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One Piece 855 - ‘Grrrrrooowwwlll!‘

I know it’s late as hell and that no one will be interested in last chapter’s (OP 854) super late review/comment, but I’ll probably publish it anyway, ‘cause last week I could only make half of it on time, so I left it unpublished but I DO want to finish it because I had a few things I wanted to point out and couldn’t because life got in the way.

So in this chapter, just like in the last one, we have four main parts/events going on. On one side, Bobbin and his resolve to fix his blunder before Big Mom hears about it (1). On the other side, the ‘Brook Rescue Team’ needs to come up with a plan to rescue our beloved skeleton from the clutches of Charlotte Linlin (2) and finally, Brook’s big reveal (3) and Sanji’s whereabouts (4).

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

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How Do You Get an Agent? | Tea Time #93

A must watch for aspiring YA writers!

R.I.P Devon Grice. At least there’s still some hope left for Shaw in a mentor role (something i’d really, really like to see). Also, Shaw & Brooks teaming up to avange him, in whatever way (once she’s realeased from Samaritan clutches, of course)

Really, Brooks now suddenly has a reason to start wondering, to ask questions. Much like Shaw was reticent at first, and it took Cole’s death to open her eyes to what he was trying to say, I wonder to what extent, if any, Grice’s death will function as a similar catalyst for Brooks.

archaeomedic replied to your post:R.I.P Devon Grice. At least there’s still some…

It probably will be similar to shaw, not so much an awakening as a reason to take action. But who knows poi likes it’s parallels Brooks could go the opposite way and become a samaritan believer

I could definitely see that. Brooks being pragmatic, cutting her loses and, even tho aware that something’s up, deciding to just play along, do her job, keep her head down. That’s the read i have on her so far.

And the interesting thing about this? You have the ‘no feelings’ sociopath taking the morally superior road. So, should it play out like that, this parallel would be saying that not only does a personality disorder not turn you into a selfish, uncaring person; but being ‘normal’ doesn’t mean you’re automatically a ‘good’ person.

You know. Like in the real world.