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dear ace kids: headcanoning characters you relate to as ace isn’t desexualizing any more than bi/pan kids doing the same is oversexualizing. you all deserve representation; your identity isn’t shameful


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Lucky Rooster Part 1

Victo Ngai

A billboard + online Year of the Rooster New Year celebration collaboration with Apple.

Agencies: Amanacliq, Altavia-Group, Mediaartslab, MAL, TBWA

Project Manager: Edie Cheng

Art Director: Mesu Lu

*Special thanks to everyone who has sent me wonderful photos of the rooster billboards!

Dirk describes his hunches as being “like reading in another language, with signs and symbols I don’t understand”, which is obviously a metaphor. It’s not like there is a magical Language of The Universe with a mysterious alphabet that no one can translate

Oh wait. Maybe there is…

(I’ve spent hours trying to work out what this stuff means, and I noticed some interesting patterns, but I’m no closer to understanding it)

GOT7 Shares How They Feel About JYP Launching A New Boy Group Through “Stray Kids”

On October 11, the members of GOT7 sat down for an interview to commemorate their latest comeback with “You Are.”

During the interview, they were asked whether they felt disappointed about JYP Entertainment launching a new boy group through the reality show “Stray Kids.”

Member JB responded, “We don’t feel disappointed. We just think we need to work harder.”

“Within the agency, we’re a group with several years of experience, so we just have to be on our toes, and we need to make sure we don’t get lazy,” he added.

Meanwhile, “Stray Kids” is JYP’s upcoming reality show that aims to showcase the charms and characteristics of nine trainees. With the goal of the whole group debuting, the members will take on missions assigned by the agency and demonstrate their strong teamwork. It will be airing its first episode on October 17 at 11 p.m. KST.



We all are. But this is not the end. Let yourself grieve; you’re not silly or stupid. Our weedols were never just a “boy-band”, ever. This shakes us because they brought us the background music of our personal survivals and shared pieces of their own personal lives that helped us weather both our storms.

They are still growing and so will I with them.

I support Soohyun and his continued dream to be a famous singer.

I support Kiseop, because he overcame something we all struggle with; self worth. This was his dream and he’s still making it.

I support Hoon because he’s been passionately composing music and singing since before he even joined our family.

I support Eli because despite the venomous hate he got for sharing his most precious child and love of his life, he took the beating, apologizing for being happy and soldiering on, proving he’s willing to bust ass to make everyone happy.

I support Jun and his dream, for all the hard work he’s put in to be worthy of years of established songs and choreography. He is the embodiment of everything our stan group has stood for. I’m so proud he’s ours.

I will support Kevin, whom will undoubtedly stay in the industry based on his passion, talent, and natural personality for entertainment. I will continue to support him in his endeavors as I have for all previous members. I hope you do to. 

Where are we now: U-KISS is a second generation KPop group that stood the test of time and still does. A standard Kpop contract is around 4-6 years. Only one person was not renewed this year. NH says there is an album ready for release and that the others are not disbanding. Due to his amazing vocal range, Hoon will likely pick up a lot of song parts, as well as Kiseop, now that his musicals have proven he can handle more challenging parts.

Soohyun’s obligatory military enlistment will be soon so I am maintaining, in my heart, that they will at least make it to the ten year mark before he does so. And that would be okay.

KISSme: Families always grow in many directions. This is no different. Love each other, send support. Let Kevin and all the guys know, for all the years they had our backs, we will continue to have theirs.

Soompi translation of Official Daum Fan Cafe Announcement:

[Bungou Stray Dogs ] 55 Minutes Part 1

[Disclaimer: I’m a fairly new translator, but I’ve tried my best making sense of the story with pretty liberal, but careful decisions when it comes to making the story flow.]

If anyone’s curious about my pacing, all releases (for now) are going to focus on 14 pages each unless a chapter seems to have fewer pages than others. Because I work alone, the chapters will be released depending on my time or unless someone offers help.

BACK TO TRANSLATIONS                                              PAGE 2

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My Lovely Girl 

Truth be told, I only watched this drama because of Krystal. It was my second attempt to watch this drama successfully because at first it gave me a strange feeling on how the plot tangles the lives of the characters. Of all people, seriously? Why would you fall for your deceased sister’s boyfriend? I tried not to judge haha. 

It eventually gave me kilig but at some points, I wanted to cut off the second male lead syndrome because I shipped Sena to Shiwoo more than the lead character (sorry not sorry ✌🏼).

Also, it gave me hints on how agencies of kpop groups work behind the scenes. Too chaotic, dirty and ugly. It gives the reality of what they are in, in order to pursue their passion, they need to go through hell. 

It shows love knows no dark past, char the power of love.

7/10 for this series~

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

“Do you like Messi?” (Ronald is shookt)

Who does not love this drama? But this series being too viral on my Facebook timeline gave me headaches, the level of spoilers you get before actually watching that episode was too much. I hated it being on mainstream though, hahaha me being selfish. 

I love how well rounded this drama is: family, friends, school and dreams. The fact also that it has no major antagonist makes it stress-free! And the kilig factor is 10000000x that you will end up pausing the scene and might throw your gadget, kick the air, grab your hair and punch your pillow! TOO MUCH DIABETES HAHAHA! I ship Bokjoo and Joonhyung so hard, I am not even shookt that they are actually dating in real life! Bless bless the swag couple!

Everything is cute and happy. I love the ending and I could not imagine any better way of ending it. Definitely one of my favorites. 


9.99/10 for this series~

Strong Woman Do Bong Soo

After watching the WFKBJ, I thought it might be hard for me to enjoy another series. The standard is already up to the brim, it is hard to beat through time. But thank God for this. Can you see the similarity from the previous series? The complete name of the the female lead is included in the title!

I love Hyungsik since High Society and that is enough reason for me to finish this series since I do no dot well with genres such as supernatural, historical, etc. but the plot hooked me. It is too powerful it made me want not to end it.

It has also so many kilig moments. Park Hyungsik wants me dead! loljk. Thank God kdramas exist, I need no boyfriends! I seriously need them to date in real life because the bts of the scenes are just too qt and shy babies huhu! But, yes, they are just professionals who can carry well their respective characters. 

 Opposite with the previous series watched, this has soo many stressful events but that add up to the spices of the drama! I wanted to point out also how this drama reflects how strong a woman is, literally the title. We are not weak, submissive and inferior. We also have our own strong points in life. We know how to carry ourselves! (Who run the world?! G I R L S!!!) 

Definitely one of my favorites!

9.9/10 for this series

P.S I was able to see its album,in personal, for their official soundtracks and the album screams PINK huhu, too cute plus the photobook also is cute!

Uncontrollably Fond

Who even allowed this? This whole thing is super stressful! Literally, no happiness at all. It took me some months to finish this and was ran over by the news that Kim Woo Bin in real life is suffering from nasopharyngeal malignancy. The news blew up the whole world because it appears that Woo Bin is acting the same role again…

Everything here is complicated that some scenes still made no sense for me! Was I not able to grasp it right away? But I have two points for this series. 1) We live awefully to serve the justice we are thirsty for and it is even harder to quench that thirst if we have no connections and money to start with. 

Is justice really only readily available for the upper class? Sad, sad world

2) In the end, forgiveness is what you truly need to give, to dislodge the thorn being shoved in your throat for a long time to breathe freely. 

Things are bound to happen when it has to, it is fated. To suffer, be happy and finally come at peace~

ISTG I cried bucket of tears, it made me lonely. 

7/10 for this drama~

Doctor Crush

The fact that is medically related, okay go, give it a shot! But it also took me months before I was able to finish this series, like Uncontrollably Fond. Haha and that was my only drive to finish this series, m e d i c a l l y related!

Just like UF, it circles around being vengeful towards the people who wronged you and it only takes forgiveness to heal the wound stabbed long time ago. 

7/10 for this series~ 

anonymous asked:

i get that youre mad at the white kpop group and i am too but what's the difference between them and a kpop group with non-korean asians in it? like in got7 for example a majority of the members arent korean but nobody has a problem with it? i guess what i mean is that white americans and chinese people for example are both equally not korean and each have their own unique cultures, so why do we act like one is offensive but the other isnt? doesnt that end up painting all asians with one brush?

no no no nooo okay the thing with got7 and other such groups is that one, they’re run by a korean agency who not only trains them for years in dancing and singing but also in the korean language and culture. Also, korean agencies give their groups actual korean lyrics that are of substance whereas exp edition are PURELY white americans from NY who have no actual experience in any asian culture let alone the korean language. Also, groups like got7 and blackpink always have at least two full korean members who can properly educate their teammates whereas exp is again purely american/non-asian, from NY where most likely the most “korean” thing they have done is eat kbbq

personally, I see exp as a group that mocks the efforts of actual kpop groups. 

"The youth that inherited the Earth"

I really wanted to get some thoughts out before 4x03 airs. Mostly because this line from Abby was really interesting to me for some reason, and, hopefully, I’m about to flesh out what that reason is. 

So in 4x01, Abby and Kane both realise that they are not the generation that will lead their people in the era of life on earth. This is a pretty pivotal moment, considering the adults have always been conducting themselves as Superior to the kids, because Seniority, amirite? The concept isn’t new at all, but let’s delve into why this moment is important. 

First off, it’s important to remember that the conflict between the older and younger generations has been a central theme of the show since S1.

Note Jaha’s response to the argument Bellamy and Clarke are presenting. Every single response made by an adult to something one of the 100 says on this show can easily be characterised with this one sentence – “Thanks, but you don’t fully understand.” (This isn’t always necessarily a bad thing, btw!) 

This is also what makes 1x11 an important (if largely underrated) episode. 

Throughout most of S1, the delinquents spend their time on the ground playing defense. They don’t really taking any steps forward for themselves as a group. Really what they’re doing is just hoping and waiting for the day the rest of the Ark comes down to save them, for the adults to take the burden of their own survival off their shoulders.

Witnessing the crash of the Exodus ship (1x10) changes that for good.

(Also interesting that all throughout 1x11, the delinquents are gearing up to fight back, building some of their own agency as a group, while back on the Ark, the adults are struggling just to stay alive. Almost a role reversal for the two groups.)

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When Jooheon confesses to you

Thank you so much for requesting~ ^^ I enjoyed writing this! Also, I hope you don’t mind that I changed it so that it happens at the reader’s group’s dorm~ ><

okay so i’m extremely sorry if the ending is awkward i didn’t know how to make it natural idk i hope it’s not too weird ;-;

Words: 2035

Slight angst, fluff idk, is this fluffy? not really, you tell me

Requested by anon ♥

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[Are you still planning on coming over to our dorm today?] You texted to a close friend of yours who happened to be Jooheon from Monsta X.

[Yup, I’ll be there around eight o’clock or something] he texted back.

Your group and Monsta X were close all together, mostly thanks to the fact that you were under the same agency. Your group had also been given the opportunity to do a reality program with Monsta X shortly after your debut, which led to your groups becoming closer. You all were friends, some closer than others, take you and Jooheon for example. Befriending the charming rapper had been quite easy, easier than one would imagine. After the reality show had ended, you two just kept hanging out together like friends would, sometimes accompanied by some of the other members but usually it was just the two of you.

[I’ll see you then] you texted him, smiling a little.

It had been a few weeks since you last saw Jooheon so you were more excited than usual.

“What’s with the grin?” the leader of your group asked and sat down next to you on the couch, smiling. “I haven’t seen you this happy in ages.”

You shrugged. “I’m just happy because we get to rest for a few days,” you told her.

“Ah, me too,” she exclaimed and stretched her arms into the air. “It’s been so long since we got a weekend off.”

“I’m sorry you couldn’t go see your family,” you said to her, knowing that her family was on a vacation in Japan. All the other members of your group had left on the day before to go visit their families.

“It’s okay,” she said, still smiling. “I get to see them often. You, on the other hand…”

“Don’t worry about me,” you said. “I’ll get to see them in a few months anyway.”

She wrapped her arms around you and hugged you. “Why are you so strong? Can’t you spill a few tears every once in a while?”

“You want me to cry?” you asked jokingly.

“It sounds mean when you say it like that,” she pouted and let go of you. “What I mean by it is that it’s okay to cry at times.”

You smiled. “Yes, yes, I know. I’ll cry a little more often from now on,” you chuckled, earning a nudge from her.

She settled down next to you and leaned on you, resting her head on your shoulder. Your phone vibrated when Jooheon sent you a new text.

“Is Jooheon still planning on coming over today?” she asked once you opened the chat.

“Yeah,” you said.

[I can sense your overflowing excitement through the phone, _____] the text read.

“I’m envious of how close you two are,” the girl beside you whined and shook you a little after grabbing your arm.

“But you’re close with Hyungwon,” you pointed out.

“Yeah, but we aren’t close like you two are. It’s almost like you two are dating,” she gave you a look when you looked at her.

“We’re not,” you gave her a nudge.

Not that I would mind, you thought subconsciously and shook your head when you realized what you were thinking. You didn’t want to admit that sometimes your stomach was full of butterflies when you were with Jooheon. Dating and such didn’t really sound appealing to you thanks to a past relationship that ended in a quite nasty manner.

[Your excitement makes me blush >///<] Jooheon sent another text and brought you back from your thoughts. You snorted seeing it, knowing he was joking around.

[Oh my >///<] you texted him, smiling. You two joked around like that a lot.

“If that’s not cute then I don’t know what is,” the leader let out a somewhat frustrated sigh and stood up. She smiled when you looked at her. “This place is a mess. Maybe we should clean up before he comes?”

You didn’t even have to look around before nodding. “Sounds like a good idea,” you said.

Even though you all tried your best to keep the dorm clean, it was almost impossible thanks to your busy schedule. Whenever you guys had time to clean, you were way too tired to do it.

After a few hours the dorm looked a lot tidier. You two had cleaned all the rooms, even the bedrooms of the members who weren’t there. You took a deep breath and looked at the clock. It was almost eight o’clock. You were pretty much done cleaning the room you shared with a few other members, only one task was left: putting your folded clothes that had been on the floor in the closet. You had folded the other members’ clothes too but since you didn’t know who they belonged to, you had piled them all on one bed.

“Let’s see…” you opened the closet.

You tidied it up a little before putting in the clothes you had found on the floor. It didn’t take long before you were ready. You looked at the tidy closet with a smile. Then your eyes stopped on something on the top shelf of the closet. It was a box.

Oh, could it be?

You reached for it and managed to pull it out.

“Ha!” you grinned widely.

Back when you had moved in to the dorm during your trainee days you had had three things with you: a suitcase filled with your clothes, a small backpack that contained your phone, wallet and such and then the box that you were now holding in your hands. It was a cardboard box that had some random stuff in it. You hadn’t opened it after moving in so you couldn’t really remember what was inside.

You opened the box after crouching down and placing it on the floor in front of you. The first thing you saw was your favorite book that you had packed in to the box, thinking it would help you with homesickness.

That plan didn’t really work out, huh? I totally forgot I had it…

You took the book out and placed it on the floor. You looked through the box, finding things like an old diary, a plushy and a few CDs in there. What really caught your attention though was the small pile of polaroid pictures on the bottom of the box. You took the pile out and smiled, looking at the pictures. There were pictures of you with your friends and family, pictures of you smiling widely with your friends back home. You could feel tears stinging your eyes.

I miss them so much…

There was one picture that caught your attention and made you take a shaky breath. It was a picture of you and your boyfriend of that time. He was kissing your cheek and both of you were smiling widely.

“______,” you heard the leader’s voice yell from somewhere. “I’ll go buy some soda from the store!”

“Okay,” you said as loudly as possible while trying to sound normal.

A painful lump had already formed in your throat when the first tear rolled down your cheek. Seeing the picture triggered a strong emotional reaction in you. It brought back all the memories you had tried hard to forget. How he had not trusted in you after you had moved. How he had gotten mad at you even though you did nothing wrong. How you had eventually decided to break up with him after he had not believed even though you kept telling him that you weren’t cheating on him.

We could have just talked it out… I was such an idiot for breaking up with him, he knew how to be an asshole but we still loved each other… I was too sensitive…

A pair of hands suddenly landed on your shoulders and you flinched, your heart almost stopping.

“Got you,” Jooheon’s familiar voice said with a chuckle and you got up and turned a little to look at him.

For a second you forgot the tears in your eyes and when you remembered, you turned away and started wiping them away. “You sure did,” you said, trying to sound normal.

“Were you crying?” he asked with a concerned voice and moved to see your face but you turned away.

“What? No,” you denied.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked and kept trying to see your face but you kept turning away.

“I…” you started but stopped when you heard your broken voice.

“Hey,” he grabbed you, making you stop. “Look at me,” he said and gently grabbed your wrists, pulling your hands away from your face.

You avoided his worried gaze. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“You don’t want to tell me?” he asked and let go of your wrists. “Why?”

“I don’t want to make you feel like you have to comfort me,” you mumbled.

“I’m already feeling the need to comfort you,” he stated, making you look at him. “You can tell me.”

You gulped, trying to get rid of the lump in your throat and looked at your feet. “I… found some old pictures. One had me and my ex in it and… I was reminded of our breakup.”

He just quietly looked at you, waiting for you to continue. You remembered telling him about this ex and breakup before but you doubted he remembered it.

“I think we… we broke up because I was too sensitive…” you took in a shaky breath and tears rolled down your cheeks. “We could have made up by talking about it… But I was too sensitive and chose to break up with him…”

He pulled you closer and gently wrapped his arms around you, hugging you comfortingly.

“You’re so silly,” he said with a warm voice.

“How is anyone going to love me when I’m this sensitive?” you sobbed, unable to control your emotions anymore. “How is anyone going to love me when I’m like this?”

“I know one person who loves you, no matter how sensitive you are,” he quietly said.

“You don’t count,” you mumbled, knowing he meant himself.


“Because you’re just a friend. You love me like a friend. It doesn’t count.”

“Who said I don’t love you more than that?” he asked and you grew silent. “Who said my heart doesn’t flutter for you?”

“Don’t joke around,” you gently pushed him away and looked at him.

“You think I’m joking?” he gave you a look and you nodded.

He looked at you for a bit before placing his hands on your shoulders and slowly pushing you against the closet behind you. Your stomach was slowly starting to fill with butterflies. You two looked at each other quietly for what felt like forever. You could feel your heart beating faster than normally.

“Forget him, would you?” he said, his voice as quiet as a whisper. “If I remember correctly, it was him who was too sensitive. You deserve so much better.”

“But-“ you were cut off when he leaned closer to press a heart-fluttering kiss on your lips. The kiss was warm and loving, and you found yourself unable to pull away.

Eventually the kiss turned into many more. After a while Jooheon pulled away and observed your expression.

“Are you the “so much better” you were talking about?” you asked quietly and looked at him.

“No, no one is good enough for you,” he said, looking in to your eyes with a gaze that made your heart flutter. “I might not be the best one for you but I’m still a lot better than him.”

You couldn’t stop looking at each other.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

Your eyes moved to look at his lips. Then, without thinking much about it, you closed your eyes and leaned in to kiss him. This time the kiss was more passionate and so were the ones after it.

“I see,” Jooheon said with a smirk, slightly out of breath after you pulled away to catch your breath.

“Don’t tease me,” you mumbled, trying to lighten up the mood a bit. “I’m sensitive.”

He couldn’t help but smile and soon you felt his lips on yours once again.

Rock Band AU
  • Their band name is The Last Glaives
  • you’re assigned to film the backstage documentary, so you get to see the real them while they’re touring
  • Noctis is the main vocalist, he writes the music and is the most popular member of the band
  • Prompto is the backup vocalist + plays the Bass
  • “Because nobody notices if u make mistakes on the Bass!”
  • he and Noct are always in interviews together because Noct is bad at public speaking and Prompto is AWESOME at it
  • they’re always memeing on their official profiles, it’s how the idea of the band started in the first place
  • the band first went viral because Prompto accidentally posted a backstage snapchat story publicly where his prank backfired and the black chocobo pecked him in the crotch
  • he’s always embarrassed about it, but it launched them into fame overnight so all is good!
  • Nyx is on the Guitar, a solo musician who uses a discontinued vintage model which he named Galahd, the gorgeous instrument is always with him in every publicity photo and is as famous as he is
  • “I’m a temporary member since the band changes guitarists every tour, are you sure you should be filming me?”
  • Gladio plays the drums and is the only one who can keep up with the messy way Noct writes the parts
  • sometimes dyes his mohawk flame red so when he whips his head around during his solos it looks like a phoenix coming alive onstage
  • “I just love pounding on the drums, you know? You don’t get to let loose and be yourself in a normal day job.”
  • Ignis used to be the permanent Guitarist but a terrible car accident injured his playing arm and left him with a face full of scars, he stopped playing on stage after that.
  • right now he’s focusing on being the manager of the group’s activities
  • He deals with the businessy side of the band, taking care of contracts and sponsorships, and the complicated reports to the agency about their activities and progress.
  • He’s the persistent voice in Noctis’ ear when it’s time to stop procrastinating and to start writing on that new song or album
  • “Sometimes I have to help him find inspiration in other works, or by showing him how happy he makes his fans with every new piece. Other times, it is straight up bullying him to put down that video game and get in the studio.”
  • Prompto’s favorite part is when the fans go crazy at the sight of him, the screaming and flustered chaos before a song is what gives him life
  • Noct’s favorite part is the singing, especially when the audience have memorized the lyrics and are singing it with him
  • Ignis is surprisingly popular considering he only showed up for a few early songs, he blames “the cliche character traits” he falls into with the glasses and suit
  • he’s not aware that he’s really attractive even outside the character trope and even with the scars on his face, he just can’t see it!
  • no pun intended
  • at first Gladio seems under appreciated musically, because nobody notices the importance of the drums in a live performance, but he’s okay with it
  • “it’s just fun to play a gig with my buddies and get it right every single time!”
  • he’s super popular on fanblogs though, so who cares what snobby magazines think!
  • Nyx is relatively older than the rest of them and actually belongs to a different agency, but the group has no permanent guitarist and his schedule was open
  • their music is always upbeat and intense and he liked it, but he was never one to stick with any one band for too long
  • The running theme of their music is the need to bring back the light to a gloomy world, and they’re the warriors who would do it if it cost them their lives
  • the fans don’t realize it, but Noct actually has a chronic illness that flares up one time while you’re filming and you catch the whole ordeal on tape
  • it starts off like a panic attack where he can’t breathe, which makes it difficult to actually sing his lines and they end up having an unscheduled intermission
  • but it continues to escalate to the point where he can’t hold himself upright without assistance, his knees buckle from under him and his headaches get really bad
  • you film Ignis trying to convince him to cancel the rest of the night’s show but he wouldn’t disappoint the fans like that, and pushes through with sheer willpower
  • Prompto is crying and worried for his friend’s life, even though “It happened before but it’s still hella scary!”
  • Gladio slaps Noct on the back in encouragement and helps him back to the stage to finish the night
  • “Noct’s stubborn, so I might as well support his dumb decisions. at least this way i’ll be there to catch him before he falls.” 
  • Nyx is concerned but entertained by the whole fiasco since nobody actually died “it’s like that time I toured with Libertus and he fell off stage but insisted on finishing the concert with his leg in a fresh cast.”
  • at the end of the show you ask Ignis if you should cut this part out of the documentary, and he considers your words for a while.
  • eventually he tells you to keep it in, the fans need to see how hard they’re is working for the world’s happiness
  • it started off as just another job but now you’re really in love with all these boys and their music is bomb!
  • somehow Noct gets you into filming a documentary about his fiance’s career: “The Heavenly Oracle”, an opera prodigy and her pianist brother.
KNK’s Agency Responds To Rumors of Seungjun Leaving The Group

KNK’s agency has responded to recent rumors that Seungjun will withdraw from the group to focus on acting and that a new member will join to fill his spot.

On July 5, KNK’s agency YNB Entertainment commented, “It is not true that Park Seungjun is leaving the group,” and added that the five members are currently filming their next music video.

KNK made a comeback with “Sun.Moon.Star” in May and is scheduled to return with a new release this month.