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About Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Colin Firth is still hot

Taron Egerton is still hot

Mark Strong is still hot

Channing Tatum is still hot

Jeff Bridges is still hot

Pedro Pascal is still hot

Edward Holcroft is still hot

Things that actually happened when I saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle in the cinema

The first time was relatively calm even though I had some near death experiences whenever Harry was in danger and I cried for merlin, so onto time number two!

- Lady next to me was knitting the entire time

- Man behind me got so excited when Pedro Pascal came on screen

- Everyone collectively gasped at the meat grinder scene

- A man in the back if the theater said “fuck no” very loudly when Merlin died

- A tall as man giggled when Harry came on screen

- A woman made a loud comment about Channing Tatum’s penis

- I made a comment about Agent Whiskey’s beautiful ass and some guy nodded at me in agreement

- Someone in the back row clapped at the end like he was at a concert

- Someone mumbled “fuck” behind me when the Kingsman base was hit

- Someone cried w/ me about Merlin

- Bonus! When I saw The Secret Service in cinema the (4th) time, a man sniffled and cried for like 20 minutes after Harry was shot.

I have mixed feelings about The Golden Circle. At times it was fucking epic, and then at times it was just ridiculous and not in a positive way.

At least i got to se Pedro Pascal as some sort of cowboy

C Fizzle himself. He hates it when I call him C Fizzle.

Taron Egerton on Colin Firth and honestely I can’t deal with this right now omg