agence opale

Nightmare Agency Bios

Opal is impulsive, destructive and aggressive, he’s the first nightmare agent we meet. He’s cruel and enjoys causing chaos and making a mess of things, and tends to be sloppy with his work,  his monsters tend to be unpredictable difficult to control.

Onyx is intelligent, calm and cool, he takes his time with his work and is a bit of a perfectionist. He has a terrible temper however, and its quite easy to get under his skin. He seems to be self concious about childish appearance. His nightmares are strong and he has no trouble controlling them, however they are terribly predictable.

Labra is haughty and arrogant, she loves to show off and be in the spotlight, and has an extremely large ego. shes stubborn, lazy and selfish and hates it when things don’t go her way, she’s also quite petty and tends to hold grudges over the most trivial of matters. Her nightmares are as flashy as she is.

Chrys is quiet and stoic, the fourth nightmare agent, she’s difficult to read and seems to be the odd one out in the group, she’s the most competent of the Nightmare agents, however, she refuses to cooperate and work with the other members, giving her a great disadvantage.

Druzy is the leader and founder of the nightmare agency, she’s ruthless and cruel and seems to enjoy the suffering of others, Her goal is to collect energy in order to awaken the ‘Princess of Darkness’ by putting people into eternal sleep and creating monsters called Nightmares from the darkness in their hearts. She seems to have a personal hatred for the Crystal Warriors and will stop at nothing to have them destroyed.

The Princess of Darkness is a dark embodiment of despair who was sealed away long ago by the previous generation of Crystal Warriors, She desired to put the entire world into eternal sleep.