Red vs blue characters as quotes from ‘History of the entire world, i guess’
Red Team : Go with the flow
Sarge : I wanna invent time and space and I know its possible
Simmons : Fuck you, obay the law
Grif : Nope, cant walk yet and there’s no food so I dont care
Donut : Some stars burn out and die with PASSION
Lopez : That bullshit, said Portugal spiceless
Doc : Guess who’s not gone

Blue Team : Wow it broke apart but don’t worry it does that all the time
Leonard Church : It has secret instructions inside itself telling it how to build another one of itself
Caboose : It’s sad, I’m sad, I miss you
Tucker : You can make a religion out of this
Sister : Do you sin?

Freelancers : Woops half of europe just died
Carolina : No, don’t
Washington : No. Accualy okay sure
Tex : (s)He was great and now (s)he’s dead
York : Quarks and stuff
North : Wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?
South : Yes I do accualy want to do that
CT : I wanna be something do something. I want things to change
Maine : Fuck it. I control the food now
Wyoming : Hello? Yes it the 1920s calling
Florida : He sat under a tree for so long he figured out how ignore the fact that we are all dying

Vic : Gnarly space ingredients
FILISS : Many different types of machines
Omega : Technology is about to go crazy
Sigma : We gotta start pillaging some stuff
Delta : why didn’t we think of this before
Gamma : Prankd
Theta : Coming soon to a dank river valley near you

People from the chours trilogy and sharkface
Kimball : Lets over throw the palace and cut all their heads off
Doyle : Get the hell out of here. Will you get the hell out of here if I give you 500 elephants okay thanks bye
Grey : Wait!, said Christopher Columbus, probably smoking crack
Felix and Locus : The horse nomads run wild and free and they would like to ransack your city
Sharkface : Something’s alive in the ocean


Something I’ve always wondered but never actually thought seriously about is the apparent impracticality of some of this sith headgear.

Revan has a thin visor, as is common with Mandalorian helmets. Impractical, but manageable.

Marr seems to have a similar look, but an even smaller visor. Starting to get a little bit silly.

Baras has one clear “eye”, but the other side of his mask is some crazy scrollwork.

And Jadus. Like what’s his deal??

I totally appreciate that, like Marr says, the sith dress to intimidate and create an appearance devoid of relatable human aspects. But…. How do they see? They aren’t all miralukans, so what’s going on here?


TITLE: Control


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being the only SHIELD agent capable of ‘controlling’ Loki (meaning the only one he actually behaves for) out of all the ‘handlers’ he’s had, much to everyone’s surprise. Eventually, they ask you how you manage it and you reply with, “Maybe just be nice to him?” Nobody believes that’s it, of course, but it totally is; he genuinely just loves that you actually treat him like a person instead of this troublesome thing nobody wants around.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Why is it that every time I try to work on my existing fics, I end up writing something completely different?


   She hadn’t noticed it at first. She didn’t make a habit of socialising with most of the people she worked with, it wasn’t in her nature and they simply didn’t have that kind of relationship; and so she’d missed the looks she had begun to receive since she’d been given her current assignment, going about the workdays completely oblivious.

   Loki, on the other hand, had definitely noticed; it contrasted so sharply with the looks they gave him as he trailed behind her, after all. Usually, he just smirked in return, maybe even waved, turning their glares even colder. The whole situation was terribly amusing, he thought.

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