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Ponified Gender Identities!

From top to bottom, left to right: Cis Male, Cis Female, Trans Male, Trans Female, Agender, Genderfluid.

I used some of their flags for the color schemes (That’s why agender is green, it’s funny how much they stand out from the others)


anonymous asked:

Hey, I'd understand if you can't, but I was wondering does other gender(s) include no gender on the gender unicorn (for physically attracted to and romantically attracted to) or does it not? If it doesn't include no gender (therefore excluding asexual and aromantic people) would you change it or could I? I understand this blog and the TSER is about gender identity, and as such this may not be your concern, but I am aro ace and trans and would like to use the gender unicorn page. Thanks!

Other gender(s) can include anything you want it to! Some agender people may put their dot on the far left, some may consider it a gender on its own and put it further to the right. Just be sure to recognize that these lines are on a spectrum/scale, they are not checkboxes. Someone who’s multiple genders other than woman/man, might put multiple dots on that line. Here’s an example of someone who may or may not identify as a femme agender aro ace person:

I’m Jerry aka Fairy JerBear and this is A floral enhanced photo of me in my favorite color after presenting on a panel as an out agender, disabled person (amab) in my late 50s, (but feeling much, much younger). I’ve been out as agender for one year and 8 months and out as queer for nearly 30 years. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I active within the local trans community. I want to see nonbinary people create a movement for acceptance and visibility.

Triggered Leafy fans


alright it seems like some tumblr snowflakes with leafy blogs find it hard to keep true to their “daddy” after all these feminist videos.

you guys are retarded. i was actually very happy he made a video on that wannabe trans Milo. The concept of gender has been way too far fetched, to the point where it’s getting fucking ridiculous. There are only 2 genders. A trans person wouldn’t be trans if they weren’t born a boy or a girl and later on decided to transition. (quoting Blaire White here, a trans youtuber, who does videos on SJWs and Feminists).

This theory, that there are probably millions of genders, is utter bullshit. The way you dress or behave doesn’t determine your gender, it shows your personality. Also, somebody who doesn’t like to comform to gender norms, doesn’t mean they’re non-binary or agender or fucking unicorns. You’re all so desperate to put labels on yourselves because this website and feminists have told you so. No, you don’t need to put an extraordinary gender/sexuality on yourself. You ain’t special. 

As for his comments on shaving or obesity, get that broomstick out of your ass. Being overweight is not ok and nobody fucking forces you to shave.

“Yeah but women’s magazines and social media tell us slim and shaved is beautiful”

Women’s magazines also tell you floral cardigans are da SHIT this summer but you won’t wear them. If you can rock a hairy look, nobody is stopping you but yourself. If you truly don’t give a shit, there’s no point in complaining about this. Visually ofc it’s prettier to have clean skin instead of the amazon rainforest on your legs, but smthg so many feminists thrive upon is the phrase“it’s YOUR body”, so fucking do with it whatever you want. But no, your rebellion stops when it comes to social media critisising your hairy armpits, that’s when you start whining. Other than that, you’re a very strong woman who needs no man to do shit. Yeah, right. 

Last but not least, it would be very much wrong of social media to promote obesity or how you like calling it “fat acceptance”. Being obese ain’t healthy, people who are overweight should try to lose weight, but if magazines start telling them “Oh no darling you’re ok as a big girl” they would be accused of “promoting obesity”. You may argue that by showing all these supermodels they promote “anorexia” but that ain’t true. Most magazine segments about body image consist of giving tips on a healthy diet and a workout routine, they don’t tell you “FAT IS UGLY, YOU SHOULD STOP EATING OVERALL AND LOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU DUMB BITCH”. 

Now sit back, relax and don’t get triggered by everything without giving it some thought first and hearing opinions of other people as well. Leafy didn’t really get too deep on explaining why what those feminists are preaching is bullshit, so if you want to actually know more about this, I suggest you check out some other youtubers who make feminist response videos like Blaire White, Undoomed, TL;DR, Bearing, Satiratician and Shoe0nHead

That’s about it.