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In Time: Dean x Reader Soulmate AU

In Time: Dean x Reader Soulmate AU
Rating: T
Warnings: Talk of Suicide. 
Word Count: 1640

AN:  So I had this rolling around in my head when I was looking soulmate AU prompts.  I hope you like it.  If you would please leave feedback, I would greatly appreciate it!   For @imgoldielikehawn, cause she’s awesome and so supportive!  Thanks girl!  Let me know if you want to be tagged! Also thank you so much for 400 hundred followers! Ekkkkk. I’m so excited.

“No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.” - Diana Peterfreund

“Ahh. Come on Mom!  It’s obvious that they aren’t real feds!”  You cried as you looked down on your mom and two strange men.  One was a tall brunette and the other was a dirty blonde with a cock in his walk.  It made you question your mother’s sanity as she sat clutching as kleenex to her nose.  She was talking to them about the night that you had passed away six months ago.  

For the first few months of your limbo, you had been in complete shock.  You had died young.  You had just celebrated your twenty-fifth birthday a few weeks before your death. The police had told your mother that you had shot yourself, but she never believed them.  You also didn’t think that it had sounded right.  Why would you have done something like that?  You had always been happy.  Your life was simple and happy.

You pressed your lips together as you listened more intently to the conversation from your perch on top of the stair well.  Your mother handed the dirty blonde man a picture as she spoke about told them more about you.

“She was happy.  Always happy.  She had dreams.  She wanted to be an author…  She wanted to get married and have a family…” She said before stopping in the middle of her thoughts.

You swallowed back tears as she started to cry softly.  Lifting  yourself up from the top of the stairs, you patted your way to stand behind her.  Reaching out, you desperately tried to touch her shoulder.  Your hand passed right through her and you frowned.   You just wanted her to be happy.  

“Come on mom.  Please don’t cry….”  You muttered as you allowed your hand to hover over her head.  “I’m okay.  I promise.”  

Though that promised was most likely empty.  The only thing you could think to call yourself was stuck.  Stuck in a world were you no longer belonged.  The sudden movement from across the table caught your eye.  The man your mother had given the picture to was swatting his partner in the arm.  He was also looking straight at you.  Turning to look over your shoulder, you found nothing but the empty kitchen. You turned back slowly towards him.  That’s when he locked eyes with you, and you flinched backwards when he did.  

He could see you?

You watched as his partner finally looked up.  He looked right passed you and into the adjoining room.  You blinked rapidly as the blonde man jabbed his finger in your direction.  The brunette gave him a bewildered look and turned his attention back to your mother.  

“We really are sorry for your loss ma’ma.  She was a beautiful young lady.”  The brunette said as he reached out and patted your mother’s hand.  You smiled at the exchanged and couldn’t help but feel he was a nice guy.  The blonde man still hadn’t stopped looking at you.  You turned your attention to him and wondered why he could see you.  No one else seemed to have the ability.  You motioned for him to meet you upstairs.  You wanted to talk to him.   

He looked confused for a second, but caught on when you mouthed ‘upstairs’.  You then turned and bounded up to your old room.

“Ma’am, would it be alright if I checked out her bedroom?  That is where you found her correct?”  He asked your mother gently.  Your mother’s eyes rose to his and she nodded.

“Yes, of course Agent Brooks.  It’s the third door on the left upstairs.”  She sniffed in response.  

“Thank you ma’am.”  He answered as he left the room.    


You sat on your childhood bed and nervously chewed on your lip.  You had been visiting the weekend that your mother had found you.  A bullet in your skull and an empty world for her.  You had been standing in the room watching in panicked horror as she clutched your lifelessness.  You had wonder why there had been no bright light or even hellfire.  Instead, you had been left in a cold emptiness.  As the time had passed, you had become used to not feeling.  As before, in life, you had been full of spirit and dreams.  The manuscript for your first novel had been purchased. You had a little apartment in the city and a lot of great friends.  

Your death didn’t make since, but this man might be a glimmer of hope.  There was a knock at the door and you couldn’t help but feel it was a little silly.  You were a ghost not a teenaged girl.

“Come in?” You said as a question.  A bit of biting sarcasm in your tone.  You watched as the door opened and the blonde man entered.  Your eyes widen at the sudden realization of just how good looking he was. You subconsciously ran your fingers through your hair and almost laughed at yourself when you realized what you were doing.

“Y/N?”  He asked when he stood in front of you.  You noticed he was squinting in the darkness of the room.  You nodded before pointing to the desk lamp beside him.

“Sorry.  I can’t seem to touch solid objects.” You offered as an explanation for the darkness.  The man nodded as he reached over and clicked on the light.   You swallowed when a strange pooling feeling in your stomach fluttered through you when you meet his eyes.  You watched as something flickered through him as well.  You took in a deep breath before asking him the question that was burning in the back of your mind.

“Why can you see me?  No else seems to be able to…”  You asked as you pressed your lips together.   The man looked you for a moment before answering.

“To be honest, I am not sure.  Most ghosts I come across are trying to kill someone… Not trying to get them into their bedrooms for a private chat. “  He said with a cocky chuckle.   You squinted at him in confusion.  Was he flirting with you?  

“Are you flirting with a dead girl?” You asked with a cocked eyebrow.  He gave you a look of ‘I guess so’ and a shrug of his shoulders.  This certainly wasn’t the stranger notion about is love life.   Little did you know- he was currently fighting with a much bigger demon.  One that wanted to make him a part of her.

You made a face at him before shaking your head.  This guy was definitely not FBI.

“Who are you?  Cause you’re not an FBI agent.”  You questioned as you smoothed your hair down.  A nervous habit that you had since childhood.   He smiled at your sharp observation.

“Name’s Dean Winchester.  I’m a hunter…”

“Like for big game?”  You ask with a slight laugh.  Dean extended you a look and you gave him a squinty smile back.  “Sorry… Go ahead.”

“Not that kind of a hunter.  I hunt things like well… you…” .

You glowered at him for a moment- you weren’t anything that needed to be hunted.  

You heard him clear his throat as his eyes glanced around from his own awkwardness.

“That didn’t come out right.  What I meant to say is that I hunt supernatural things: werewolves, ghosts, demons, vampires…  All the crap in the movies including some stuff that I wouldn’t want your pretty face to have to believe.”   He said with a undertone of somberness.

You flinched a bit when he called you pretty, but didn’t press it.  What would it do anyway?  You were dead.  Yet, you still didn’t know why he was here…  Unless this was about you, but you had never tried to hurt anyone.

“Are you guys here to like hunt me?  Or something?…”  You asked with confusion in your tone.  

Dean stared at you for a long while.  He had never expected to find you here.  At least not like this.  Most ghosts that had unfinished business turned into revengeful spirits.   There was a lightness about you that made his heart squeeze in his chest. He didn’t understand the feeling, but looking at you like this was making the thought of your death devastatingly personal.

“No, sweetheart.  We are here to figure out what really happen to you.”  He said in a low rumbly voice.   Your eyes widen as you looked straight into his.

“I didn’t kill myself.”  You said with more confidence than you thought you could muster.  Your memories of that time came in waves, but you couldn’t remember anything about what had lead up to that moment.  Nothing added up.

Your eyes were suddenly brought to the door when the brown haired man appeared there.  You watched as he gave Dean an odd look when he spoke to you.

“I know.  There have been a string of cases that similar to your death.  Happy people suddenly….”  He started to say, but stopped in the middle of his statement when the brown haired man interrupted him.

“Dean, who are you talking to?”  

You watched in amusement as Dean jumped before turning around to glared at the other man.

“Don’t do that, Sam!”  He barked.   You giggled lightly when the man he called Sam chuckled.  Dean turned to look at you with a frown.  “And what’s so  funny?”

You shook your head innocently  and covered your giggle.  Sam by this time was staring at his brother like he belonged in an insane asylum.  He could only conclude that his brother had been spending too many late nights researching the darkness or he had finally gone off his rocker.  He walked over and clamped his hand down on his brother’s shoulder.

“Dude.  No one is there.  You really need to get more sleep.”  Sam stated with a worried expression.  Dean’s eyebrows furrowed together and he shot you a look.  Was he seeing things?  Dean frowned deeply at this thought, but shook his head.  There was something more than a few sleepless nights going on here.  He knew that it was you that he was seeing, but the question was…  Why only him?

PART 2 IS POSTED-  Read it here.

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//whispering let it get out of hand

(referencing this post)


SEE MICHAEL ISN’T ACTUALLY A SPY!! i like to think he was recruited as a handler after hacking into university files and erasing student loans. he became a bit of a name on the deep web, successfully stealing shitloads of money and distributing it cleverly over various charities, never getting caught. well. almost. 

director Jenna Rolan basically breaks into his shitty apartment flanked by two scary looking beautiful individuals (aka agents Jake and Brooke). apparently he’s been put on a hitlist for being a high profile goodie goodie, and she offers him protection on the condition that he start working for them. Michael, not in the mood to die and kinda in the mood to being an awesome Q, accepts.

so he gets accepted under the handler division of the organization led by Chloe, and he does incredible work alongside other fellow handler Rich and weapons expert/lead equipment engineer Christine. he does a fantastic job yelling in brooke and jake’s ears about what to do while simultaneously hacking into cctv cameras and encrypted connections to keep his agents alive. no, michael didnt expect that hed end up with this job, but he helps put the bad guys behind bars and he does his job WELL.

ENTER JEREMY HEERE. the only son of a wealthy but evil woman looking to sell state secrets/nuclear launch codes/[insert evil thing] to the highest bidder.  suspecting that jeremy might have important intel, they convene at a dinner/auction/[insert thing rich people go to in spy movies]. michael is in a van outside with at least eight screens while brooke and jake are decked out in fancy clothes, shmoozing their way through rich people, until finally, they find jeremy.

it’s a classic honeypot maneuver, simple and straight to the point. or so they thought, because Brooke goes in for the kill only to get stammers and apologies. prepared for this possibility, they send in Jake who michael would gladly sleep with if rich wouldnt kill him, but Jake is turned down.

(“Think he’s ace? Does he ping on your acedar?” Michael asks Christine as he frantically hacks into CCTV, keeping an eye on Jeremy while Brooke and Jake figure out another gameplan.

“Acedar?” Christine says, unimpressed. “He could be. But, do you want my honest, professional opinion?”

“Go for it, Chris,” Chloe says, also on the line. “If we lose him tonight, that’s another month of nothing. Any opinions at this point are essential.”

“He seems–nervous,” Christine says. On Michael’s screen, he sees Jeremy by an extravagant potted plant downing flutes of champagne like it’s nobody’s business. “You know how Brooke and Jake are beautiful but a little intimidating? Yeah. I think he’s nervous.”

“We need this intel now,” Jenna sighs. “Do we have any beautiful, non intimidating agents who can take one for the team?” 

“I have–” Rich says. “An Idea.”)

which ends with Michael in a suit (”Why do we have this?? Why is it perfectly my size??” “You’re the one who always says to have at least seventy backup plans, M.”) tailing after Jeremy at a party thats more expensive than all the money Michael has stolen over the course of his life.

i dont want to go too much into this because then thatd mean id have to just buck up and write a fic, but by the time michael gets to jeremy, the poor kid is hammered. and a crying a little bit. they end up sitting on the floor of this fancy fancy bathroom while jeremy maybe pours his soul out to michael about how this always happens. he Knew brooke and jake were spies because this always happens. it’s always beautiful people who want to sleep with him not because he’s anything, but because his mom is gonna destroy the world. and he’s totally up for thwarting his mom!!! but his self esteem is just shit tonight and he couldnt take it and oh god, michael, im a bad person. im a bad person and i dont matter, really, and nobody would care at all. nobody.

(“Hey,” Michael says. His heart is breaking because Jeremy seems like an great guy stuck in a horrible life. “I’ve only known you for three hours, not including where I pulled up your entire existence from everything you’ve ever done on the internet, but. But I think you’re a good person. I care.”

“No you don’t,” Jeremy sniffles, head pillowed against Michael’s shoulder as he takes a swig from a bottle of champagne, though his nose wrinkles when he remembers that Michael had emptied it and replaced it with water. “You just want the intel. Which, you know what,” he fishes something out of his pocket. A USB. “Here. Take it. It’s what you guys are looking for and more. I’ve been compiling a record of every transaction my mother has made in the past year. Put her away, for fuck’s sake.”

“Shit,” Michael says. Everybody in his earpiece also says it. “Jeremy. Thank you.”

“Whatever,” he grumbles. “Time for you to go now. Go and save the world. Bye, bye.”

“Fuck that, do you have a phone?”)

and thus begins the friendship between jeremy and michael. so much more happens after this, but if i think about THAT. this will get so out of hand im going to need eight hands.

Drunken Love.

Requested by Anon: “Would you be willing to write something about reader and Tequila where they drunkenly kissed once after a successful mission and now Tequila realises he accidentally developed feelings for reader and doesn’t know how to act around reader?”
Pairing: Tequila x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Mild drinking.
Word Count: 1464
A/N: This gif is clearly not Tequila, but it is Channing Tatum. And I’m pretty sure I’ve used all of the Tequila gifs currently in existence… on another note, this is one of my favourite things I’ve ever written.

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In Time: Dean x Reader Soulmate AU Part 2

In Time-Part 2   >>>>  READ PART 1 HERE!
Rating: T
Warnings: Talk of Suicide.
Word Count: 1800

AN:  So I had this rolling around in my head when I was looking soulmate AU prompts.  I hope you like it.  If you would please leave feedback, I would greatly appreciate it!   For @imgoldielikehawn, cause she’s awesome and so supportive!  Thanks girl!  Let me know if you want to be tagged! Also thank you so much for 455 hundred followers! Ekkkkk. I’m so excited. 

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“No matter where I went, I always knew my way back to you. You are my compass star.” - Diana Peterfreund

You hummed along to your mom’s favorite song, ‘Coat of Many Colors’, as the music flooded through the house.  It had been a few hours since Dean and Sam had left and you were feeling anxious.  Which was strange as you hadn’t really felt anything but a void since you had passed away.  You glanced at the clock on the living room wall and it read 10 p.m.  Glancing at your mother, who sat on the living room couch, you sighed in discontentment when you found her drinking.  

There was a flicker from the other side of the room and you turned to stare.  Standing there a tall dark figure- darker than the even the blackness of the lightless livingroom.  You swallowed hard when you felt an ominous feeling creep inside you.  The figured seemed to spread out towards your mother like a long shadow on a sunny day.  It’s long arms finally reaching to her feet- your eyes widen in horror as it started to grab her.

“Mom! LOOK OUT!” You cried as you moved towards her.  The figure seemed to jerk away at your voice.  Your mother too seemed to hear your cry as her head turns toward you.  Your eyebrows furrowed together as she stared at the empty space behind you.

“Y/N?”  She questioned softly as her eyes never left that spot.  You were about to call out to her again, but the memory of the presences sent you reeling.  Your eyes scanned the room and found nothing- you sighed in relief.   Turning your attention back to your mother, you noticed that she had gotten up from the couch and was now standing where you had been earlier.  You quietly walked over to her and reached out your hand.  You gasped when your hand landed on her shoulder instead of passing through.  Your mother whipped around as she clutched her hand to her chest.  

“Mom…” You whispered expectantly, but only got silence in reply.  You move quickly out of the way as she headed towards the other side of the room to switch on a light.  You noticed that she was shaking and rubbing her arms.  She plucked a business card out of her pocket and reached for her cell phone.  Your ears perked up when the familiar sound of Dean’s voice  rang from the phone and spread through your being like warm honey.  

“Agent Brooks…  I know you told me to call you if anything strange happened and well…  Well I could haven sworn I heard my daughter calling out to me…  Then I felt someone touch my shoulder and room got very cold. I think something is here with me….   Ten minutes? Ok. Yes, that’s fine.  That’s fine.  Alright.  Thank you.”   She said before hanging up.  You felt an odd sensation go through you and you turned again to the corner where the figure had been.  Though you found nothing there, you couldn’t help but feel like something was watching you.  

Shaking away that feeling, you turned to follow your mother into the kitchen where she was busying herself making tea.  A short time later, there was a knocking at the door and felt an oddly warm sensation radiate throughout you.  You reached up to smooth your hands over your hair as the door opened to relieve Dean.  His eyes were automatically searching for you and he looked please when they found you standing behind your mother.  At that point, your mother had caught onto what he was doing and looked behind her.

“She’s here isn’t she?  My daughter?  You can see my daughter?”  Your mother asked as she looked around the room in a vain attempt to see you.  Dean turned his gaze towards her and away from you.  

“Ah, yes…  I can see her and she is here.  In fact, she’s right in front of you.”  He said gently.  Your mother’s hand went out to grip the air and your hand came up to meet yours.  Her eyes widen in surprise when she felt your fingers ghost over her own.  

“Y/N… Sweetie?”  She muttered as tears brimmed in her eyes.  You smiled before looking to Dean.  

“Dean…  Can you help me talk to her?  I need her to know that I would never leave her like that.”  You whispered as you gripped your mother’s had.  

“Yeah…”  Dean stated as a grim look came over his features.  Your eyebrows furrowed together at his expression.  

“Are you ok?”  You asked him as you peered around at him.  He cleared his throat and nodded before telling your mother that you wanted to talk to her.

The three of you sat in the living room as you desperately attempted to touch her hand again, but couldn’t seem to make it work.  You groaned in frustration as you gestured to Dean and he gave you a shrug of the shoulders.  You sighed in defeat before turning your attention back to your mother.

“Agent Brooks… If I can still call you that…  How are you able to see my daughter?”  Your mother sighed as she reached for her beer.  She had offered Dean one and you had been amused when he had struggled to stay in FBI character mode.  You just had a feeling that he was a beer kind of guy.  

“To be honest ma’am, I’m not quite sure why I’m the only one that can see her.  Most ghosts can appear to anyone, but your daughter seems to be only visible to me.”  

“Most ghosts?”  Your mother asked with an inflection in her voice at the word ghosts.  You suddenly burst into a fit of giggles when you remember you mother’s intense fear of anything horror.  She was learning that those things were real and you knew that she’d be sleeping with all the lights on tonight.   Dean’s eyes landed on you and he smiled.

“You’re daughter has a beautiful laugh.”  He said with a chuckle.  

There he went again, flirting with the dead girl.  You rolled your eyes hard at him and shook your head.  This Winchester guy was a real piece of work….  Even if you had to admit you liked him flirting with you.

“Stuff it, Winchester!  We’re here for you talk to my mother for me.  Not for you to get your jollies from a dead chick!”  You barked at him- he only seemed to smile more when you said that.

“Well, I can’t help it when you look so beautiful when you laugh.”  He said with a suddenly cocky grin.  You groaned and pinched the bridge of your nose.  This man would have been the death of you if you weren’t already dead.   You looked over to your mother when she let out a hearty laugh.

“Agent Brooks, are you flirting with the ghost of my daughter?”  She asked between her rounds of laughter.   Dean looked at her sheepishly before answering.

“She was a beautiful girl….  There’s just something about her.  I feel like I’ve met her before.”  He sighed and your eyes widen.  The warm feeling you got from Dean made more sense now.  It was like you had met each other before this.  You shook your head as you didn’t want to bother with those thoughts again.  You were dead and that couldn’t be changed.  A connection with Dean didn’t mean you would marry him.  The only thing that needed to matter was that your mother knew that you didn’t commit suicide.

“Dean…  Please tell my mom that I love her and I would never leave her like that….  At least, not on perhaps…”   Dean nodded to you as the air seemed to become somber.  You bit your lip to keep the tears from flowing freely.

“She wants you to know that she loves you and that she didn’t kill herself.”  Dean said softly as he turned his eyes to your mother.  You watched as your mother’s face crumpled at the news.  Tears slipped down her cheeks as she buried her face in her hands.  You moved your hand out and ghosted it over her hair.  You smiled when it made contact there.  Your mother’s head jerked up at the feeling and gave Dean a questioning look.

“Is that her?  Is she beside me?”  

“Yes.  She’s there beside you. On your right.”  He answered quietly.   She turned in that directions and reached out her hand again.  You quickly took her hand in your own.

“Oh my sweet, girl.  I knew that you would never leave me like that.  You were always my happy, loving, adventurous baby.  And how I miss you.”  She said with a soft smile.  You gave her hand a squeeze for reassurance before returning back to Dean.

You and your mother spent the next few hours reminiscing through Dean.  He had enjoyed learning more about you: from your love of baking, or the time you broke your arm in second grade, and down to the story of your first beer.  There had been some sort of biting jealousy when you had talked about an old boyfriend that had broken your heart.  He couldn’t help but feel that if he had only met you before then there might have been something between you both.  

Your mother gasped when she noticed that it was nearly one in the morning.  She smiled at Dean sincerely before standing up from the couch.

“Agent Brooks, I have taken up enough of your time…”

Dean shook his head before she could finish.  “All part of the job.  Plus your daughter really is the prettiest ghost I have ever met.”  He said with a chuckle.  Your mother laughed and walked over to pat his shoulder.

“It’s too bad that you never got to met, Y/N while she was alive.  I think you two would have really hit it off.  You’re a good guy and that’s what my daughter needed after that snake in the grass Vincent.”  She sighed before gesturing for Dean to follow her.  You watched with interest as she went to the table in the hall and pulled out something.  You moved so that you were peering around Dean to see.  It was the manuscript for your first novel.

“Here.  I want you to have this.  It’s the manuscript for her novel.  She had a real talent.”  

Dean hesitated before letting his fingers grip the thick stack of papers.  He looked at your mother straight in the eyes as if to ask if she was sure.

“Take it.  I feel like she would want you to have it.”  She said as she patted his hand.  Dean nodded before turning to you.  

“Should I?”  He said to asked permission from you.  You swallowed the lump in your throat before nodding.  There was suddenly an odd aching feeling in your core.  An aching to share the most intimate parts of yourself with him.  Those parts that were painfully and beautifully reflected in that book.  The aching flared out and into your being as you realized you would never be able to share yourself any other way with him.  The sudden rush of emotions made you burst forward and enveloped him in a hug.  You buried your face in his chest as the ache sent a harrowing reality through you.  You’d never see him again once he was finished with this case.   

The Old and The New: Just Getting Started

A/N: Well, I had quite the nice response to The Old and The New, so it will become a little mini-fic. Enjoy! @gublersmind @coveofmemories @heavenlycevans


“Alright, so let’s get to know each other,” Y/N said as the five candidates sat down on the jet. Agent Prentiss had said wheels up in 30, but all of them wanted to make sure they were there on time, so immediately after being dismissed, they headed toward the jet, go-bags in hand. “My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N. I started college at 14, went to MIT and Harvard, Harvard was remotely. I have two Ph.D.s. I can kick your ass in Taekwondo and I’m 22.” 

Jack laughed as he sat across from the cute new agent. Maybe he would be lucky enough and he and Y/N would both make the team. God, she was cute. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’d grown up with Spencer for an uncle, he would’ve been put off by her rambling about her degrees, but he was used to it, so he kind of found it endearing. She was definitely the most animated of the bunch. “You! Jack, is it?”

“Yea,” he said, leaning back in his chair. This felt so right. “My name is Jack Brooks. I have a dual Ph.D./JD from Yale. I have no martial arts skills whatsoever, but I am a fantastic shot, and I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing.” At the mention of his last name, Y/N raised an eyebrow. She couldn’t know, could she?

While the five very new, very green agents waited for their superiors, the rest of them introduced themselves. Tiana was the oldest of the group at 30. She was a single mother of one son and had taken until now to put herself through school. Her goals were to either work for the BAU or for counter-terrorism; she was interested in both. She was also the other candidate with a Ph.D., a dual one in mathematics and criminology from Duke. Dashawn had a master’s degree in chemical engineering and applied to this position on the fly; he wanted the experience. And David, with his master’s degree in computer science specializing in cybersecurity, was without a doubt the most quiet of the five, extremely put off by Y/N’s out there nature.

“Well, it’s very nice to meet everyone,” Y/N said as David turned himself away from her. “I look forward to working with all of you.”

“Me also,” Jack said, extending his hand across the seat toward her. When he took her hand, he felt a little spark of something. Reminded him a little of how he felt the first time he asked out his high school girlfriend, Shaina.

Just as Jack let go of her hand and shook hands with the rest of the possible candidates, his aunts, uncle and partner for this case, Luke, finally came on board. They were actually on time, it was just the the new recruits were insanely early. “Alright everyone,” Emily said as she alerted the pilot that everyone was on board, “We are off to Cedar Rapids. Let’s go over victimology.” The new recruits needed to learn; that’s what they were here for after all. So instead of taking the lead, the senior team members would basically be sitting back and letting the newbies run the show, assisting them if they drifted off track. Tiana was the first one to start things off. 

“I’ll start I guess,” she said, rifling through the files. “John Cogswell, 45, and Anthony Heskett, 47, were the two officers found floating in Lake Red Rock, but they worked for the Cedar Rapids PD. So my first question would be why were they dumped two hours away from where they worked and lived?”

Jack was about to speak up when Y/N took the words out of his mouth. He was going to have to watch out for her. “It could be as simple as the fact that Lake Red Rock is one of the biggest bodies of water in the state at more than 15,000 acres.”

“15,520 actually,” came a voice from across the jet. Of course it was Dr. Reid. 

Y/N smiled at her cooperating agent. “We’re going to have a lot of fun aren’t we Dr. Reid?” Emily smacked Reid in the back of the head while the kids got back to victimology. “Anyway, it could be because of the size of the lake. The lake could have special meaning to the unsub. Or…”

“Or if the unsub has intimate knowledge of law enforcement, he might have dumped them in another county to try and bring the case to another jurisdiction,” Jack said before Y/N could get the words out. “Cedar Rapids had to overstep their bounds because the victims were members of their department, but it should actually belong to the Marion County PD, right?” A little nod from Luke told him he was right. Y/N just smirked at him. Hey, there were only two positions and he could tell she liked to talk, so he needed to make his presence known. 

While the two playfully glared at each other, Agent Holden spoke up for the first time since he’d been forced by Y/N to introduce himself. “The next question is why these two officers. What did Cogswell and Heskett do or know that brought on the wrath of the unsub? Based on the message that we heard, it’s likely that the two had intimate knowledge of one of the area’s politician’s dark past. Whoever it was needed to get rid of any evidence of this dark past, and Cogswell and Heskett were evidence.”

“Exactly,” Dashawn said. The five of them seemed to be working together very well. Jack wondered how long that would last. “Given that they were weighed down, our unsub desperately didn’t want any evidence coming back to haunt him. He’s definitely personally connected, otherwise there would have been no reason to weigh them down, he could’ve just dumped them.”

“What about the message that was left at the police department?” JJ said. “What can you learn from the way he spoke? What he said?” Her best friend was at her side twitching. She could see how much it was killing him to not answer those questions himself, but he was keeping control of his motor mouth. 

Y/N was the one with the degree in English, so it made sense that she immediately jumped on that question. “The colloquial usage of “covering their asses” makes me believe that the person who made the call doesn’t know the unsub personally, but does have personal knowledge of what the unsub’s past is. He also sounds very positive of who it is. There was no shakiness in his voice that one might connect with being unsure of his assertions.”

As Jack went over the message in his mind, something dawned on him - it meant more bodies. “He said, ‘if someone doesn’t catch him soon, he’s going to buy and kill his way to the top,’ which means…there is likely at least one other person that our unsub intends to go after. The use of ‘going to’ indicates that he still has work to do.”

“Evidence to dispose of,” Tiana muttered as she took a deep breath.

Agent Holden would be doing most of his work with Garcia once they arrived. “When we get there, someone should probably compile a list of the richest politicians in the area,” he said, turning around toward his cooperating agent. She nodded in his direction. 

“You and I will start that once we land, my sweet.”

“We might not want to just limit it to straight-up politicians, but rich people in the area that have aspirations to join the political arena. He doesn’t necessarily have to be established in the field already,” Jack said. When he looked toward Y/N, he could see she and Tiana raise their eyebrows. He’d thought of something they hadn’t. Apparently, he’d also made an impression on the senior team members, as they were sporting similar expressions. 

Y/N got from her seat to stretch her legs, nearly smacking Holden in the face when she did so. “Given the sophistication of the crime so far, as well as the age of the victims, it’s likely our unsub is within 10 years of the victims, so between 35 and 55. What if we look back between 10-20 years for cases that involved our two officers, whether as victims or officers. It’s more than possible that they covered up something when they first joined the force that’s coming back to haunt them now.”

“Good idea,” Luke said. “If we do end up with another victim, we could add him or her to that list. See if multiple officers were involved in a case years back.”

“Great work everyone,” Emily said as she walked over to the newbies and leaned back on one of the jet’s chairs. “When we land, Agent Holden, you’ll work with Garcia to compile those lists. Agent Brooks, you’ll head with Luke to Lake Red Rock to check out the dump site. Spencer, you and Agent Y/L/N will go interview the family’s of the officers, see if there is anything they might know about who wanted to come after them. Agent Jones and Agent Smith, you’ll be with JJ and myself at the Cedar Rapids Police Department interviewing the officers, especially the ones that worked closely with Cogswell and Heskett, and working on the profile.”

As the plane began to descend, all of the agents, both old and new, had a feeling that this case wasn’t going to be cut and dry - that the more they dug, the more dirt they would uncover. They just hoped that no one else would be taken down in the process.


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