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Kira didn’t know what she had done to get herself robbed. Maybe because she already seemed frail and helpless, a bit inattentive to her surroundings? She didn’t know. She remembered walking out the art store with more markers for her commissions when someone grabbed at her arm and yanked her into an alley. She couldn’t remember faces(only a gun and a blade). Her mind went in a state of shock and the next thing she knew, there was a gash on her arm, a small cut on her cheek, and her bags and purse were gone.

She pressed her back against the wall, not seeing anyone in sight anymore. She closed her eyes, breathing almost ragged. It hurt too much to try and move and she could feel herself starting to go in a daze as she slowly rested her head against to wall. Very faintly she could hear a noise, footsteps, nearing.

“Please….” she managed in a small whisper, putting pressure on her arm to ease the pain and to help stop the bleeding.

Training for D-Agency

Translated from the official Joker Game fanbook, “The Mystery of Joker Game” (ジョーカーゲームの謎), which is acknowledged by the author Yanagi Kouji himself. This section talks about the various subjects that D-Agency students must learn before they graduate as official spies. Many of these skills were actually exhibited or revealed by the spies during the novels. 

Only a few of the most excellent students pass the D-Agency selection test. They undergo all sorts of training that is necessary to become a first-class spy. Here, we have put together the sort of training that D-Agency goes through. Upon reading through it, you will understand the extraordinary talents that they must acquire.

First, to be a spy candidate?
Even without being a spy, this training may be possible for students studying for entrance exams, university students, or “sharp, intellectual people.”
● Learn various languages.
● Receive lectures from professors of reknown universities on organizational theory, religious studies, international political theories, medicine, pharmacy, psychology, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

Spy techniques that appear useful qualifications?
These techniques are recognized by the international level in reality. If one were to have a setback here, they could possibly use them in a different profession.
● Know how to use explosives or wireless.
● Know how to operate automobiles or planes.

Techniques that make everyday life fun?
Being good at these would certainly make everyday life fun, but there may be some people who dislike it because it is a part of “studying” and “training.”
● Dance.
● Billiards.
● Know how to seduce a woman, as taught by a professional gigolo.
● Disguise techniques learned from a male actor in female kabuki roles.

Invite even criminals to teach them?
There are several techniques that cannot be done unless one is dexterous. If an ordinary citizen were to do it, it would be illegal, but if they could be done, it would make one a beginner spy?
● Practical skills taught by notorious pickpockets and safecrackers who are currently serving prison sentences.
● How to open a lock with a single wire.
● Switch items secretly by sleight of hand, as a magician would.
● Open a sealed letter with one thin, wooden stick without leaving behind a mark.
● Speak about the fake personal history given to them as if it were really their own.

Sharpen the senses?
This training reaches a mental state that the average person can never cross with their five senses. The only thing that one can depend upon in any situation is sharp senses.
● In complete darkness, while only relying on their fingertips, take apart pistols or shortwave radios that are used by the different armies of various countries, then put them back together again so that they are once again functional.
● Simply from listening to a gunshot, they must determine what type of gun it is, and on the spot, determine how many bullets the applicable gun can be loaded with, whether it can rapid-fire or not, and other advantages or disadvantages.
● Instantly read and memorize the backward writing that is reflected in a mirror.

Push one to the ends of their mind and body?
This training anticipates the harsh challenges physically and emotionally that a spy faces on the job. A person can’t be called an excellent spy until they are able to do this.
● Swim in cold water with their clothes still on, and without taking a single nap all throughout the night as they move, recall a complicated passage that they were made to memorize in full only the previous day, as if it were their own language.
● Be beaten awake in the dead of night, taken to an isolation cell, and undergo interrogation training for several hours, or even several days depending on the situation. Since the interrogation is full-scale, there is also physical violence and the use of truth serums involved.