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Henlo I have a story and a comment ! I was in the airport earlier and I witnessed this Officer 1 : * turns to officer 2 as he pretends to pop his collar * WhY HeLLO thERE ofFicER Officer 2 : *high pitched giggle and also I went into the Mrs kirk thing thinking that it was gonna jump the gun , But THIS fIC is so fluffy and cute and sad and ughhh the scene when they wake up in same bed for the first time ? i just wanna sleep and snuggle into bed now XD thank u ! 💜

Haha, i’m glad you like it! I wanted to take it from an angle of ‘well this is strange and new and uncomfortable for us’ rather than that typical fanfic magic of suddenly everything is romance and sex y’know? :) <3 x

You learn to fly, and you fly the way you feel. There’s nothin’ like single engine, single seat flyin’. When you got the power, you can get in and around those white things up there, and man, it is just out of this world…they call ‘em clouds.
—  Ernie Bankey, Jr, P-51 WWII Triple Ace
One Six Right, directed by Brian J Terwilliger