The Perks Of Adopting An Older Child


“I was 8 years old when my first daughter Rachel was born. Scandalous? Not really. I wasn’t even aware of her arrival on this earth. Nothing changed for me. She took her first breath on March 21, 1986 and I played pretend with my friend Nora at recess. I completed 2nd grade without a single thought of becoming a mother. Her mother and father delighted in her, they watched her take her first steps as I navigated the 3rd grade. They heard her first words but her voice wouldn’t fall upon my ears for another 15 years.”


Considering the age group I’m interested in, this could be me.

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Hiya! So I've been wanting to get into cosplay for a while now, and me and my friends really want to start a miraculous cosplay YouTube channel! Our only concern is that we're kinda young(13-15), so we're not sure if people would be interested in younger cosplayers, or think that it's lame. We're not super childish or anything, but we still goof around of course. We were just concerned. What do you think? P.s your Adrien & Chat Noir cosplays slay my life; ur awesome & a huge inspiration (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Hey there!  That’s great that you’re wanting to start a YouTube channel inspired by the Miraculous series!  There’s a lot of love for that show right now and it just keeps getting bigger!  To be honest, 13-15 isn’t the youngest age group I’ve seen on YouTube and not the youngest I’ve met at conventions, either.

The number of your age really isn’t a factor as much as your creativity, maturity, or your professionalism, depending what you’re hoping to get out of your channel.  People do YouTube videos for different reasons.  “Goofing around” is not a bad thing at all; it can certainly play to your advantage if you’re looking to make impromptu comedy skits or things like that!  If you want to make videos to entertain yourselves and anyone else who feels like watching, excellent!  That’s the easiest way to motivate yourself, I think.  If you’re hoping to make a career out of it, that could certainly happen, you just have to be patient.  It won’t happen overnight, and you’ll have to build trust in your community over time.

So if you’re asking my personal opinion, I’d say go for it!  There’s nothing to stop you unless you let it.  Do it for yourselves and have the most fun with it that you can!  Use it as a good opportunity to bond and grow, stretching your creativity and hone your skills in whatever direction you’re passionate about!  Honestly, some of the best friends I’ve had were 15 or 16 years old, considerably younger than myself.  It’s about how you present yourselves, not about your actual ages.

And thank you, that’s very sweet of you to say!  Best of luck to you all!
Secular US Families Raising Children Without Any Religion...
Parents with secular ideas do not force children to follow any specific religion and let them find their own way in life...
By Umama Malik

“23% of the entire American population follows no religion and 30 % of them are between the 18-29 age group…

…secular families bond well, understand each other, have better ethical standards and are more open to the views of other family members.

“Many nonreligious parents were more coherent and passionate about their ethical principles than some of the ‘religious’ parents in our study,” Bengston told me. “The vast majority appeared to live goal-filled lives characterized by moral direction and sense of life having a purpose.”
“Nones” have what religious households lack. They cultivate empathy in their children which is not affected by presence of God or His absence.

Their morality standard is nothing but the Golden Rule – “treats others as you want thy self to be treated.”

An atheist mom shares ,” The way we teach them what is right and what is wrong is by trying to instill a sense of empathy … how other people feel.”
“The way we are teaching our children,” she continued, “no matter what they choose to believe later in life, even if they become religious or whatever, they are still going to have that system.”

Moreover such kids are not likely to come under social influences. They know why they are doing and what they are doing. Statistics show that democratic countries with majority secular populations have low crime rate.

Atheists do what other religions teach. They try to do good to others because it all comes back in the end like an echo.  They just take God out of the equation.”

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@the anon who is afraid of still being attracted to the ppl that are their age but are turning 18 so you shouldn't be!! if you're still in highschool and you think that gal/guy/person in your class is hot that's fine bc you're all still in the same age group what would be weird if you were attracted to say a freshman that's not good but if you're 18 and a classmate is still 17 its okay!! you are disgusting or nasty for feeling that way

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(While I still have the M!A òvó) *A smol child Luka approaches you! How will you react?


((Rune actually can’t put up with people around his age because he prefers his alone time more than most along with reading to the point of believing books his friends.))

((Actually he doesn’t match any age group well. XD))

My DHMIS 5 Theory

So I’ve watched the new DHMIS video a few times now, and I noticed something interesting: The focus in this is not The Teachers, but The Students.

It seems like little talk has gone into what the puppet trio represent, even though they are the main characters. Here’s how I see it. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared it meant to be a dark take on children’s educational programming right? Well what is important to consider when making a show? The age demographics that you are looking to reach.

And that is what the puppets stand for. The ages of the kids who would be watching, with Harry for older kids, Robin for kids in the middle, and Manny for very young children.

So at the end of DHMIS 4, Harry escapes the show and everything looks like a cheap knockoff of episode 1. I think that is meant to say that with an original piece of the show missing, everything else falls apart.

And what does DHMIS 5 look like? A watered down version of the other episodes. They lost a demographic with Harry, and need to make it fit closer to the only demographics that they have left. The problem is that they went too far. The music is babyish and the moral makes no sense. Only Manny is entertained while Robin can see right through the faulty premise. Without Harry’s more adult touch, the show is crumbling away.

Now only Manny is left, the youngest demographic. What does this mean for the final episode? I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be creepy as hell.


Big part of my final project is studies of the animals I’m drawing. So Ive been doing a lot of them and thinking about the way they interacted and lived as well. Here are a few sketches of a 2 yr old rex in various poses. And a 12 year old rex which was interesting to see since in the three age groups I have 2, 12 and 17 this is the middle. But what Ive see is that there is a much different and more drastic change in the age gap of 12 to 17 then in the gap of 2 to 12 which astounds me.

Also researching the idea that Tyrannosaurus rex lived in a matriarchal society like Elephants. The females lived in family groups perhaps with all their generations to keep young safe, while males (similar to elephants) lived on their own only appearing to mate or to fight with other males over territory. Granted I doubt a group of tyrannosaurus would be as large as a herd of elephants since each rex would need food. And there would be a difference in sharing food from a kill compared to elephants where they have various sorces of vegetation to share amongst each other. I bet feeding would be similar to lions where the oldest would have first pickings.

Guide to Age Groups

***Note: these categories are not set in stone, and separations can vary based on website or bookstore. These are based on general rules in the agent and publisher world, and how they view markets***


Who are they aimed at:

Baby: Under reading age, up to 3 (depends on child’s development)

First Reader: 3-5

Children: up to 8 years old

Middle Grade (MG): 9-12 years old

Young Adult (YA): Further split into two groups, but shelved together. 13-15 and 16-19

New Adult*: 19-24

Adult: mid 20s and up


In depth:

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Where do the 16-29 year olds live in Bedford?

The Office for National Statistics release estimates on the age profiles of small areas in each district in England. I have mapped the 16-29 year old age group in Bedford. Its an interactive map so you can zoom in and out and clicking once on a area will bring up its age profile - telling you exactly how many people of different age groups live in that area. The colours denote:

16-29 year olds
Red: Between 500 and 700 people
Pink: Between 400 and 500 people
Yellow:Between 300 and 400 people
Green: Between 200 and 300 people
Blue: Less than 200 people

(Source: ONS Mid Year Population Estimates by LSOA 2010)

Full scale map:

Did you need any more information on where different type of people live to help you market your services? If so let me know


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It's strange when you think about it...

I was at the local game store with my boyfriend earlier today and we started talking to a kid who must’ve been in his mid to late teens about consoles. He seemed really into GTA and went on all about it. Now my boyfriend isn’t what you’d call a GTA fan, he liked some of the games in the series and disliked others. This kid mentioned he was interested in an Xbox one, which I won’t judge you if you wanna get one, but I’m just not interested, instead favoring the Playstation 4. And my boyfriend even mentioned why we wanted one- because of Kingdom Hearts 3. The kid shrunk away from us like we were freaks as soon as it was mentioned.

To give you an idea of our age range- I’m 23, my boyfriend is 30, and we’re both very into series that many would consider “childish-” Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, games like those. And I noticed that a lot of people in that age group share our interests. Games, books and television shows that are normally marketed to younger people… have a mature fandom, while things that are marketed to adults- games like Call of Duty or GTA or other things with a violent or oversexualized nature are often followed by children ranging in age from 8 or 9 years old to not much older than 15 or 16. There is an exception to every rule of course, but I noticed that it seems to be the norm… I wonder why that is…

Am I the only one that notices this?