Canon ages, heights and weights for each berserk charatcer

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Romanized name: Guts

Age: 24

Height: 204cm - 6'8"

Weight: 115kg - 18st.2lb

Romanized name: Puck

Age: Unknown (c'moon…)

Height: 15cm - 0'6"

Weight: 20g - 0.04lb

Romanized name: Casca

Age: 24

Height: 165cm - 5'5"

Weight: 50kg - 7st.12lb

Romanized name: Farnese

Age: 19

Height: 162cm - 5'4"

Weight: 48kg - 7st.8lb

Romanized name: Serpico

Age: 20

Height: 175cm - 5'9"

Weight: 63kg - 9st.13lb

Romanized name: Isidro

Age: 14

Height: 130cm - 4'3"

Weight: 42kg - 6st.9lb

Romanized name: Schierke

Age: 13

Height: 120cm - 3'11"

Weight: 31kg - 4st.12lb

Romanized name: Ivalera

Age: Unknown

Height: 17cm - 0'7"

Weight: 18g - 0.04lb

Romanized name: Azan

Age: 46

Height: 157cm - 5'2"

Weight: 95kg - 14st.13lb

Romanized name: Roderick

Age: 27

Height: 188cm - 6'2"

Weight: 77kg - 12st.2lb

Romanized name: Magnifico

Age: 28

Height: 174cm - 5'9"

Weight: 69kg - 10st.12lb

Romanized name: Isma

Age: 15

Height: 152cm - 4'12"

Weight: 44kg - 6st.13lb

Romanized name: Griffith

Age: 24

Height: 178cm - 5'10"

Weight: 66kg - 10st.6lb

Romanized name: Zodd

Age: Unknown

Height: 220cm - apostle form 350cm | 7'3" - apostle form 11'6" (seems a little short in his apostle form - possibly referring to when he’s on all fours?)

Weight: 165kg - apostle form 1001kg | 26st - apostle form 157st.9lb (just 1 over 1000kg - Zodd goes above and beyond!)

Romanized name: Sonia

Age: 15

Height: 140cm - 4'7"

Weight: 42kg - 6st.9lb

Romanized name: Locks

Age: Unknown

Height: 200cm - apostle form 300cm | 6'7" - apostle form 9'10"

Weight: 100kg - apostle form 520kg | 15st.10lb - apostle form 81st.12lb

Romanized name: Irvine

Age: Unknown

Height/length: 175cm - apostle form 531cm from nose to tail | 5'9" - apostle form 17'5" from nose to tail

Weight: 63kg - apostle form 446kg | 9st.13lb - apostle form 70st.3lb

Romanized name: Gurunberd

Age: Unknown

Height: 270cm - apostle form 600cm | 8'10" - apostle form 19'8"

Weight: 303kg - apostle form 1644kg | 47st.10lb - apostle form 258st.12lb

Romanized name: Raksas (with extra sass)

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Mule (Wolflame):
Romanized name: Mule

Age: 17

Height: 150cm - 4'11" (he’s tiny!)

Weight: 48kg - 7st.8lb

Romanized name: Rickert

Age: 19 (holy shit!)

Height: 166cm - 5'5"

Weight: 61kg - 9st.8lb

Romanized name: Judo

Age: 18

Height: 159cm - 5'3"

Weight: 49kg - 7st.10lb

Romanized name: Pippin

Age: 19

Height: 190cm - 6'3"

Weight: 133kg - 20st.13lb

Romanized name: Carcus

Age: 20

Height: 173cm - 5'8"

Weight: 66kg - 10st.6lb

Romanized name: Charlotte

Age: 20

Height: 162cm - 5'4"

Weight: 50kg - 7st.12lb

Romanized name: Mozguz

Age: 42

Height: 222cm - apostle spawn form 280cm | 7'3" - apostle spawn form 9'2"

Weight: 145kg - apostle spawn form 299kg | 22st.12lb - apostle spawn form

Romanized name: Ganishka

Age: Unknown

Height: 180cm - apostle form “measurement is impossible” | 5'11" - apostle form “y'all can’t measure this”

Weight: 92kg - apostle form “measurement is impossible” | 14st.7lb - apostle form “y'all can’t measure this”

Romanized name: Master Daiba

Age: Unknown

Height: 165cm - 5'5"

Weight: 44kg - 6st.13lb

Romanized name: Silat

Age: 25

Height: 182cm - 5'12"

Weight: 75kg - 11st.11lb

Romanized name: Erica

Age: 11

Height: 139cm (she’s taller than Schierke, ha) - 4'7"

Weight: 43kg - 6st.11lb

Romanized name: Godo

Age: 68

Height: 155cm - 5'1"

Weight: 51kg - 8st

Romanized name: Luka

Age: 27 (older than I expected)

Height: 174cm - 5'9"

Weight: 63kg - 9st.13lb

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me at age 13: i cant wait to get hot

me at age 15: still cant wait

me at age 17: OH- oh false alarm

me at age 19: maybe ill be a cute old lady

Could you do a scenario where a girl of the age 13-15 happens to be the new Sacrificial Bride, and she doesn’t even care that she is a bride, and doesn’t mind them being vampires . What will the brothers say and how will they react.  Requested by Anon. 

Starting with sorry if this is not what you were expecting as an answer but i did my best and i hope you like it.

Alright so i do not think that the girl’s age would change much for them on the blood drinking level. Also A lot of things may differ depending on said girl’s personality. So this would be mostly first reactions, they might grown fond of her later one or hate her.

Shu: The blond could be bothered at all, to him that she accepts her place or not doesn’t matter, he will simply drink her blood when he wishes to and leave without a word.

Reiji: Seeing as she is still young and seem to understand that she cannot fight them (at least that is how he sees it) he might try and break her in order to ‘remake’ her into a suitable lady.

Ayato: Seeing as he loves teasing and getting scared reaction from others, the redhead might get quickly bored with a girl who accepts her fate soo quickly and is not bottered one bit that he is a vampire.

Kanato: If she listens to him and never tries to contradict him, they might be able to get along. Kanato might get angry if she never cares for whatever he does to her thought.

Laito: His attitude or actions most probably will not be changing at first, seeing as he simply wouldn’t care that she is okay with everything. But he might get bored after a while if the girl offers no challenge or resistance.

Subaru: The white haired attitude would probably be the same as when he treats Yui in the anime, he might also try his hardest to make this girl understand that they are true monsters.


Badly Drawn Reset AU Event!!!

Here’s the rundown:

Damino Doppio moved to the united states as a young teen with his father to watch the Steel Ball Run race in 1890. Damino secretly entered the race at the age of 13, but failed in the first part due to his massive inexperience with horses. Damino and his father hailed from the kingdom of Naples and planned to head back after the race. Damino’s father, however, hit a business jackpot with liquor sales and decided to stay in the USA. Damino grew up in New York and eventually inherited his father’s business when his father died. His childhood friend from New York, Amatore, had lived there all his life, his grandparents were Italian immigrants. Amatore earned money through underground boxing rings and was given the nickname “The Devil” due to his merciless and brutal fighting style. In the above picture, Damino is 25 and Amatore is 27.

In the 1920′s, Damino was suddenly out of business due to the prohibition. Desperate to continue the family business, he up and moved to Chicago in search of connections to others who sold alcohol. He finally built a respectable flower shop in downtown, however, he continued to sell alcohol through an extravagant speakeasy in the back. He hired Amatore as a bodyguard and now they’re inseparable. In 1925, Damino was 48 and Amatore was 50.


Damino is very snarky, impatient, and clever. He dresses very flamboyantly and tends not to think of his own safety.

Amatore is a little tired of his best friend getting shot at and just wants to plant some flowers

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Speaking on jinyoung I need to rant?? I guess it's not me being mad but I also am becuase he's so attractive?? Like they're all are but I need to talk about him for a minute cause that boy is so omg. Idk how to explain it but he seems like those really smart people that you see are really smart and therefor look so goddamn good that you just want to study everything to just do SOMETHING like them??????? He's just so wkeherj especially when he dances cause he's just AHH (this made so much sense)

honestly anon????? i feel u,,, he looks like he is the son of the most beautiful couple in the world and they decided to create him in a castle in sweden where there was a library with more than 100k+ books and also where he read 20 of them in one week when he was 5 and finished the whole collection by the age of 13, when he decided to dedicate himself to astronomy, using his grandfather’s telescope to watch the stars every night… he managed to memorize where and when each star would appear and by the age of 15 he won a science international award which stephen hawking himself gave his trophy to him … but then, at 16, he realized he actually wants to sing and went to korea to practice……. but forreal,,, he seems so smart and analytical, its amazing :0


•Basic information•

Name: Noodle
Nickname(s): N, poison
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: 13.3.2002
Sexuality: Fansexual •Physical Traits•

Species: Wolf snake thing?
Height: 4,5
Weight: 50,0
Type of body: doesnt got any musculs, pretty week
Fur color: White fur
Fur pattern: many Grey thones
Eye color: really lights blue (snake eyes)
Wardrobe: pastel, vaporwave, cute or aesthetic clothings, yust sweaters
Accessories: scarfs, and gem necklaces •️Personality•

She is really shy, but woud help any time, but can be, rude and anti social, everything that is mean! •Other info•

Likes: broccoli, game, pastel colors, vaporwave, plants, filthyfrank, 💚flowey💚, animals, candy, pokemon, sinning, any kinde of horror, snakes, the beautiful night, gems, memes, my family, musik, ferrets, drawing, being the speciall snowflake, making New friends, moths, galaxy, Elektro Swing, Lava Lamps, pokemon, Slime, knifers
Dislikes: fruits, no internet, Children, Spiders

Skills: good at shitposting and stealing memes

I’m all about representation on the books, but it really makes me mad when people make the hunters a bunch of girls that are 16 or older. The average age of the hunters is 13, barely teens, they are literally a bunch of little girls, who most of them, are not even teens (With some exceptions like Zoë and Thalia). They are not a bunch of older teenagers, if you want a powerful group of girls who didn’t give up love, you can have the amazons, but please reminder that even if the hunter gave up men on their oath, most of the point of the hunters joining young was they would never reach the age where they would develop romantic feelings, for any gender.

Ode to Hip Hop
  • Ode to Hip Hop
  • Micheal Larsen "Eyedea"
  • Eyedea: The Many Faces of Mikey

I hope the children will be alright without a proper guide
To all my loved ones and followers
Peace out at least I tried

I ain’t what I used to be so don’t shed a tear from your windows
I died a long time ago this just makes it official

And my positivity, creativity, originality, and history should be spread equally over all that is mentioned above

Along with my many styles, aggression, knowledge, evolution, solution, revolution, tolerance, and love