Hello friends! (: As much as I adore bullet journals, I must admit that they don’t really work for me. I prefer digital agendas and to-do lists as they have been quicker and easier to use, and since I go to an online school, it’s easier for me to keep all the information online. Recently I’ve been using Google Docs as an agenda as I find a nice to-do app to suit my needs, and I thought I’d share some of the ways I use Google Docs! Although a lot of studyblrs use bullet journals and find them the best way to keep track of things, I know that not everyone is like that, so maybe this will help you out! (:

1. Current Events / Look Out For

Here I keep track of important dates – not due dates, just general dates! This helps me to plan ahead. In my case, reading week is about to start, so I have to get my notebooks ready as the semester begins again! (Also, this probably only applies to me, since I go to online school, but I run on a different timezone than my school does so I have to convert all the times over! This helps me to make sure I’m getting everything in on time.)

Current events don’t always have to be school related! If you have a drama recital or something coming up, you should definitely put it in as well, since it will affect your schedule. Basically, if it changes your studying routine, add it in.

2. Classes

I split each class into two sections: Assignments and What to work on. Assignments could have a link to relevant information, or just be a simple description of the work and when it’s due. Since I don’t have any assignments at the moment, there aren’t any assignments in the picture, but here’s an example.


- “The Odyssey” reading, Book 19. Due January 12th, 2015 [classtime].
Summarize this book in my reading journal. Think about how Penelope treats Odysseus, do you think she knows who he really is? What is revealed about each character in this book?

What to work on would be the things that are not actual assignments, but tasks related to the class that you need to complete. For example, revision, editing someone else’s paper, or organizing your binder for that class.

3. Green Background

The green background is there for a reason! Green is known to be a calming color and you’ll be able to write for longer because your eyes aren’t being exposed to as much light. (see here) You can do this in Google Docs by clicking File > Page Setup (at the bottom) > Page color!


This isn’t illustrated in the picture but comments are SO helpful in Google Docs! If you need to add a small note, correct something for later, or add any questions, you can make them in a comment.

Comments are also great for mini to-dos because when you finish something, you can just click “Resolve” and the comment will disappear! Although they’re really supposed to be used for editing writing and such, there are so many creative ways you can use them (updates, in which every update is a reply, write statistics down for how long you spent on your homework or something nifty like that, etc.!) 

5. Bonus – Working with friends!

I use Google Docs to study with my friends (revise papers, make study session plans, etc.) and I think it’s a really great way to study. The chat in each Google Doc makes it easy to chat while you’re editing and ask each other questions! There are so many ways that Google Docs can be used and you should definitely try out different methods of using it to see what works best for you (or if it works at all!)

6. Links

Below are some more links regarding Google Docs that you might find helpful:

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Alright, that’s it for now!! I hope this helps you in any way and feel free to ask me any questions if you are confused about something or would like me to elaborate! -whispers- This is also my first masterpost (does this count as a masterpost omg -hyperventilates-) so any feedback would be nice as welll!

♥ Hannah 

30/12/2015 working on my bullet journal for 2016 and adding dates into my agenda. I’ve decided I’m gonna keep on using my agenda since I already bought it and don’t want it to go to waste!  I’ll use my agenda for academic/school related stuff explicitly, and my bullet journal for that and everything else. That’s why I love the idea of a bullet journal, I’ve never known where to put personal to-do’s. Thanks so much studyblr community for introducing me to them!

I was recently asked to post a DIY for decorating your own planners and agendas. Since college just started back up, I thought this was the perfect time to do this! I found these ideas for planner organization at In My Own Style. I hope you enjoy!


December 24, 2015 // 5:41 PM

This will be the first of two posts about the notebook and planner I bought on December 8, 2015. The planner I bought is from the Sugar Paper LA brand for Target and I have always been a fan of them because their very simple and modern look. Since Oahu only has two Targets as far as I know, I always have to fight for these planners from other planner addicts and arts & crafts people.

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