Block @ lesbian-rehab-program

I just almost had a panic attack from one of their posts; it’s generally hateful and triggering. just please report and block them, nobody should have to see this. Also, if anyone knows how, please report them to the police. I don’t know how to report blogs to police, but this one needs to be.

Also block @ females-abused

They openly discuss the fun in abusing women and why it is right

@ Zenepsilon is bad news too.

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so i (afab) read this post saying that wishing you were a gender=a sign u are that gender, but i don't wish to be masc at all, i just feel that way. in fact, i wish i was a girl, and cis, and content eith my body and to be able to do all the feminine things i used to do before i realized my gender and had dysphoria doing them. is this ok? does this mean i really am a cis girl even if i don't feel like one?

No. That’s a natural emotion, it would be so much easier being cis. It’s just reality, the world caters to cis people.

I wish I was a cis girl, my life would be way  easier if I felt okay being born in the body I was put in.

Sometimes when we don’t know, we just try and make it work the best we can until one day we learn that it doesn’t have to be that way and then you can never go back.



@running4my-life tagged me for a selfie!!

Woke up and my kitty friend had come back!! So I hung out with her for a while, then got dressed for the day. Wearing my purple relay for life shirt. My dad had pancreatic cancer and the ribbon for it is purple, found this at Goodwill a couple days after he passed. 💜

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

I tag anyone who is interested!! Haha 🖤

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Demiro ace nonbinary Harry learned about gender identity and the aro/ace spectrum from one of their best and closest friends, Luna. (Who is aro, pan, and agender--they used they/them for a while after coming out, but eventually switched to fae/faer!)

“Remember when you first came out to me? You said you were aromantic, and I asked if you meant like garlic?”

Luna smiled feebly, then laughed. It was a blessed sound - until it turned into a hacking cough. Harry gently brushed their hand across faer forehead, checking faer fever. Luna’d been down with a bad flu for the past few days, so Harry had temporarily moved in to help faer out until fae felt better. Harry helped faer sit up to help ease the strain of coughing. “Sorry,” Harry winced.

Luna shook faer head once fae was lain back down. Fae squeezed their hand. “You’re just helping the mucus get out.”

“In that case, remember when you tried to explain what pan meant? I mean besides a cooking utensil?” Fae swatted weakly at them as laughter quickly turned to coughing again. “Here,” Harry offered when fae was done, “finish off the last of this tea.”

Luna gratefully sipped at the tea, still hot thanks to a quick warming spell. It smelled more of honey than anything else, but it felt wonderful on Luna’s throat. Sleepily, fae blinked faer eyes and handed Harry the cup so fae could slip down all cozy into the covers. “Fever’s breaking,” Harry told faer, then carefully climbed over faer to lie on faer other side, leaving Luna the side of the bed in case she needed to lean over and use the trashcan. Although the pastel, abstract patterned green, black, and white down blanket was too hot for Harry to lay under, they snuggled on top, close by in case Luna needed. “Go on, get some sleep. I’ll be here when you wake.”

Luna nodded, already half gone. Harry was always here when fae needed.

~Hufflepuff Mod