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The Flash and Agents of SHIELD! I just have the strongest feeling that Iris and Mack would get along really well

DUDE!!! I have a whole Agents of Flash tag (which is mostly Quakevibe lmao but) like…I cannot tell you how much I love this crossover lmao. 

  • A crossover ship I’d dig: Quakevibe is my crackship OTP honestly like…Daisy and Cisco would be SO GOOD and pure together. 
  • A crossover BroTP I’d dig: You know what? I’m with you on Mack and Iris getting on really well. They still kind of raise their eyebrows at powers and they love love love robot movies so they (plus Elena) will sit down and marathon the movies together. 
    • I still also proclaim Fitzsimmons + Killervibe would be a cute, if not slightly terrifying, brotp. 
  • A crossover Frenemies I think would be inevitable: Wally meets Gabe and he’s really polite at first but then Gabe turns out the be the biggest little shit so he and Wally are just sarcastic whenever they’re around each other. 
    • Also Harry Wells and Hunter oh my god it’s like a constant “let’s try to outsnark each other”.
  • A crossover badass duo I think would be inevitable: Okay besides Daisy and Cisco? Cynthia and Robbie would have such a good aesthetic and I am here for them being a badass duo and having amazing fight scene shots. 
  • A crossover animosity I think would be inevitable: PHIL COULSON AND JOE WEST LMAO. And hey, possibly even Jay and Harry because no Shield moment is complete without Coulson having a dad off. 

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@secret-agent-boo replied to your postHEY WHY NOT. one more. part 1 / part 2 / part 3 He…

“What exactly has this bleak universe stolen from him” oh MY GODDDDD ughhhh “avenge and defend a love that was supposed to be his” holy fuck those are my favorite lines 😩👌🏻

My favorite is, “But if he has to die for anything, let it be for love.” That “love that was supposed to be his” line is a close second though. That whole paragraph is the best in the whole thing I think 👌🏻

Thanks for letting me know what stood out to you the most!! I’m glad you found something to like about it <3


Spoilers through episode RvB13-20: “The End”

                Wash made sure his boot made a noise against the gravel.  Tucker didn’t look up.  The sky over the communication temple seemed very empty today.  Two feet away, a full-size figure in regulation blue was curled up on  his side, arms around a modified rifle, completely silent.

                “How’s he been?” asked Wash.

                “How do you think?” answered Tucker.

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Ok lucky ones going to the Agents of Shield Comic Con panel if Brett Dalton gets booed I need you scream 10x louder and keep doing it until you have drowned out everyone else. Do it for all of us who cant be there to scream with you.

I spend every day thinking about the fact that Fitz doesn’t know that Mack is alive. I spend everyday thinking about that and wondering what is going to happen when they are finally reunited. Like I’m so glad that Mack was snapped out of his crazy zombie trance, but like I feel like he’s going to need some time to recover after that. Maybe after the dust settles and everyone begins regrouping and licking their wounds, no one even thinks to let Fitz know that Mack is fine, he’s okay and he’s just recovering, passed out after his ordeal.

But Fitz doesn’t even have time to be worried about that. He can’t think about anything really, he’s still trying to figure out the whole Skye is an alien? thing, and just sorting through the general chaos in the wake of all the destruction in the wake of the giant cluster fuck that was their last adventure. It’s not until May of all people comes down into the lab to check on Fitz and Simmons (they’re not quite Fitzsimmons again just yet, but Fitz thinks that maybe they are working back towards being the friends they used to be). She updates them on the status of things, Skye is quarantined for the time being and Simmons we’ll need you to closely observe her and possibly run some tests to see just what exactly happened. And she gives them a list of people who are fine, Bobbi, Hunter. All good. Her expression softens when she says, “Trip… he .. didn’t make it out.” And Simmons all but crumbles before him and Fitz, he hold her to his side, wraps an arm around her, tries to comfort her as he breaks apart a little too, but hardly a beat goes be before his heart stutters and he remembers. Mack. Because Fitz had almost given up on him the first time, and then Simmons had given him some hope that maybe he might be okay, but now… after all this…

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