Feb 19, 7:32pm

It’s holiday here today! Unfortunately I wasn’t too productive today, and now I feel really bad about it. And I’m really anxious about that consultation with the legal aid director, which I keep on delaying (she will probably kill me when I meet her tomorrow.)

Anyway, I’m trying to salvage my day by being productive tonight. I just spent the last hour planning my finances for the rest of the month and for next month; I really need to save up for a decent desk for my apartment. Now, I’m getting a head start with my revision for Agency midterm.

Ya know what’s funny? When someone says “Yeah but your male past” to trans women as a way to invalidate our girlhood.

  1. A closeted trans girl does not necessarily internalize the messages of boyhood just because she hadn’t publicly declared her identity. That’s not how socialization works.
  2. There are some trans women who conceived of themselves as cis men before becoming aware of their transness. Not everyone was “born this way.” Trans women have agency over how they think about and discuss their past. Not anyone else.
  3. We all know you’re not trying to be edgy or add any nuance to the conversation, you’re just trying to tell trans women they’re men, and that makes you an asshole.