agent bob of hydra

I don’t particular like a lot of Deadpool humor (Not offensive, just meh) and parts of his fandom is incredibly annoying, but I have to admit he’s a pretty interesting character with some interesting relationships.

Deadpool and Shiklah are great because neither of them conforms fully to gender stereotypes. Deadpool loves his dresses and Shiklah has a male-looking demon form.

Hydra Agent Bob is so painfully obviously a submissive who loves being bossed around and humiliated. He likes when Deadpool calls him his pet, and has been seen sitting by Deadpool’s feet when resting. Only way to make their relationship more obviously BDSM would be if Bob called Deadpool master.

I love how cheesy-romance-novel levels of romantic Death and Deadpool’s romance is.

Cable and Deadpool’s relationship is so heavily implied it might as well be canon. Cable is canonly Deadpool’s deepest darkest desire, Cable appears among Deadpool’s canon female love interests in Deadpool’s mind, it is being heavily implied they often share a bed because Cable knows what kind of dreams Deadpool usually wakes up from, and the list goes on.
Irene and Cable’s relationship is also only implied, except for one time Deadpool said that because Irene is Cable’s lover she should have a say in things too. So it would seem he and Irene have agreed to share Cable and respect each other’s place in the relationship, even if Deadpool would like it to be everyone with everyone.

Deadpool loved and accepted Eleanor as his daughter from the moment Carmelita angrily put her in Deadpool’s arms, and ever since then he has been trying to make it up to them both by helping in any way he can.

Deadpool’s one-sided attraction to Spider-Man is very VERY canon, considering he accidentally jizzed in his suit when they were tied together crotch against crotch, and Peter didn’t stop insulting Deadpool despite being told it is one of his kinks.

Awwww~ So friggin cute. 

Conclusions I have drawn from reading the entirety of Cable & Deadpool:

1) Deadpool has the hots for Cable. It is canon. There is no arguing otherwise. 

2) Cable has a weird crush on Deadpool, lots of feelings anyway. He devoted his final sacrifice - not to peace or hope, he gave up that in the end - devoted it to Deadpool, the one thing he thought was worth saving. 

3) Bob may be aware of the Fourth Wall. There’s hints, but never direct statements. 

4) The ending to that series is so damn adorable I can FEEL my heart melting. 

5) I’ve been on the fence about whether I like Deadpool as a person, or just because of his quips and chaos. At the Finale, the 50th issue, I made my choice. I love Deadpool as a character, as a guy who can be a hero, who values his friends. 

6) I’m fairly certain that Cable and Deadpool had some off-screen sexytimes. Too many quips about Cable’s junk. 

Idea for next season:

What if they don’t destroy the Framework. Instead, SHIELD keeps it but reprograms it into a training simulator for SHIELD agents.

So basically…the Danger Room from X-Men. And they don’t have to worry about licensing issues because it’s “technically” not the Danger Room. Like how Bob from Deadpool is “technically” not Bob, Agent of HYDRA. 

Plus, we get to keep John Hannah around since he’s not leaving the Framework anytime soon. 

The weird life of Bob the Hydra Agent. Why must I like such an obscure character?

While Bob likes pretty ladies, his main type seems to be people of any gender who scares him but also show him some level of kindness.
That includes Deadpool who has put him through a lot of shit but can also be incredibly sweet to Bob. It has come to a point where Bob tries to kiss him and express attraction to him, making Deadpool feel kinda awkward about it because he’s only into dominant people himself.

Bob’s relationship with his ex-wife Allison is a bit unclear. They weren’t happy, but he loved her enough to never cheat on her, he turned down women who were far kinder to him for her, and he still got excited when Allison rewarded him with sex.

Bob spoke fondly of a Hydra agent named Lars, saying he “was always so gentle” and apparently he gave Bob gentle wedgies? Unfortunately Lars attacked Deadpool and lost his head as a result. Bob mustered up a bit of courage and complained to Deadpool about it.

At Deadpool’s wedding Bob was Squirrel Girl’s date. How they know each other we might never know, but he probably thinks she’s (rightfully) scary.

zediequinox  asked:

So, random question buuuuuut..... What do you do in your free time? Like...what are your hobbies? It was one of those thoughts that just wouldn't go away. Also also: if the 104th and vets had to be D.C. & Marvel characters, what it be?

This Blog is my hobby haha also dying over academic texts

Mikasa: Black Widow (Natasha Romanov)
Reiner: Deadpool
Bertholdt: Bruce Banner
Annie: Domino
Eren: Hulk
Jean: Wolverine
Marco: Teddy Altman
Sasha: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
Connie: Kid Loki
Historia: Tommy Shepherd
Armin: Moon Girl
Ymir: Magik
Levi: Penance
Hanji: Hank Pym
Erwin: Charles Xavier
Nanaba: Pepper Potts
Mike: Groot
Moblit: Bob, Agent of Hydra

(Sorry, I’m totally not into DC so I just used Marvel characters >A< and even with these I’m not so sure, because Marvel as like so many characters it’s kinda overwhelming haha)