@chloebennet : Instagram story with Elizabeth Henstridge 12/10/2016.

Imagine you and Loki live with the Avengers in the Stark Tower. One morning, during breakfast at, Thor starts telling the other Avengers about Frost Giants, calling them horrible names, and describing, in detail, how many he’d slaughtered. You can see Loki is uncomfortable, so you cut Thor off, going on a long rant, calling him out on his and Odin’s racism and how it affected Loki. Thor realises he fucked up and hangs his head in shame, and you make him apologise to Loki and to swear never to say anything like that again.

At a slumber party
  • Girl: OMG! so guys who are your crushes
  • Me: well....
  • Close friends: uh oh
  • Me: so i have four.
  • Girl: oh really!
  • Me: number 1, really intelligent guy, he's British, he has a flat mate. He solves crimes for a living.
  • Girl: what..?
  • Close friends: oh god
  • Me: number two, he's a frost giant, comes from Jotunheim. He has dad issues and wants to become ruler of this place called Asgard. He's good really good hair.
  • Girl: ....
  • Close friends: this is not good
  • Me: three and four are Japanese guys. Ones this really rich dude, his dad owns hospitals. He's kind of an asshole, but he cares about people. Oh and number four, he's smart. But he can't swim any other stroke then Butterfly. But still, he is really smart.
  • Girl: .................
  • Close friends: *face palms*
  • Friend: Our expectations in men are way too high because of actors, bands and fictional characters!
  • Me: Agreed. Fangirls have a real hard life. I blame Tom Hiddleston.
  • Friend: Me too. I'd like to go to a therapist and talk about this.
  • Me: Ok but... Now imagine Tom Hiddleston is the therapist...
  • Friend: I HATE YOU