agency buddy

Jake may be a good wingman, but Ezekiel is petty and pissed about Estrella so much.

Not because Cassie likes girls, or Estrella’s hot, because any attraction to Estrella went out with the vampire reveal.

No, it’s because Ezekiel Jones built a fucking list of potential girlfriends for Cassandra. He’s spent months researching, and reinvestigating all his old MI6 and other agency buddies, and vetoing them, and planning first dates.

And then Cassie goes and falls for a bloody fanger.

But still, he’s gonna make sure that Cassie looks magical when she goes to meet vampy, because like hell is she going to look like anything but a fairy tale princess.

(He wanted to do Prince Charming, but Cassandra shut him down so much, and honestly they are going to have to have talks about gender roles one day because Cassie is totally a Prince Charming, even magic thinks so.)