Taylor, your lyrics mean so much to me. With every album you’ve made since I was twelve your songs have related to my life. When I was feeling depressed at a young age I felt i was tied together with a smile but coming undone. When my first boyfriend dumped me I realized he was with someone else and he should’ve said no… BUT JUST ANOTHER PICTURE TO BURN. I was fourteen when I heard fifteen and it meant so much to me then - but i’ve learned so much growing up that fifteen means so much more to me now. When you released speak now i was being bullied and threatened. You taught me to stand up for myself and speak up. I did that and i am so proud that I did. I was in grade twelve when RED came out. I will never forget listening to that amazing record Taylor. The songs really touched my heart. As slopes were treacherous but I liked it. Stay stay stay, state of grace, and starlight related a lot to my relationship. It’s the worthwhile fight, he stayed, and i shouldn’t be singing the blues. Begin again has also meant a lot to me. The meaning has changed over the years, but now. When i hear the “I watched it begin again” The it doesn’t refer to a relationship or love. It relates to my life and it beginning again. I felt I really started to live once you released 1989 and even so I relate your old songs to now. After listening to 1989 I listened to all your older songs and how they meant to me when i was younger has completely changed. I love listening to begin again because i feel that my life is wonderful now. Thank you so much for all your albums Taylor. You have always taught me so much. And as 1989 came out this past year, you have taught me even more. The best people in life are free. I can live my life on my terms. I can be happy and I don’t need someone else to create my own happiness. I create my life. I create anything. I love you so much Taylor. Thank you so so much for sharing all your knowledge and love over the years. I am so grateful <3 taylorswift

Phan Squad 2.0

So, I was that anon that requested to make my own Dan and Phil Defense Squad. This is it!

We are asking for members aged 12-14. 12 year olds will not be judged for having Tumblrs. We really don’t care about that.

I’m the absolute worst at Social Media, so there won’t be much required:

- Tumblr

- Youtube

- Phone/Texting/iMessage

If you have more, that’s great. If not, oh well. This squad is inspired by luigilester and youre-the-dan-to-my-phil, FYI. I always give credit, because I know how sucky it would be without it.

Similar to the Dan and Phil Defense Squad, I don’t want too many people. 30 max. The form is here.

Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

To try to get in you must:

-Follow me

-Reblog this

-Have the required Social Media

-Fill out of the form

Thank you!

EDIT: I added the proper link here too!

anonymous asked:

Love the Vitamin D series. Just wondering why you decided to mention the age difference between Derek and Ahsha in this particular fic. Thanks

Wow, this certainly is an interesting, provocative question.

 I had to think about it a bit before answering.

First of all, thanks for supporting The Vitamin D Series and I’m glad you are enjoying the story thus far.

I took a lot of creative licence in this “Alternate Dersha Universe.” For instance I gave Derek an older brother and a father. Pete and Sloane have been happily married for 25 years. And Kyle is in a somewhat stable relationship. 

As for mentioning the age difference, I find it interesting that there is no mention of the it on HTF.  Mac and Tay have at least a 12-year age difference in real life, but their chemistry is fire! 

I just wanted to see how Dersha would navigate their attraction to each other with their age gap as a possible hindrance. 

Clearly, they are both adults, so their romance is in no way forbidden or inappropriate. But perhaps it’s taboo in their own minds because of preconceived notions of how love should happen? And that, my dear, was too intriguing to pass up.

Thanks so much for your question. And thanks again for your support!


More pictures on the Thomas Waldo Story Marble Bust…

Flavius Honorius 383-423 A.D.

Romam Emperor of the Western Empire at the age of only 12 years

Signed to the base of the neck ‘Waldo Story Roma’

I was searching for a mix cd I made approximately a million years ago and instead found all of my high school band cds (concert AND marching band) … I am really tempted to actually listen to them, both for the good (Holst! October!) and the bad (that time we played star wars the phantom menace…I can’t even watch the movie without cringing now at the music…at least the part where they fight Darth Maul bc guess who got to play that awful repetitive part? Of all the Star Wars soundtracks, why did we play phantom menace? I mean, really…)

Yeah…I remember too much about high school band. But I’m not kidding when I say that my passion for band rivaled my passion for Parks. I won the John Phillip Sousa Award for God’s sakes. Which I still have bc I’m a hoarder. It’s on my bookshelf next to my rookie of the year award for my first year of teaching.

What the fuck is this post? I’m so tired. I’ve clearly become delusional.