agency firearms

Remington POE Model 8 rifle

Manufactured by Peace Officer Equipment co. in St.Joseph, Montana c.1935-1936.
8.9x49mm/.35 Remington 15-round single stack removable box magazine, long-recoil rotating bolt semi-automatic, Thompson submachine gun pistol grip.

POE made a few modifications to the Remington Model 8 rifle to make it into a serious display of firepower, capable of dealing with the car-driving machine gun-toting gangsters of the 30′s.
The process was picked up by Remington themselves due to its success with law enforcement agencies.

When I stumbled across this little wonder at Agency Firearms here in Bellingham I didnt know what to think. This is the kind of thing you see in movies or videogames, and to the best of my knowledge I didnt think it was actually legal. It exists via mere loopholes but you can own one with a very short waiting period :O

It’s a 16.5in (barrel length) “sawed off”  shotgun complete with fold down pump foregrip (12 gauge.) The only downside is that it can only hold 3 shells plus one in the chamber but we discovered that we could almost get a saiga box magazine to fit and probably could modify one thus giving you extended capacity.  

It’s just crazy that its a “holsterable” shotgun. A perfect “plan B” for the zombie apocalypse we all know is coming :P 

Anyways, just something interesting I thought I would share. 

If you’re in Bellingham and you’re into the shooting scene, stop by Agency Firearms off the Guide-Meridian. Im here signing up for my concealed weapons class / licence.