Can we already ban cis LG people from using cishet?

It was coined for us Trans people, an seeing you assholes use it to fuck with grey spec people is just annoying and asinine.

Cus wow, I seen this being thrown at nonbinary ace/aro people, and isn’t that just a flash of damn transphobia, the circle of stupidity is complete

Not to mention that asexuallity is not a fucking add on, it’s a god damn sexual orientation.

I’m so sick of supposedly pro trans and lgbt articles having stories about trans people saying that “x person was born as a x but is now living as a y/wants respect as y/is now y/is transitioning to y”.

That’s not fucking helping to say they where born as something they aren’t. They weren’t “born a boy/girl” and then changed. They where assigned something they never where and trying to make it sound like they changed or where nataly someone else than they currently are is not only rude and offensive but also inaccurate to trans experiences and not helping anyone in the slightest. It’s nothing more than sensationalism and it needs to stop

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