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Non Believer - Chapter One
  • Dragon Age
  • Chapter: One - Everyone has a Price
  • Relationship: Fenris x F!Hawke
  • Rating: E
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Hawke had always told herself she’d pay the debts and be out. Easier said than done. She finds herself in the Wolf’s employ, working as his gun, hunting down his enemies.

There’s nothing quite like a fist. Clenched tight, knuckles white, knuckles bloody. Bone against bone, colliding with jaw, spit flying. Her head rolls, hair across a sweat soaked face, tasting iron in her mouth. She gives another test to the metal around her wrists, pulling, and finds no give. Lifting her head to glare at him, watching as he lines up another. No, there’s nothing quite like a fist. Shaking her head as her vision swirls, as pain blooms in her skull. “Do it again,” she says as the blood dribbles from her nose, twin lines that muddy around her mouth. He takes her up on her offer, and her head hangs as blood drools to the floor, between her feet. Hair like a halo darkly, a veil that hides the way she grits her teeth.

“Enough.” There’s boredom in that voice. The bruiser’s worn shoes are replaced with shining newness, a neat black with laces tied. Not a scuff upon them. Someone has put a chair in front of her, and she watches as those shoes turn, take a seat. “We’re going to talk,” he tells her. “You are going to tell me everything I want to know.” Hawke licks her lips, eases back in the chair as she looks up. She’ll have a black eye in the morning, and she knows her lip is split. Taking a pained breath and yes, that’s definitely a cracked rib. Good enough.

“Why would I tell you anything?” A slow smile as she carefully shakes her head, and despite the blood and the hands tied behind the chair, she looks almost comfortable. Her shirt is old and stained, ripped where she’s been cut. There’s a hole forming in the knee of her jeans, and her shoes have seen better days. That hair is chopped and messy, clearly cut by herself. He’s examining her from head to toe, finds her lacking. The only thing striking is the clear blue of her eyes, a fixated ocean, a gaze that does not shift from his.

A stark difference in his careful attire, the luxurious suit. Almost all black besides that darkly green vest, a velvet statement of wealth. “You say that like you don’t know who I am or that you think I don’t know who you are,” he says. Green meets blue, and she doesn’t blink. His grey hair is trimmed short on the sides, longer pieces slicked back. His vitiligo winds like vines at his chin, curls down his neck. She can see it on his hands as well, and yes, there’s no mistaking who he is. She keeps that smile, says nothing.

“If you will not talk to me, perhaps you’ll talk to a friend,” Fenris says. Without looking behind him, he simply raises a hand, gestures someone forward. One speaks to another, the door to the warehouse opens. She strides in as she tucks the phone into her pocket. Another expensive suit, but this one hides a gun. She takes her place beside him, one hand on the back of his chair. Pinching the bridge of her nose, sighing as her hand rests at her hip. Wherever he was, she was sure to follow so it wasn’t if Hawke didn’t know she’d come.

“Hello Aveline,” Hawke says to her. Aveline’s fingers tap the chair in a hard rhythm, one after the other, the line of her mouth souring the longer she looks at her. That red hair pulled back into a stiff knot and maybe Hawke’s missed her face, maybe not.

“I thought I’d never see you after you left the FSF. After Ostagar,” Aveline says. The thing she remembers most about the Ostagar OP was the rain. Of course there was the mud and Aveline’s hair still flaming under her helmet, but nothing could compare to the rain. Soaking through their uniforms, through skin and bone, drowning in their blood. There’s been no storm since to match it. Hawke tilts her head and the smile barely shifts.

“But you’ve kept tabs on me,” she says. It’s said matter of fact and the tap, tap, tap against the chair continues to beat. Not that Hawke hasn’t kept tabs on her as well. Always a good thing to keep an eye in the right place, an ear to the ground.

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Anders reaction to his child being templar-positive and thinking mages should stay in the circle

For a moment, he could feel Justice wanting to take full control when he heard his child, his own child, say that mages should be in the circles. He managed to control himself before he actually hurt them, though he did stop with his hand raised as if he were going to slap them. What a terrible thing to do if he hadn’t been able to stop.

With every ounce of his self control and more than one look from Hawke that said it all, he somehow managed to keep Justice from taking over. 

It was moments like these that made having Justice with him like this a living hell. He still thinks about it, even now, of how his own anger twisted his friend from Justice to Vengeance. Anger like the bit that bubbled in his stomach to hear anyone say such a thing about mages. They didn’t live it, the abuse so how could they know. 

But his child was different. This human being that he has been raising with Hawke is different than some random person.

And perhaps that’s why it hurt him the most to hear them say that. 

Anders knew that if he wanted them to understand it at all, he would need to be in complete control, no matter how much Justice yelled within his head, as he explained to them his experiences. 

They might be too young to hear all the details since he and Hawke still agreed there were parts of the Circle still to grim to hear about at that age. They needed to know, especially when Anders still faced the uncertainty of whether or not his magical abilities were passed down to this child or not.

More than anything, he needs to be understanding. Explain things so that they know why it is wrong. Even if it means that he must fight back the feeling of bile in his throat as Justice tries to push with all his might for control of Anders body. This child is more important than that.

(Just so you know, I wrote this as Hawke and Anders are raising this kid together, so this is a romance thing but I only stated that the child was Anders in case someone was reading this and had a male Hawke. You can decide exactly how the child relates on your own. Also I’m sorry for the implication that Anders was going to hit the kid. Parents should not do that, no matter what)

-Direct From Orzammar  

Winter & Warmth - Kanders

(for Kandersgiving 2017)

In the winter months, Anders always wakes in the middle of the night—teeth chattering, entire body shaking, all ten toes numb, and cold right down to the very bone. This time of year always feels unbearable, keeping him from sleeping through the night and making his waking hours unpleasant. He feels like his constant state of being is shivering, rubbing his hands together, and casting small fire spells when he has the chance. He’s so skinny that it’s hard to keep warm, even under his Circle-issued woolen blanket.

Kinloch Hold usually stays a bearable temperature in the daytime, filled with fireplaces powered by magic and inferno mages who simply warm the air around them. But it gets frigid cold at night, enough to turn the tips of his ears pink and make his teeth chatter so loudly that it wakes his bunkmates.

Those damn Ferelden winters—the ones that can last almost half the year, that coat the trees and tower with a sheet of ice, that can free one’s fingers off just by walking outside for a minute. Can anyone, even a person native to Ferelden, truly get used to those?

Thankfully, Anders has a secret method to combating the cold. One only he has the honor of having.

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carver reacting to getting a lot of love letters and after a while finding out that they are all from Merrill?

He never imagined that he would get a love letter. Life on the run with his twin and father being apostates made it hard to connect with around them. Even his older siblings shadow made it hard for Carver to shine as his own person. Lothering was the first place that they had been able to stay for an extended period, but he went to fight at Ostagar to even escape that. He wanted to be his own person. 

That didn’t happen until they had finally been able to settle in Kirkwall. Most of the letters that came to Gamlen’s little hovel always seemed to be addressed to his older sibling, who somehow got a reputation as Hawke, despite the fact that carver was just as much a Hawke as they were. 

However one day after a long day of getting involved with things that really beyond what he or Hawke should care about but they still pay well, Gamlen informed them that, yes his older sibling has some letters and Carver has one as well.

His curiosity was piqued since he never gets anything. The envelope was simple and with his siblings practically hollering for him to open it, he rips it open as gently as he could (though it still was pretty messy). It only took a few seconds of reading the contents of the letter to realize what it was and even though he couldn’t believe it was that, he quickly put it back into the envelope to keep his sibling from reading over his shoulder.

“It’s just junk mail.” He tried to brush it off when they asked what it was but they didn’t believe him when he took the letter to their shared bedroom to read it in private. 

Once Carver was alone, he pulled out the letter and fully gets a chance to read it, he can’t help but blush. The words weren’t extremely elegant so it wasn’t a professional by any means but they were still sweet. It was something he would have expected his older sibling to receive with how popular they are but it had been address to him. That alone sent a bit more of a thrill through Carver to know what he was beating them at something. 

By the time he reached the end of the letter, he really wants to know who wrote him the letter but finds that they didn’t give their name at the end. It was frustrating, not knowing who wrote him, but it also made him hope that they would do so again. He wanted to know who it was so badly.

For the next few weeks, he found himself receiving these letters of affection on a semi-regular basis from whomever was sending them to him. He constantly tried to keep it from his older sibling, not wanting them to butt into his business. But of course not all things could last, now could it?

One evening, Carver was reading his newest letter in his shared from with his sibling when they come marching in the room. He wasn’t quick enough to hide the letters and even if he wasn’t a fan of their presence all that much, his somewhat cheerful mood from reading the letter wasn’t completely faded. 

They managed to snatch the letter from him and when they look it, they smile at him. “You dog, when did you finally manage to capture the heart of our sweet Merrill?”

This surprised Carver for so many reasons. He hadn’t known that his crush for the Dalish elf was so obvious or that his older sibling would know the letter were from her just by looking at them. He couldn’t stop his face from heating from their teasing but he gets the letter away from them. 

He couldn’t believe they were all from Merrill, whom he’d been crushing once since like as soon as they had met her. He always figured that she hadn’t noticed him, with how much he always seemed to lurk in his siblings shadow. 

He questioned his older sibling quite a bit, needing to know that they are correct in this before Carver does anything. But they seem sure and that gives him a bit of confidence. He has wanted to know who wrote the letters from the very first one but this seemed nearly too good. He needs to talk with Merrill right away.

(I’m ending this on a kind of cliff hanger bc well, this is getting long and I wanna leave this up to you guys. Also I’m sorry if your Hawke isn’t quite like all this, I lean towards a purple Hawke when I write since that how my Hawke was)

-Direct From Orzammar


KIRKWALL COFFEE: Episode 1 » [1/?]

If you haven’t watched this incredible YouTube series you need to get on it right now. The team at @nyxrising play the Dragon Age 2 characters in a modern setting and it’s both unbelievably accurate and HILARIOUS. They’ve just uploaded their third episode, so go support them and catch up on all three ASAP ✨

Edit under cut:

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hey!! here’s a cropped (and messy!!) sketch of something i’m working on for the outcast, but never alone taz zine!

it’s turning out to be a SLOW labour of love but i’m determined to make a piece that portrays the same safe+excited feeling this podcast gives me :’-)

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THANK YOU for your beautiful elves and their dark skin!! It means so much!!!! I hope you're having a fantastic day, you angelic creature

no need to thank me! here have my fave golden boy :’)