I was wondering if Steve ever asked Peggy to watch her language. 

Maybe Steve and Peggy are working in the office, trying to perfect their plan to attack the next hydra base and what not. It’s been a long day and an even longer night, Peggy is tired and when she gets up, she accidentally spills coffee on her file and being the British woman she is she lets out a “bloody hell” to which Steve instinctively answers with “Language”. Now, Steve is tall and muscular and strong and physically fits the macho description of a man. Except he’s still very intimidated by Peggy who is technically still his superior. And he starts mumbling some excuse and he’s blushing and Peggy just apologizes and tells him she’ll be more careful. 

And now, Peggy is still careful about swearing. Sometimes, she’ll catch herself cussing and she’ll whisper “language” under he breath. 

Bonus: Steve’s automatic response to swear words is “language” because of Bucky. Bucky used swearing excessively when they were kids and always got in trouble at school and Steve telling him to watch his language was his way of protecting him.

Peggy Carter, decade by decade

Heyy, everybody. As always, apologies that this blog hasn’t been as active as usual lately, but I’ve got a proposition for you. Over the next few months, I’m planning to focus each month on a different decade beyond what we’ve already seen of Peggy’s story. So in other words, I’m starting with the 1950s (May, being the 5th month, seemed to be a fitting place to start) and running through the 1980s (the likely end of Peggy’s tenure with SHIELD). There will be some general content on the historical/cultural/social/political zeitgeist of each decade, but also stuff more focused on Peggy’s experience (i.e. women’s history, espionage/intelligence, the Cold War, etc.).

Because my time is super limited right now, I’m not very available to write a lot of original meta on Peggy and the era. HOWEVER, during the month of May, I’d love to see any meta, headcanons, fanworks (or recommendations), or whatever you might want to produce on Peggy in the 1950s. Feel free to tag me in any posts to help me find them, or send stuff to me as a submission.

And that’s it! Here we go!

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We look forward to having you!

What the signs really need part 2:

Aries: Agent Carter renewed
Taurus: Agent Carter renewed
Gemini: Agent Carter renewed
Cancer: Agent Carter renewed
Leo: Agent Carter renewed
Virgo: Agent Carter renewed
Libra: Agent Carter renewed
Scorpio: Agent Carter renewed
Sagittarius: Agent Carter renewed
Capricorn: Agent Carter renewed
Aquarius : Agent Carter renewed
Pisces: Agent Carter renewed