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I’m trying to decide whether you’re a clue, an accomplice, or an assistant. Who are you? What is this? Have you noticed an acceleration of strangeness in your life as of late? Perhaps a series of intense or extraordinary events, which, as of now, seem unconnected, with the exception of each being separately bizarre? Perhaps every day before now has, for the most part, been humdrum and inane, your life a mundane, unvarying slog through unfulfilling jobs, shallow depression, and boring, boring sex? And then suddenly, today, everything changed, and your life became a swirl of interesting activity?

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bokuaka parenthood

When Keiji puts down the phone, his lip is wobbling in a way Koutarou hasn’t seen since he told his parents he was moving in with Koutarou for good. His cheeks are flushed, and his hands are shaking as he lifts them up to cover his mouth.


Watery green eyes find concerned gold ones, and then Keiji is reaching for Koutarou. They fall into each other easily, practiced and familiar after years of learning another’s body heat and solid presence. Keiji’s head fits into the crook of Koutarou’s neck, and he squeezes Koutarou’s hand hard.

“That was the agency,” he says finally, his voice quiet in the way it gets when he’s trying hard to suppress emotions, when he’s trying to explain something important. When he lifts his head, he’s blinking away the wetness in his eyes. “They—they said…”

“What is it, Keiji?” Koutarou places a hand on his cheek, watching him patiently, even though inside, he’s shaking, too. It’s been months since they’ve started with this agency, sitting through countless interviews and filling out numerous papers and forms and still being put on hold. The sad thing was, this wasn’t isn’t the first agency they’ve tried their luck with. But Koutarou has seen the look on Keiji’s face when they’re babysitting for their friends, and he can’t deny his own joy when he’s playing with his cousin’s kids.

They’ll keep trying, no matter what.

“Kou,” Keiji says, and he’s smiling. Koutarou’s own lips are already pulling up in response, but then Keiji says, “Kou, they said yes. There’s someone they want us to meet, and if it works out, if they like us, if we like them, of course we’ll like them—Kou, they said yes!”

It takes Koutarou a moment. Then he’s whooping, scooping Keiji up with ease despite not having been in a gym in a long while. “Keiji! We’re going to be parents!”

They’re laughing and crying and clinging onto each other, as if letting go would cause the miracle to shatter. Koutarou kisses Keiji slow, soft, smiling. He sits with his best friend, his better half, and doesn’t bother drying his tears. 

“We’re going to be a family,” he whispers.

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au where the last 20mins didn’t happen, dirk bought todd this card (with birthday crossed out and first case written in sharpie) and they both laughed and went out to get drunk and fell asleep pleasantly sozzled on todd’s couch at 3am and that was it the end nothing else at all interesting or devastating happened

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i'm curious why you think cas chose jack, since the moment kelly forced cas' hand on her belly he changed his mind about taking them to heaven and dean keeps saying that cas was brainwashed

Sigh. I have been saying since April that my opinion is that Cas is not brainwashed. 

Cas being brainwashed is, for me, so top level obvious that it’s a blatant misdirection. The subtextual, true reading is that he isn’t and there are a ton of very valid reasons why he chose to do what he did. Dean saying he’s brainwashed is just another example of why he isn’t for me. Dean is pretty much 100% wrong in his knee jerk reactions when he’s emotionally compromised about his family, in contrast to when he’s not emotionally compromised he’s 100% right so yeah. Emotionally compromised, cannot believe Cas would do this /against him/ needs to learn to let go and let others make their own choices… Cas was clearly right about the kid… God I mean, I’ve yammered on about all this for months so I’m a little tired out about it, especially now canon is reinforcing this whole thing I feel like it’s going to be a moot point soon anyway.

Basically what’s the point in brainwashing/controlling someone to do what they would already do anyway? I’ve written realms about why what Cas did is totally in keeping with his character and not OOC at all (below). Then @casitstoobig makes an excellent point of the spoiler that when Cas is dead why does he want to come back to the boys and Jack? Why does he protect Jack in the spoiler from 13x06? If he’s dead the brainwashing should be done, dusted, over, yet he’s still got the same priorities. Then there’s the fact that Cas was likely right anyway, that Jack could be a force for good with good guidance and being shown the “righteous path” and hey look, shocking turn of events in s13.

It just all supports my pov since the start.

My tag is #brainwashing, my main post on it regarding Cas’ own arc is:

more recently because I was sick of seeing people saying Cas was an asshole if he had his own agency:

This is my opinion, held by some and not by others. I was told I was disgusting for having this opinion when it first aired, I was told I was not a true Cas fan and all sorts of garbage. 

But those people who thought he was brainwashed and said we were idiotic for thinking not so are having to change their pov, coming slowly but surely closer to our opinion as canon reinforces the idea.

Meanwhile we who held this opinion are just sipping tea sitting in our comfy chair exactly where we have been since April on the matter.

We’ll see what happens in the long run, it could be that it is the middle of the two, that it was powers out of Jack’s control that did it, but so far everything that has happened reinforces this original idea for me that Cas was not brainwashed/controlled by Jack, that he made his own choices based on shitty terrible ideas, PTSD and depression and his death will release him from these bad influences in order to make good choices.

Sorry this is a bit salty. I’m just bitter about being called disgusting and not a Cas fan because of it. So I’m sitting here sipping my tea watching it all unfold and hoping for the best as it keeps bringing us closer to my pov, so let’s see.

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Hey if you're still taking requests, would you write one about Akaashi painting his adopted child's room and his SO (could be Bo or someone else) comes home and finds him covered in paint and just sorta watches him fondly and they talk about the future and its just super fluffy and cute? (bonus if Aka's in old ripped jeans and an oversized sweatshirt and his SO is momentarily overwhelmed by him) <3 <3 xx

“I’m home!” 

“In here!” Akaashi calls back.

Koutarou sets down the plastic bags and pokes his head into the spare room. It’s still mostly boxes of their things, but they’ve been moving things out gradually. Any day now, they’d be moving new furniture in—a bookshelf, a desk, a bed. Bright and colourful, fit for a child. 

Akaashi stands by the far wall, newspapers spread out over the carpeted floor. He’s wearing faded ripped jeans that had seen better days and a sweatshirt Koutarou half-recognized as his own, something from his college days that is all worn and loose now. His dark curls are pinned back, and there is pale yellow paint splattered across his clothes and smudged on his skin.

He still looks absolutely gorgeous.

“What are you doing?” Koutarou says, leaning against the doorframe.

Akaashi looks sheepish. “I wanted to see if this colour would work out.” He gestures at the small can at his foot. “’Pineapple delight.’ You said you wanted something bright, right?”

Koutarou hums. “I like it. It’s warm.”

“Yeah.” Akaashi looks at the small section of the wall he’s painted over. “You think they’ll like it?”

They don’t know who they’ll get yet. They’ve been trying for gods know how many months. But Akaashi wants this so badly, and Koutarou wants Akaashi to be happy so fiercely. Being able to come home to Akaashi is a blessing he never thought he’d be able to have, but Koutarou can only imagine the joy of coming home to their family. His family.

“I’m sure they will,” Koutarou says softly.

Akaashi looks over at him. The early evening light from the window behind him gives him a quiet sort of glow. He looks tired, staying up late searching the web for tips on becoming a parent. But there’s a content sort of air about him, clinging to his skin ever since they received that call that night. They were approved and moving onto the next stage. They were going to be parents. For real.

Koutarou steps forwards. Akaashi meetes him half way. The paint on his skin has dried and the room smells like paint, but Koutarou doesn’t mind. He threads his fingers through Akaashi’s hair and kisses him slow.

“Want to come with me to buy more paint tomorrow?” whispers Akaashi.

Koutarou grins. "Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

let me write you something for your faves + a prompt

Prison Break

While Yoriko Kuroiwa is imprisoned, this chapter repeats cage imagery again and again. Bujin is in a holding cell, Iwao stands with Furuta in a room adorned with barred windows, the entrance to both Kaneki and Touka’s room has physical bars that they can easily walk in and out of, while Yoriko herself slowly wastes away in the sealed off interrogation room her own execution day set.

The question is, if the jailbreak arc already happened, if Kaneki supposedly broke his cage and cracked his egg, and if Goat right now is fighting to break the structure of the world then why are all of these characters being shown with clear prisoner imagery?

Perhaps the simpler question is, why are these characters in cages in the first place? Who put them there?

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“Black won a ring toss and gives White the teddy bear prize.”

Requested some time ago by @laranthir-of-the-wyld

And a sequel bonus:

“Here’s your prize, Black!”

RFA+V+Saeran, most to least likely to listen to My Chemical Romance (and their top 5 favourite songs)

I know no one asked for this but I was bored on the train while listening to mcr lol

  • Saeran - he’s a huge edgelord did you really expect him not to be at the top of the list? (Favourite album: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love)
    • Headfirst for Halos (makes him feel invincible)
    • Dead! (totally headbangs in his room to this one)
    • Honey This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us
    • Desolation Row (he likes superhero movies and so this song is perfect for him)
    • Boy Division (this is the only one of their newer songs he’ll admit that he likes)

  • Zen - I feel as though he would’ve gone through an MCR phase in his ‘rebellious stage’ (Favourite album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge)
    • Helena (so dramatic just like him)
    • I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
    • The World Is Ugly (he sings it to himself in the mirror)
    • Skylines and Turnstiles
    • Na Na Na (probably listens to it while riding his motorcycle)

  • Saeyoung - he likes the variety in their music because there’s always something to suit his mood (Favourite album: The Black Parade)
    • Famous Last Words (r e l a t e s)
    • Fake Your Death (r e l a t e s)
    • Demolition Lovers
    • Planetary (GO!) (his feel good song)
    • Zero Percent (listens to it when he’s like FUCK THE AGENCY)

  • V - he’s into the slower stuff, and most of it’s slightly more obscure (Favourite album: The Black Parade)
    • Summertime (he’s a hopeless romantic)
    • Gun.
    • Disenchanted (he’s so goddamn tragic)
    • Heaven Help Us (oh god)
    • Desert Song (please save this man)

  • Yoosung - he mostly listens to them when he’s hanging out with Saeyoung or Saeran, but he has a few favourites (Favourite album: Danger Days)
    • Sing (will probably cry while listening to this)
    • Welcome to the Black Parade
    • Kill All Your Friends (he thinks the title and lyrics are hilarious)
    • Bulletproof Heart (this is ‘heavy metal’ to him)
    • Every Snowflake’s Different (he likes this one completely unironically)

  • Jaehee - she doesn’t listen to many songs by them, but she likes the more inspiring ones (Favourite album: Conventional Weapons)
    • Ambulance (she once listened to this on repeat for an entire week same)
    • The Only Hope For Me Is You
    • Sing (she likes the music video for it too)
    • Bulletproof Heart
    • The Ghost of You (it’s sad but she likes the emotion in it)

  • Jumin - he’s probably never really listened tbh (Favourite album: ???)
    • Welcome to the Black Parade (probably the only song he’s actually heard, but I’ll add 4 more for the sake of it)
    • Teenagers (he doesn’t actually like the song he just relates lmao wtf are teenagers?? damn youths)
    • Early Sunsets Over Monroeville (he likes that it’s slow and constant all the way through)
    • The World Is Ugly 
    • #SINGItForJapan

There are still so many unanswered questions about Mint Eye and it’s founding, even after “Another Story.”

We still don’t know how Rika built Magenta and formed Mint Eye. We know why, sure, but how?
Did V know? I think he did know that Magenta was built, but I don’t think he realized what precisely Rika founded it for.

How did Rika afford to build Magenta? It’s stated that she built it without a grant and therefore, illegally. Did she embezzle funds from the RFA’s wealthy guests? Is that why the information in her apartment is so secretive? I mean, we’re not even allowed to look through her files in the common and deep routes. If so, does Seven know about the embezzling? He erased and hid documents for V and Rika. How could he not have known about the Mint Eye cult if he hid the documents?

How did Rika get the ingredients for “the elixir?” We find out some of the ingredients in Secret Story 2, when the nurse mentions what Saeran is detoxing off of. That shit isn’t local to South Korea. She had to be involved with dark stuff. As in black market related dark stuff.

How did Rika manage to kidnap people and still fly under the radar? V didn’t know about that, if I recall correctly. Were Seven’s employers involved?

Speaking of “The Agency,” did Rika and V connect Seven to them? If so… How did they even know about it? Why did they know about it?