcome,it was no problem,really!” With one movement you placed the last chair on the others and looked around the room.It was cozy and warm.If you could only stay a bit longer,but..

“But I need to leave now,or I will miss my bus-” Before you could finish your sentence,the woman was walking past you.

“Wait,wait let me give you this!” She said in a hurried tone while grabbing something.

With a raised eyebrow you looked after her,only to see her packing something in a little paper bag.

She reached over the counter and you grabbed the bag carefully.

“It´s a little thank you” She smiled at you,and you nodded with a small smile.

“Thank you,but that was not neccessary”

“It was,now go and get your bus!”

With a quiet laugh you waved at her and walked outside.

After you walked a few seconds you looked into the paper bag and found a little pastry with [fruit] and chcoclate.You made a mental note to go back some day this week to thank her and maybe drink a coffee.

Happy about your new snack you turned the corner,only to see the bus.With  groan you stopped walking.It would have no use to run after it.It was still standing there,yes,but it would never wait for you.

A bit grumpy,maybe even childlike,you walked down the street,pouting.

You looked up as you saw the streetlights flicker on,one after another,and soon the whole street was illuminated in a slight yellow hue.

While looking up,you could feel that it was raining even more than earlier.And the longer the looked,the more it got,until it was pouring down on you.

You tried to make the poor paper bag as small as possible so it wouldn´t disolve into nothingness.Trying your hardest not to slip on the wet concrete you jogged,in hope to reach the bus stop before you would be completely drenched.

The little roof over the bus stop seemed like a better option than walking home.Walking home would be faster than waiting for your bus,but you would at least wait until the rain stopped.

When you reached the poorly lit bus stop you saw that you were alone.At least something good,better than some creep that would just stare at you.

With a sigh you slowly sat down on one of the seats and leaned against the glass wall.Now you just have to wait one hour for the bus.

You hoped the rain would stop first.

Looking down at your phone,you only saw your reflection staring back at you.

“Great.I forgot to load it before I left.”

You fumbled a bit with your phone before you put it back into your pocket.Everything was wet,your hair sticked to your skin and you just wanted to get home and eat the pastry in front of the TV. Maybe even take a long bath.

Your planning was stopped as you saw someone walking past you and stopping to you right.Looking up a bit you saw a man standing there,leaning against the glass wall.He was completely drenched and his hair was sticking to his face.Poor guy.

He turned around and looked at the plans that were hanging behind him,but to spare him the searching you said:

“The Bus comes in an hour.”

As he turned to you with a blank face you tried your best to give him a small smile.With a short nod he quietly answered:


“You´re welcome.”

Turning your head back to look at the street again,you pulled your jacket a bit tighter around you,only to grimace as you felt the wet fabric in your hands.Ugh.

After a bit you got lost in your thoughts and your hands started playing with the little paper bag in your lap.Maybe you could go back to that little cafe?No..No,the woman was already closing when you helped her,so that wouldn´t be a good idea.You continued day dreaming,before a thought hit you.

“You can sit down if you want to,it isn´t comfortable to stand for such a long time,I think.”

You could see him jump slightly at your sudden words.

Again you turned to look at him completely,only to see him looking at you surprised.With a slow nod he took two steps and sat down on the left so that there was still one little metal seat between the two of you.
You couldn´t smell any alcohol on him,so that was good..

You smiled a bit and started to take in his features.He had dark,shoulder length hair,maybe brown or black? It was hard to tell in this light.He wore a dark leather jacket and normal dark jeans.His eyes were a beautiful light shade of blue.You always found eyes were a pretty mesmerizing thing,but given the fact that his dude was someone you had never seen before,you stopped staring.You turned away again and looked at the raindrops on the glass.

For a while the only sound was the pitter-patter of the rain,and one or two cars,until..:
“ Do you know what time it is?”
You moved your head to look at him,while reaching for your phone,only to realize that the battery was dead.
With a frown you shook your head.
“Sorry,my phone is dead,I don´t know…”
You could hear him hum and nod his head before he looked back at the street in front of you.

From your feeling you would say 10,maybe 15 minutes have passed since you came here,but if you were honest-Your feeling for time sucked.
The street was glistening from the water and the streetlights were mirrored on it.It looked pretty,but you were still uncomfortable.The water from your hair was dripping down your neck and slowly making its way down your back too.You shivered at the feeling of another waterdrop on your back.From the corner of your eye you could see how your bus stop buddy was running a hand through his hair,trying to get it out of his face.Not even a few seconds later you could see how some strands of hair fell in his face again and it took much of your will power to not start snickering,so you just grinned a bit to yourself as he groaned and obviously gave up.

“What do you think,how long will it rain?”
Your voice was quieter than earlier,and you looked back at him.
His eyebrows furrowed and he bit his lip.
´Lord give me strength.Holy-´
“I don’t know,let´s just hope the bus is going to arrive on time…”
“Yes,true.And if you don´t mind me asking,are you from around here?I have never seen you.”
He turned to look at the street and opened his mouth,only to close it again.
“I..I am just traveling,I think…”
His voice was quiet,nearly unsure,but you ignored it.Instead you smiled slightly.
“Traveling?Here?There a way better places to see than this little hole.”
“Still trying to find the best place…"You looked at him and you could swear you saw a smile that vanished as soon as it appeared."What about you?”
“Oh yes,I am.I live 30 minutes from here,if you walk.I grew up here,don’t think I will leave anytime soon.Too much to do.”

And that was pretty much the end of your conversation for now.
He nodded once and turned away again,looking at nothing really…                 Everytime you looked at him,he seemed to be deep in thought.So you decided to leave him be.

You both sat there in a comfortable silence,the rain still falling around you.
After a few minutes you remembered your little snack.
Why not,you were hungry anyways.
With a determined nod you opened the bag and ripped a piece of the pastry.Yep.This was definitely worth missing the bus.
You turned back to your right,and held out your hand to him with a:
As he heard your short hum,he looked at you and then down at your hand,which held the open paper bag.
“You can take a bit if you want~”
He looked at you again,furrowed his brows and with a sigh he grabbed into the little bag.
You kept your eyes on him,wanting to see his reaction.It was like watching a little kid,how his eyes moved around from one point to another while he was chewing,but when he gave a short nod,you were happy.
He liked it.
So for the next minutes you two just reached for the bag that was now laying on the seat between you.
“Do you have a job?"You asked,while grabbing another piece,ignoring the sticky sugar on it.
´He is probably something really important or secret,he seems so mysterious.´ You thought.´Maybe a spy.Agent 007.´
You turned you head to him,as he did the same.
"Nothing important.”
His answer was short and direct,but you being you….
“Hey~You can tell me!Or are you some secret government agent?A spy?"You chewed the little piece of pastry before adding:
"Or an assassin?”
After these words left your mouth,he flinched and the movement of his hand stopped.You didn´t notice,but he got tense.

The childish grin left your face when he turned his head away and looked at the street again.
“I said it isn´t important.”
His voice wasn´t as light as it was earlier,or as soft.No.

Now it had a weird undertone you couldn´t place.
Chewing the inside of your cheek now,you looked at the ground in front of you.
You fucked up.
In the distance you could hear a car,and soon it drove past you.You heard a dog bark and someone laughing.
The air was tense around you now,and you tried your best to concentrate on anything that wasnt the mysterious stranger sitting next to you.
After many minutes you hoped he was a bit calmer again and nudged him with your elbow.
Again,he flinched,and this time you saw it.
´Did I hurt him?What if he has a bruise or something?A broken rip?Oh god I need to apolog-´
Your thoughts were interrupted as you heard him say:
Your mouth fell open a bit,as you wondered what he meant.
“What do you mean?”
“You didn’t hurt me"He said,his voice quiet and he still was looking straight ahead.
You ran a hand through your hair and let out a deep breath.
Every so often you glanced at him,hoping he would say something again.
With a sigh you tried your best to find a comfortable sitting position,because your butt began to hurt.
Shifting around a bit,before you again hit him with your elbow.Mentally you kicked yourself in the ass,twice.
But this time you didn´t hit his rips,but his arm,and he flinched again.
Your mind was running wild with ways to apologize.You felt so bad for doing that,twice.
“It is ok.”
So much for apologizing.
You had a grumpy Bus stop buddy,your butt hurt and the rain still hasn´t stopped.
You stood up as you had enough and took off your jacket.You laid it on the seat and folded it a bit and sat down again.
He looked at you:

“I used to be in the military.”
“Really?You know,you didn´t have to tell me,but thank you.And sorry again….”
“No…It..It is ok.."He shook his head,his messy and still slight wet hair framing his face.
You smiled slightly,glad that he wasn´t mad.And to your surprise,he returned your smile.
The comfortable silence got interrupted again,as you groaned and leaned your head against the glass behind you.
"Where is that damn bus!”
You thought your ears were tricking you,but you could swear you heard him chuckle.
Out of the corner of your eye you could see him grabbing another piece of the little baked good,and that was when you realized that he was wearing gloves.
´Why doesn´t he take them off now? At least while he is eating?…Maybe he just has cold hands.Or no hands!…The hell are you thinking,stop adding stuff to your little spy theory,[y/n].And why would he wear gloves,how would that even work.´

At this point you were sure that there was something in the pastry that made you very creative.God,hopefully not drugs.

You both looked up as you heard laughter and two voices talking happily.
Two women walked to the bus stop,umbrellas in their hands.They chatted while they stood underneath the little roof and closed their umbrellas.You shrugged to yourself and looked back to the other side.
It took you maybe 10 minutes until the laughter of one of the women annoyed you.You normaly weren´t one to judge,but god.
Seemingly sensing your frustration,the person to your right grinned at your twitching eyebrow.You raised one eyebrow and grinned at him.Asshole.
You reached for the last piece of your amazing snack,ripped it in half,and gave one piece to your new friend.
“Thanks"He murmured,and you only nodded before taking the paper bag and crumbling it into a little ball.
It took everything in your soul,to not throw it at him.So you just put it in your pocket.The boring way.
"I think I will walk.The Bus is still not here,and I am still hungry.”
He turned to you as he heard your words.
“Yea,I don’t care about the rain.”
“I´ll come along."He began"If it is ok?”
“I don´t mind,no,would be nice to have someone to talk to while I walk.But dont you have to go somewhere?”
You furrowed your brows a bit.And he shrugged.
“I will walk with you until the next bus stop.”
You stood up and grabbed your jacket,and he slowly stood up too.He stretched his back a bit and groaned softly.
You started to walk away as you heard:
“Wait you two!”

You turned around looked at the woman with raised eyebrows.
“We have two umbrellas,we can give you one,if you want! You could share it,so you could stay dry!"She offered,her voice kind and a smile on her face.

You looked to your right,to see him shrug.
Share an umbrella with him,or walking in the rain.
The choice wasn´t that hard,but was he comfortable with that?I mean,you two probably sat there for two hours talking and sharing food,but-
"Yes,we would like the umbrella,if it is ok with the two of you.”
With your mouth open you turned around to face him,You were shocked,seems like you didn´t need to decide alone.
The women giggled and held out her umbrella,and you tried your best to hold in your laughter as you saw the color.
“This one is the bigger one,you two should fit under it without any problems!”
You would move mountains just to see him hold a pink umbrella.
He grabbed it and sighed.
“Thanks so much!” You said as you waved to them.
The umbrella opened up with a quiet sound and the two of you started walking.
As you got a bit away from the bus stop,you started laughing.
“Funny,huh?Why don´t you hold it!”
He sounded angry at first,but you could clearly hear the amusement in his voice.
He huffed and kept walking,saying:
“I could just hold it different and you would get drenched.
"Dont."You warned jokingly.
Now it was his turn to grin at you.He was taller than you and would be able to leave you standing,or walking,in the rain without a problem.A short silence was ended with your voice:
"You know,we talked for hours and I don´t even know your name..”
You weren’t really sure if this was a statement or a question.
He looked at you before pursing his lips and staring at the ground for a few seconds.
“Bucky….My name is Bucky…”
His voice was quiet,barely above a whisper.If there was a car driving past you,you wouldn´t have heard it.
You smiled a bit and answered:
“Well,Bucky.Nice too meet you.I am [y/n]”

At this point,you made another mental note to thank that old lady for talking to you a bit to long,so you could miss that stupid bus.

Bucky smiled at your words and looked forward again.The thing you didn´t know was that Bucky thought you had this calming aura around you.He felt comfortable.At first he honestly didn’t know why he even had a conversation with you longer than a “Hello”,“Bye” and a few nods.But here you were.Walking through the streets,sharing a pink umbrella.

Bucky hoped he wouldn´t regret his decision to talk to you…

And~That´s it for now :D Thank you so much for reading! 

Please please tell me if you want me to make another part for this !



Natalia bites her lip and tries to ignore the painful glares exchanged between the two men. 

Fuck, she knew that Steve couldn’t move on. A two year relationship down the drain for someone that might still be unstable, and even if James couldn’t remember the entirety of their relationship, she still loved him more than anyone else. 

Did she say something? The agent was too busy chewing at her lip and trying to fill the time by picking at her nails until she simply couldn’t stand it anymore. 

“…I’m thinking pizza for dinner…”

I’ve been thinking a lot about Luke’s/Anakin’s lightsaber, how exactly it ended up in the hands of Maz Kanata, and the meaning behind the visions Rey has upon touching the lightsaber for the first time. The last time we saw the lightsaber itself, it went tumbling into the depths of Cloud City after Darth Vader cut off Luke’s hand in Empire Strikes Back. What’s interesting about Cloud City is how the official script mentions Rey’s force vision (implemented only after touching said lightsaber) first opens in “a hallway in Cloud City,” thus speaking to the last known ends of the lightsaber.

Kylo Ren (a.k.a. Ben Solo) recognizes the lightsaber when Finn pulls it out in the last act of Episode VII and even goes as far as to say, “That lightsaber belongs to me.” Some might disregard this as something simple (as the next in line as far as Skywalker blood goes, Kylo Ren would inherit the saber, so he’s claiming his “birthright”), but what if there’s more to it than a simple matter of familial possession? What if Kylo Ren was the last one to possess that lightsaber before succumbing to the dark side?

Since the lightsaber shows Rey a force vision that opens in Cloud City (followed by sounds that sound almost like Darth Vader’s breathing), one might reason that Darth Vader somehow recovered the lightsaber after the stand-off with his son. After Vader’s death, Luke claimed his father’s possessions and found the old lightsaber among them. This could go one of two ways: Luke might lock the lightsaber away, never to use it again, or perhaps he kept it on his person as a reminder of his father. At any rate, one can imagine that Luke eventually gave the lightsaber to his nephew Ben. It could stand to reason that the force vision Rey received was in fact a record of some of the lightsaber’s past and even future (if we’re to analyze the snippet of Kylo Ren in the snow – perhaps a foreshadowing of the lightsaber battle between Ren and Rey).

Ben Solo’s descent to the dark side is an origin story shrouded in mystery. We only know what the movie allows us to be privy to – Rey’s force vision of Ben surrounded by the Knights of Ren, Leia’s implications that Snoke targeted Ben from a young age – but one thing is interesting: the lightsaber shows us things that relate to Ben Solo/Kylo Ren far more than Luke or Vader, hinting that he might have been the last possessor of the saber.

(Further, one must wonder a little why would Kylo Ren want a lightsaber that was possessed longer by Luke and Obi-wan Kenobi than Anakin Skywalker, especially if Kylo Ren has fully divorced himself from the light with the murder of his father. Granted, Anakin made the lightsaber himself and even used it to commit nefarious acts, such as killing Jedi children, before he was bested by Obi-Wan Kenobi, so that could stand to be reason for Kylo to want it for it simply being a part of his grandfather’s “legacy.” But it’s still a blue lightsaber – far more associated with light than dark, with Jedi than Sith. Something for the Kylo-Ren-as-a-double-agent theorists to chew on, I’m sure.)

Maz Kanata said the story of how she ended up with Luke’s lightsaber was one for another time – but one can just imagine a frenzied Ben Solo, still caught up in his newfound dealings with the dark side, going to one of his father’s old friends and telling her that she must hold onto this lightsaber for him, at least until his next “mission” is complete…

But he never comes back.

However, there is the hope that Maz Kanata’s words to Rey – “there is still one who could come back” – are more prophecy than fallacy. Rey thought it was a simple matter of finding Luke Skywalker and bringing him back…but maybe the answer was much more convoluted than that – a battle between shadow and light, a descent into the war between Sith and Jedi, a matter of trying to reclaim a lost man who still tries to resist the light within him.

Ben Solo isn’t dead no matter how much he wants to convince everyone he’s been destroyed, the ashes collected in the scraps of a Darth Vader mimicry known as Kylo Ren. He wouldn’t have reached out to that lightsaber then, wouldn’t have called to it with all his will, only to see it fly past him, into the hand of another.

(I’ll also end this by saying that, before the map to Luke was the thing to be found, the lightsaber was supposed to be the thing searched for and fought over in the film. Even though that idea was scrapped in lieu of the map to Luke, the lightsaber is still a key in the movie. It’s not something to gloss over, at any rate, is what I’m trying to say.)