spacedudebenny replied to your post:No but has no one talked about agender/genderfluid…

i’ve a very good friend who is all about that agender bucky!

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So like, having their mind blanked so often made them forget gender and gendered behavior, and just one day after some time of rehabilitation, they decide to “find out” what gender they are. And after a lot of soul searching, they finally decide…

Hella, thank you guys

I’m not really sure why, but the idea just really appeals to me? It could be the whole blank-identity, blank-slate component of Bucky’s characterization in MCU that kickstarted that feel.

I just like the idea of a superhero/villain character who reads as traditionally, typically-for-the-genre ultramasculine being very free of traditional, stereotypical gender roles and doing and looking however they want uvu

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[chants with you] trans dude steve finding it hard to bind pre-serum bc his asthma already makes breathing difficult enough!! ahh!!! i play bucky as agender but i've never seen smone actually play a trans dude steeb before only mentioned in fics I Love Trans Steve

yyyyyeeeessssssssss pre-serum steve rogers who can’t bind because of his health (and because proper binders weren’t really a thing back then, he would have had to use bandages or tight-tied cloth)! pre-serum steve rogers who wears clothes just a little to big to hide his breasts (which thankfully are pretty small anyway bc he’s just so skinny)! steve rogers getting to the 21st century and discovering real, safe, comfortable binders are a thing and purchasing one IMMEDIATELY! steve rogers finally getting to wear tight fitting t-shirts and not flinching when people say he has a “nice rack” b/c he knows they mean his pecs and he looks fucking GREAT and he knows it! steve rogers feeling comfortable sitting around shirtless with bucky or sam or natasha or thor because they’re his friends and he trusts them not to be weird about it! trans guy steve rogers! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Headcanon 1: nonbinary Tony Stark

Headcanon 2: nonbinary Bucky Barnes