Sorry I don’t treat you like a goddess, is that what you want me to do?
Sorry I don’t treat you like you’re perfect, like all your loyal little subjects do.
I’m sorry I’m not made of sugar, am I not sweet enough for you?

Me? Listening to a song on repeat and then drawing to it? It’s more likely than you think.

Reblogs okay | Don’t repost | Don’t trace

  • York: Bad news - Wash locked the keys inside the building.
  • York: Good news - we didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.
  • York: Bad news - North finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress cute girl.
  • York: Good news - a cute girl saw me do it.
  • York: Bad news - it was Carolina, and since she’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too damn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, she’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. She knows.

stellaisgay  asked:

caboose hugging carolina? 💯💯

Caboose learns about Carolina’s space bubble in a very exciting manner.

She apologizes later (it really was on reflex) but makes sure caboose knows to not sneak up on her AND ask.

this probably happens at least a few more times before he gets a hang of that system tho haha

and then carolina goes around the entire island determined to be the BEST at hugs and its awkward for EVERYONE