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It’s holiday here today! Unfortunately I wasn’t too productive today, and now I feel really bad about it. And I’m really anxious about that consultation with the legal aid director, which I keep on delaying (she will probably kill me when I meet her tomorrow.)

Anyway, I’m trying to salvage my day by being productive tonight. I just spent the last hour planning my finances for the rest of the month and for next month; I really need to save up for a decent desk for my apartment. Now, I’m getting a head start with my revision for Agency midterm.

anonymous asked:

Katrina I love you so much! IMO in 411 Fitz and LIv confirmed their bond & understanding of each other and worked together to change the dynamics of the kidnapping. Fitz went to war to save her. That bought her time to come up with a strategy. The telephone call was confirmation that she was not harmed and he was freed from the war blackmailers. Now Liv has more control of the situation. Fitz is still concerned but has faith in Olivia's abilities. He told Jake, "She does not need a hero"

Thank Christ that someone else read the episode in that way. Before I get to Fitz and Olivia, let me say this. The episode was entitled, Where’s the Black Lady. You know where she was? Being a gotdamn boss in captivity. That’s where. My girl Rose came to OPA asking for the black lady, "you know, the one in charge."  As soon as Ian let slip that he had a boss, She set about coming up with a strategy, and that was after she dropped the water class reflection bread crumb. Olivia Poped the hell out of Ian by appealing to something she said to Andrew in 316: “Men like you almost always choose power”:

Olivia: "The question isn’t what I want. It’s what you want. You wanna be a babysitter? Or do you wanna be a boss? It’s up to you."

Andy by the end of the episode we were again reminded that Olivia Pope, the black lady, is in charge, gladiating her way through this crisis.

So tell me again how Shonda is disrespecting Black History Month by making Olivia into a little slave girl?

and why? Because you’re to focused on superficial comparisons to look at the context and the being who’s doing the manipulation. Anyway…

For all Mellie’s talk about a partnership with Fitz, she went and did something unilaterally, and with benefit to herself, to help Fitz. Meanwhile, Olivia and Fitz were in sync the entire episode and worked together as a team to make progress. Every single thing that was pushed forward happened because of the two of them. And they never needed to actually speak to accomplish this. Why? The knowing that I have so often spoken about. 

But there’s one thing I would correct—it’s who bought who time. Fitz didn’t buy Olivia time. Fitz employed a strategy, taught to him by Olivia (107, 201) to buy himself time against making a move he didn’t want to make. And we saw that Olivia didn’t want Fitz to make the war decision—and not just because of her. She knows him. She knows how much the thought of risking innocent American lives weighs on him (201). He does not take war lightly, and he’s not a vengeful man by nature, though he can be pushed into doing so (405). 

[oh god, this is turning into me just vomiting all my random thoughts that should have gone into a review :o()]

I remarked on Twitter earlier that this kidnapping is actually a brilliant situation for uncovering true motivations and making a path for progress. Last week I commented on Olivia’s isolation allowing her to come to terms with herself (or at least begin to) because she has to work for herself and find a way through, after being unable to run from the situation. Secondly, with Olivia in isolation, she had no way of stopping Fitz this time from showing her just how much he would sacrifice for her, just her. He had no reservation, or hesitation about proving that, even though the cost was tearing him up inside. He’s said it a number of times and Olivia has run because she never wanted to be the reason he sacrificed anything. With nowhere to run, and no way to stop him, Fitz shows her exactly who he is. Remember, this man has no promise of anything with this woman. They were not technically in a relationship, but they remain in relation to each other always. And it is this ineffable bond that allowed them to traverse these troubled waters separately, but together. 

Fitz buys time (using Olivia’s teachings) by asking for proof of life. She drops the first breadcrumb knowing he will see it and get it to her people. She wouldn’t bet against Fitz’s love for her with Ian (“I’ll bet you he goes to war for you. That he loves you.”). She wouldn’t even look at those headlines about the war because she knows that’s not Fitz. When Ian called Fitz a puppet, did you see the look on Olivia’s face? She hates it when people try to manipulate Fitz. She went to work because she has never wanted to the cause of Fitz’s downfall. Coming up with the open market plan fucks up Andrew’s plan to ruin Fitz, allows her to gain Ian’s trust, and clearly have the upper hand in this cabal.

And the best part? Both Olivia and Fitz navigated through the morass while being in captivity. That’s right, Fitz was also being held captive in a way, and it was beautifully conveyed by Tony and Ms. Debbie Allen. In the first scene, we hear a familiar line from Agent Fielding:

"They don’t call this [WH] the crown jewel of the American prison system for nothing."

Fitz told Olivia almost that exact thing in 202 when he called her as a ‘good friend’ (lol). Later in 411 episode, we get a beautiful zoomed out shot of the Truman Balcony

Don’t those columns look like the most fabulous prison bars you’ve ever seen? 

Bars, or no bars, Fitzgerald Grant, just like the woman he loves, did not stop. He proves himself in the end, despite everyone, but Olivia, underestimating him.

And so, if the President is the most powerful man in the world, and he is controlled by Olivia Pope (as so many now know), then she is in fact the most powerful person in the world. The black lady. Clever and resourceful as she is, that is not what makes her so powerful.  Remember what Olivia told Rowan in 406?

Olivia: "I have weapons at my disposal—weapons you couldn’t possibly posess."

It is her love as a subject, not her labor as an object, that makes her the most powerful being in the world.


NB: That concludes today’s Q&A session. I had fun! I can do a couple more tomorrow. Don’t feel badly if I didn’t get to you :o(.


Whenever people make these cultural appropriation posts without even bothering to find out about that culture, beyond slotting it into a “white/non-white dichotomy”, it makes me feel like parts of tumblr treat non-Europeans as endangered animals to be protected. Instead of human beings with voices and the agency to speak for themselves. And frankly, I find it extremely dehumanising, especially when they get it wrong and strip non-Europeans of our agency. 

How is this any different from the Spanish priests who landed in the Americas and saw the Mesoamericans as “Noble Savages”? As simple-minded people who were like children and babies, innocent to the depravity of civilisation. Who needed to be protected. Sure, it’s different from the conquistadors who thought they were barbaric people who deserved to be slaughtered. But it’s still two sides of the same coin- it’s dehumanisation. In both cases, you do not see people as human beings like you: with agency to be rational, to think for themselves. It’s still EXTREMELY condescending and insulting. I’ve seen people throw a fit about photos of white people wearing the cheongsam, when they couldn’t even tell they were at a Chinese New Year celebration, when they probably don’t even know the modern cheongsam as you know it was born of Manchu influence during the Qing dynasty, and not a wholly Han Chinese garment. Nor did they know it’s a garment that doesn’t have to be earned. No, I did not feel 4000 years of civilisation crumbling when my French-American teacher in school wore a cheongsam during Chinese New Year. I was happy all the members of staff were eager to participate, rather than being aloof.

There’s a distinct tendency on parts of tumblr for people to be blind to confirmation bias: you see something that superficially supports what you subscribe to, you accept it and don’t critically evaluate it. This is not activism at all, if you don’t ever feel a need to continue critically evaluating the information you read. I mean, this doesn’t require you to have access to complicated, inaccessible knowledge. A basic google search will tell you the Haka is performed by NZ national teams in sporting events. It will tell you that a team comprised mostly of Maori started this tradition. 

It’s not that everything is totally “unproblematic” but a lot of it feels like calling out for the sake of it without bothering to research and understand the specific nuances of each culture? I mean I think that’s important too, so even if the thing deserves to be called out you can do so with a rich and deep understanding of why it’s wrong. 

magicinhermadness asked:

Hey! So you're one of the smartest people in the fandom and I have a question that's been nagging at me. What do anti-Olitzers mean when they say that Fitz takes away Olivia's agency? I know what agency is and I know how it works and I'm pretty sure he isn't taking anything from her that she isn't giving freely. I just don't understand what they see that I'm not seeing.

I’ve been wanting to get to this question for a week now, and not because you flattered me ;o). jessdan1999 submitted a very similar question as well, based on chatter she’s seen on message boards. 

First, let me say something about ideology. Ideology frames so much of our understanding of the world. That includes reading people, situations and even television shows. I fundamentally dislike Jake Ballard, for instance. My ideology of the ways in which love and relationships best function will never allow me to accept him as a legitimate suitor for Olivia Pope. That is true regardless of Fitzgerald Grant.

It is ideology and a fundamental dislike of Fitzgerald Grant that convinces many of these people that Fitz is taking away Olivia’s agency. I’ve gone through pains in several essays and an annotated pictorial to show how Olivia’s choice is clearly displayed and embedded into every single sexual encounter, whether it be with Fitzgerald Grant, or B.O.B (battery operated boyfriend—shout-out to an Anon for that one). Calling any encounter, whether it be the blatantly inappropriate, drunken behavior on Fitz’s part in the elevator in 211 (over which Olivia confronted him afterward); or the evidently mutual aggressive sex in the closet in 214, calling either of those situations ‘rape’ makes me furious because we’ve seen, more than once, on this same fucking show, the devastation wreaked by actual rape.

Pause for the cause. 

Why the fuck would you want to see Olivia Pope’s black body transgressed in that way? Because you hate the particular white man she’s in love with? Or is it that you actually have not respect for Olivia Pope and think she would go back time and time again to this man for more (supposed) ‘rape’?  Or maybe they really do want to turn her into Sally Hemmings, 14 year old slave girl with no agency under Thomas Jefferson. These same people make arguments to dismiss another white man, Jake, choking Olivia as something he was ‘forced into doing’. 

I cannot fuck with the basicness of such an ideology. Next.

Having said that, there is, however, one instance to which they can legitimately claim Fitz taking away Olivia’s agency. That is releasing her name as his mistress (301). I’ve already discussed how Rowan was complicit in this and bears some responsibility. And I’ve tried to explain where Fitz was coming from on that decision. We can argue all day about the merits of what he did all day, but the fact remains, he made a decision about her without her. And that is taking away her agency, even though exposing her also put him at risk. 

Lastly, I have noted that these same people often comment on how Fitz uses his physicality with Olivia—using his body to enter her personal space, compelling her to stay and confront him (101, 106, 213, 404, etc); grabbing her flush to his body or aggressively grabbing a part of Olivia’s body (107, 311, 404, etc). They feel that Fitz is aggressive with Olivia. No doubt there are times that their relationship is physically aggressive, and uncomfortably so. However, not once have I had the sense that Olivia feels she is in danger, or is afraid of Fitz. THAT is the difference between abuse and aggression. Once again, I am not sanctioning this, I’m saying that I observe the ways in which their relationship can make people uncomfortable. The fact that there is an absence of fear tells me what I need to know. Contrast every instance of Fitz’s aggression with Olivia’s reaction to Jake in 218 and 316 and then come talk to me.

Every other complaint of theirs goes back to their fundamental ideology, and girl, I don’t have time. 


I’m very happy with this print portfolio I made for Swerve Represents, the nice people who represents my work in London.
The portfolio is made of 60 20” prints, carefully edited and sequenced by me and the wonderful Swerve team.

Please turn the sound on and enjoy.


(Video : Alex Cretey Systermans, 2015)

Có hai việc mình mãi không bao giờ làm được đó chính là vẽ vời và hát. Nên mỗi khi thấy mình cố gắng làm hai việc đó là thật ra mình đang phá hoại :D

Hôm nay mình sợ phải phá hoại tiếp nên mình gửi những dòng này hy vọng bạn nào làm thiết kế trông thấy! Nếu đang chán công việc hiện tại hay thời gian bỏ không chưa biết lấp trống cách nào thì hãy đến với dự án của chúng mình!

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+ Ngoài chuyện kiếm thêm thu nhập băng công việc trên thì cốt lõi của dự án này là phần mềm (hơi bị ghê nên giữ bí mật cái tên) đến nay thì hoàn tất gần 80% rồi, hoạt động khá tốt, khách hàng cũng khen nhiều nhưng mà lắm lúc nhìn vào nó lại thở dài vì nó được mình thiết kế.., nên cần phải làm mới hơn từ UI đến UX sao cho nó hài hoà.

+ Ứng dụng điện thoại cũng thuộc mục tiêu nho nhỏ của tụi mình, có nhiều dựa án và ý tưởng còn dang dở nhưng có một cái gần làm xong làm ứng dụng backups dành cho Tumblr.

Chúng mình không nhất thiết cần một thiết kế giỏi và dày kinh nghiệm, chỉ cần làm được việc mình muốn và có thể vẽ tay! Việc còn lại là chưa hiểu về những gì thuộc về website hay phần mềm thì để mình giúp.
Nếu bạn có thể, có hứng thú với dự án này và đang ở Sài Gòn hãy cho phép mình mời bạn ly cà phê, sẽ có nhiều điều để nói về dự án và hướng đi tương lai như thế nào, để biết, để đi cùng!

Có thể gửi ask cho mình hoặc email mình là: nguyenle@outlook.com.
Có thể hãy giúp mình chia sẽ thông tin này đến người có thể tham gia, cảm ơn bạn!

Modesty for Heaven’s Sake: Authority and Creativity among Female Ultra-Orthodox Teenagers in Israel

Before clicking through, be aware that the article contains the following triggers: discussion of gender-based oppression (naturally), menstruation, mentions of food, diets and intentional weight loss.

This article describes research done about Haredi girls regarding modesty (tzniut), explaining their autonomy in a realm usually considered oppressive by nature. I found it fascinating, anthropologically and religiously, and I hope you all will too.

I’m happy to say that Lea, the woman who wrote this, was my teacher for a year. The paper includes sentences such as:

  • "[T]he Bais Yaakov girls transform modesty from a social-masculine obligation into a divine one."
  • "These young women are ready and willing to endure complex processes of self-discipline and supervision, but they choose their own goals as well as their own reasons."
  • "I propose to see the current ideal of modesty presented here as another realm in which Haredi women are reconstructing their religious gender roles."

The length of the article is 17 pages (plus notes), and is possible to download as PDF or read online. Enjoy and educate yourselves!