Beginners Guide To Being A Gay part 1

Experiencing feelings: Okay so your 12-13 years old and you see all the boys and girls getting into each other (not sexually))yet anyways( I’d sure as hell hope not ) But when you start to notice boys and girls yourself and you start to feel weird. Like what is happening to you? Your having the same feelings but not the way everybody else is. You begin to ask yourself why your attracted to people of your own gender. You don’t want to feel like a freak or be an outcast to your friends if you ask them about it. You just want to these feelings to go away and try not to ignore them.

Here’s what I’m gonna tell you. Liking a boy if your a boy or if your a girl who likes a girl at this age is normal. Your not alone, a lot of people have felt the same way you do. Your not weird or creepy, It’s gonna take you sometime to be fully comfortable with who you are given the fact that the people around you will pick on you for every little thing you do at your age. But remember school doesn’t last forever and as you get older you’ll stop caring about what people think of you because you’ll want to make yourself happy. Acceptance of yourself will become easier over time.

Can I just say something real quick

A lot of fics that I’ve read, mainly AUs, make Kara younger than Lena, but if we go by the timeline on Wiki and go by earth years, Alex was born in 1989, making her 14 when Kara arrived on Earth at the age of 13. If the show is taking place in present day, that means Alex is at least 27, maybe 28 depending on when her birthday is, which makes Kara 26-27.

So not only is Lena Luthor a Soft Lesbian™, she is also younger than Kara in human years

So, I work in an assisted living facility. I’ve been volunteering here for ~6 years before I started working there.

You see a lot of residents come and go, some transfer to different facilities, some pass away. But no one has left as big of an impression on me as my Elfriede. 6 years ago, I sat down in her room with her over a cup of tea and she told me her life story.

She was born in Germany, before the Berlin Wall. It went up when she was 11, and she was stuck a resident of East Germany. Her parents and family were all in West Germany, and she was alone. When she was 12, she escaped to the United States. She told me the story of once when they had to bury themselves in the dirt and lie on the ground for hours while planes flew overhead.

She was a refugee in United States at the age of 13, unable to speak a word of English and completely alone. She lived with a soldier not much older than she, unable to speak a word of German. Elfreide taught herself to read English by having the man (who would later become her husband,) read the newspaper.

Fast-forward to 2010, when we met. She told me how she longed for someone she could sit and have a conversation in German with, and I promised her I would learn.

In 2013, Elfreide had a fall that constricted her to a wheelchair. She was in a downward spiral from there, her mobility and mind slowly crumbling away. She had terrible lungs and a bad heart, and I knew we wouldn’t have long. But she was around for years after, my miracle Freide.

In February of 2017, I took my exams for German proficiency. I have not yet received my results, but I can say that I made good on that promise I made to her 6 years ago, as we’ve had many conversations together in the two languages.

She passed last week, and yesterday her daughter came in to give us all small baggies of her favourite treats - Kit Kats and Gummy Bears.

I don’t play favourites with residents, but Elfreide holds a very special place in my heart, and I want her to be remembered for the wonderful woman she was. No matter what you believe in, I know she’s in a far better place, and far happier than she could ever hope to be.

Ruhe in Frieden, Freide. Ich hoffe, Sie finden Glück.

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Part 1: Here's my issue. I am 16. I realised I was bi aged 13 and I came out to my friends and family aged 14. I am lucky enough that I never once felt discriminated against. There was a rumour going around my year that I was bi. I encouraged it because it's true (and lesbians/bi girls are so hard to find when you're stuck at your conservative school all day). My parents are so accepting and they've never once had an issue with any LGBT+ people at all, especially me. -L

Part 2: Which is why, when my mum said a few months ago “oh, you still identify as bi then. I thought it was just a phase” I was really shook. I was so hurt but I didn’t say anything. Recently I’ve found tumblr’s lovely bi community (especially this fabulous blog), and I’ve realised I have a right to be hurt. I asked my mum what she meant a few days ago, and she said “oh, you know, teenagers experiment”. I know she wouldn’t say this if I said I was a lesbian. -L

Part 3: I tried to explain how I felt, but I couldn’t word it right. She doesn’t get it and still thinks I’m ‘experimenting’ (although she’s fine with it). So my ask is; how do I get her to understand it’s not just a phase? How can I validate my sexuality to her? -L (this is the end of all my long asks, sorry. I like to ramble)


first of all it’s great that you can be so open about your sexuality with your family. It seems like a very healthy relationship with them and that’s a good foundation to resolve this with your mom.

You don’t know if your mom wouldn’t have said this had you indentified as a lesbian. It’s possible she would’ve also thought it was just a phase. But that’s not the point. Personally I think it’s great that -back when you first came out- she didn’t make you feel like it’s a bad thing if it were just a phase. Because there’s per se nothing bad about haven “a phase”. Experimenting is good and healthy though it should not be exclusive to teenagers. People can explore their sexuality at any age.

Anyway, that doesn’t change the fact that you were hurt by what she said and that’s a valid feeling. I would tell her that you’ve been hurt by that and explain to her why. It sounds to me like you felt invalidated by her remark and she should know that. She sounds like the kind of mom who would willingly listen to you and try to understand. Maybe she didn’t mean it that way or will apologise.

Good luck,


That was definitely biphobic of her, anon. I’m sorry. But it sounds like she’s accepting and pretty cool so she’ll probably come around. She just needs a little educating. My mum is the coolest and the most accepting and yet she said some pretty biphobic shit to me when I first came out, without even realising that it was biphobic. Luckily she’s learned a lot since then.


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every single person who has not seen a horse by the age of 13 has died at 33

I don’t know why but this ask scares me and I want it out of my inbox but I’m afraid if I delete it it will curse me

  • me online age 13: there's a little thing called proper spelling and grammar, sweetie. :)
  • me online now: YALL I just went to the grocery store and? omg???????? my left tit got caught in the fucknig conveyor belt at the checkout and Im hdhehdjdndndnejkjnnbgghdddjhn

Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank

Y'all, Hazel and Nico are not actually 70+ years old….

I see all the things about Tony and Sharon Carter being raised as cousins and I think that’s super cool? But like Tony is also in his late forties and Emily Van Camp, at least, is thirty, so I would assume Sharon is around that age too. That’s more than a decade and a half age difference. They were unlikely to have cutesy camping trips and sleepovers on Peggy’s living room floor together. Hell, Tony’s parents would have been dead by the time Sharon was a toddler.

Give me a Peggy who was trying to support Tony in ways Obadiah never would, kept dragging her godson home, where the baby so often was. Give me Tony awkwardly holding this kid when, frankly, he doesn’t know which way is up some days.

Give me Tony building five year old Sharon a treehouse better than all of her fairy princess spy master dreams combined one afternoon.

Give me Tony who sneaks in the back to watch her school play.

Give me Sharon being a preteen and not understanding why Tony and her parents are having such tense conversations about Aunt Peggy all the time and running to Tony to reassure her after. He tries, but he’s not good at it and there isn’t much reassurance to offer.

Give me Tony who’s really more like an uncle than a cousin, he maybe has his AI stretch his legs by running background checks on the people Sharon wants to date. He’s the one who gives her the be safe talk because she should do better than him.

Give me Sharon who hates seeing Tony in the news the way he is, because she’s looked up to the guy and it’s a harsh reality to see what he’s like, what he does, when he’s not with her and Aunt Peggy.

Give me Tony who’s proud but not a buddy, not for a long time, maybe not ever, because there is a big fucking gap there. But they don’t have to go camping on school holidays and both get read bedtime stories together to have an interesting and valuable relationship as cousins. Frankly, I think the age difference adds an interesting complexity to their potential cousin relationship.

Videos from friends of Adam Young (Owl City) that exist on the world wide web

  • the ‘behind the scenes’ footage of a music video that’s mainly screwing around a huge empty building
  • a very odd abstract compilation of clips of him walking through fields, spinning around with a hula hoop, and sitting in a dark room with classical style background music
  • standing on top of a van wearing a Santa hat, throwing a TV on the ground and yelling
  • standing on top of a two-story house, wearing overalls with the Santa hat AND beard, throwing a TV on the ground and yelling
  • a nearly 7 minute video of a fictional croquet championship in which he is the bright orange dress shirt wearing villain
  • running shirtless up the street into a snowy driveway, with the Santa hat again, and failing at dunking a basketball with a trampoline
  • him pushing a friend wearing a Jar Jar Binks mask, badly edited to him throwing a dummy at a van
  • a ripoff James Bond series filmed when he was 14 (year 2000) and it’s even worse than you’d expect
  • this

this man makes me cry