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Can you explain why you don't like Snape ? Usually people see him as a hero so it would be interesting to see a second opinion ! x.

Oh man, i know you mean well but i’m like 90% sure this is going to result in me getting anon hate. :D
In a very basic explanation, i can’t forgive him. I appreciate his devotion as a double agent and everything he’s done to aid Harry in the background but in my mind those do not erase the fact that he was unnecessarily abusive and bitter.
He’s emotionally and verbally abused children. He targeted Neville, knowing he already had self-esteem issues, knowing what happened to his parents. He threatened to poison his pet even. He consciously targeted someone he perceived as weak, to the point where he was Neville’s boggart at age 13. He body shamed, insulted and belittled Hermione, who was an intelligent and hardworking student. He targeted Harry, a neglected, abused, orphan who had done nothing but look like his dead father. He ridiculed, embarrassed, mocked and insulted him at every turn. There is no excuse for child abuse, none.
He’s also caused Remus to lose his job after spending years suffering in poverty. He deliberately made Remus’ students to write an essay on how to spot and kill a werewolf, to emotionally attack and possibly out him as a werewolf. He later did out him to the entire wizarding world, without even considering the consequences.
He was willing to let a baby and an innocent man die if it meant he could save Lily. He felt entitled to Lily and lashed out at her with racial slur. I’m repeating, he did not care if James, Lily’s husband, died even though James saved Snape’s life at the expense of his own.
After seeing the abuse Dursley’s inflicted on Harry, he thought it was funny and felt no sympathy. Harry was fifteen.
He only left the death eaters because he wanted to protect Lily, if Neville was the chosen one he would remain in his position.
I appreciate his help, but i don’t forgive him for above because he never tried to repent or earn forgiveness for them. Also, this is probably futile, but please don’t come and defend Snape to me. I respect people liking him, respect my dislike as well. These are all my personal opinions and if you disagree, feel free to make a post of your own to discuss why you think so, don’t reblog this with arguments or try to change my mind.

“My wife was born in Addis, Ethiopia and moved here at age 13, and I was born in Bukavu, Dem. Rep. of Congo and moved here at age 12. Our lives crossed path in Portland, OR in 2013, and little did we know two polar opposite people with completely different life stories would share so much foundational things in common.
I married this woman for her love, strength, and bravery. This same love, strength, and bravery still keeps our friendship and marriage going and I know she is every man’s dream, at least she is my dream. Her physical beauty happen to come with her too, and for all of that I adore her.
We recently welcomed a new baby boy into the world, and it’s even more wonderful to see her grace as a mother. I always told her she was born to be a mother, and I believe motherhood is the world’s greatest and toughest calling. No career or pursuit can compare. Anyway, this is my African blessing, my Ethiopian woman. So much more I could say.” #Ethiopian + #Congo @pascal_lola 💛

Best Friends

read it on the AO3 at

by wolfietheillest

Derek became became best friends with Stiles they were 5 years old. At the age of 13 Derek began to like Stiles more that a best friend should. It all went downhill there.

Words: 656, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of The Underground Series

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Anonymous said (( Lazy-Nerdy-Girl )) A teenager about the age of 13 was walking through Lazytown, a diaper bag in one arm and was pushing a baby stroller. She looked exsauted and yawned as the baby was sleeping.


Stephanie was skipping along the street before giggling a bit as she wrote in her diary. The pink haired girl then looked up and smiled waving at the girl and skipping over. “Hey there!! Are you new here?!”

Hi! I’ve submitted here a couple times before and I’ve found some pretty neat friends, so let’s try this again and make more! So, my name is KJ. I’m 13 from Montana. Non-binary. I doodle, listen to musicals (Hamilton, Heathers, all that cool stuff-), dance like a crazy person, and sometimes sing but not in public haha

I like Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, P!ATD, Twenty one pilots, Halsey.
My favorite shows are Steven Universe (I LOVE THE HECK OUTTA THIS ONE!), Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, some animes (probs a couple of them)

I would prefer ages 13-16, any gender, from anywhere. Don’t be all those mean people. I don’t get along well with homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, and all those bad things people.
** also be able to hold a conversation and actually talk to me because if you expect me to do all the talking, it’s not much fun :(

Message me at these cool places, bud!:
Snapchat: rascalisameme
Tumblr: mydreamsandstars

Lily Rutherford Masterpost


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This wonderful work by Jawsandbones


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Temperment, Friends, Education

Personality Test

Hi :) My name is Ela and I’m almost 15. I’ve met most of my friends online and i’m always open to meeting more people. Age 13-17 maybe? Gender, sexuality and religion etc doesn’t matter to me, as long as you’re kind and all that shiz. A few facts about me:

-i live in turkey but visit the UK every summer because i have family there. I’m bilingual in English and Turkish
-i’m bi
-also an atheist
-i can get quite depressing at times, I’ve had trouble with depression and self harm in the past
-so i will understand you and always listen
-i swear quite a lot
-obsessed with anime
-love reading
-game of thrones, stranger things, sherlock, the 100, skins, i could go on all day,
-twenty one pilots, p!atd, imagine dragons, bleachers, dodie, troye sivan, and yes i was crying over mcrx at the time
-i’m learning the piano
-languages are interesting
-i will probably spam you at 4 am if i like you
-really wanna travel someday
-i hate ducks. dont ask. its a long story
-typos are my nemesis
-i like writing so be ready for random poems at 3 am
-the sky is nice
-i get protective of people i care about so if you want a bodyguard™ (who cant really physically defend you because of how overwhelmingly unfit she is, what is “exercise” i dont have any of that in my fridge) my services are for free,
-dan and phil. really love them. respect that and we’re good

You can find me in all my (nonexistent) glory at
tumblr: @semipoetictrash
kik: ElaKate

I look forward to meeting you :) stay hydrated and if its past midnight you should get some sleep friend 💜🌌

10 Facts and 5 OTPs

i was tagged by @sadrien to do this, thank you!~ sorry i hardly ever answer tag games i’m AWFUL (it’s mainly because i can’t think of anyone else to tag usually)


  1. i’m planning to move to canada with like 5 of my internet friends once we’re all old enough it should be fun
  2. what i want to do with my life is like. SUPER divided. on the one hand i want to be an author, but also a history teacher, but also a forensic scientist? someone make me decide
  3. i was a better writer at age 13 than i am now i’m not even gonna lie (i took a year long break it was a Mistake™)
  4. i play the guitar, clarinet, and kinda the piano, and i sing, also my friends and i started a kazoo club at college/sixth form
  5. everyone is always totally fascinated by the fact that my dad makes video games but then usually disappointed because he doesn’t work for like, nintendo
  6. when we were little my brother and i created this whole world out of those little gogo crazy bones toys based on a pokemon game and it was amazing (i even wrote a multichapter story about it)
  7. i’ve always been fascinated by the idea of writing a collab story but it’s never worked
  8. i bonded with most my closest online friends over aus. aus are the way to my heart
  9. like all of my irl friends have tumblr?? hi guys
  10. i LOVE LOVE LOVE soundtracks to anime/films/video games, and my favourites ever are pokémon mystery dungeon, peter pan live action 2003, and clannad <3


  • nagisa/tomoya (clannad)
  • the lovesquare (ml)
  • haku/chihiro (spirited away)
  • bumbleby (rwby)
  • ten/rose (doctor who)

tagging (if you’d like to of course!): @m-arichat, @actually-marinette, @miraculouslydottedcat, @little-miss-starrysky and @frostedpuffs (and if anyone else wants to do it go ahead!)
FloreatCastellum | FanFiction
FloreatCastellum is a fanfiction author that has written 8 stories for Harry Potter.

I just had a nice message asking where they can read my stories, and realised I haven’t posted links to my profile as much as I should have. The above link takes you to my page where you can read:

  • The Colour of Everything
  • Not From Others
  • The Aurors
  • Aunt Marge’s Even Bigger Mistake
  • The Secret Diary of Hugo Granger-Weasley, aged 13 and a half.
  • The Moon and Sea
  • Under the Southern Cross
  • A Ship to Wreck

Thank you to all my lovely readers and especially the reviewers - I wish I could personally hug you all. 

And we’re back!

Kulo Seeri has been restored to a playable state, which means next rotation I’ll be back to posting on my blog. I say next rotation because I said to myself I wouldn’t post stuff until I’d played the first one. The logic here is first rotations are always a bit slow in my experience.

How wrong I was about this one though!

So far, since the Nuidya tribe (along with the Goth family from Pleasantview de-aged a bit, for reasons I’ll go into later) moved down south of the Elephant Sea, I’ve had an encounter with the spirits producing… interesting results, an emergency council meeting, a miscarriage, the surprisingly easy birth of triplets, ACR shenanigans all about… including in the ritual baths at the entrance to the shrine/chapel/thing….

and the discovery that Tania Ursine (aged 13, with two body points) can lift the biggest man in the village.

I wish I’d taken more screenshots now.

Still, next rotation will be the spring equinox festival, which should be fun. (Note to self: next post here should be an explanation of my new calendar!) I look forward to getting back to blogging - now all I need to do is get the forst rotation finished! :)

R O L E P L A Y   C H A R A C T E R   S T A T S   S H E E T

Repost, replacing the old information with your muse’s information.
Pass it on to your mutuals for a better understanding of their muses.
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▌NAME:  Gladion
▌AGE:  13
▌HEIGHT:  5′2

▌SPECIES:  Human



▌BIRTHDAY:  December 23rd
▌RESIDENCE:  Travelling / rented hotel rooms
▌ALIGNMENT:  Chaotic Good
▌DRINK:  Water, Roserade Tea
▌FOOD:  Salad

▌SNACKS: Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers

▌SONGS:  Alternative, metal, classical

▌PET:  Silvally
▌COLOR:  Black, red
▌FLOWER:  Gladiolus
▌SEXUALITY:  Asexual
▌BODY TYPE:  Slender, lanky
▌EYE COLOR:  Green
▌HAIR COLOR: Platinum blond