age positive

Name: Laurence Aisley (professor Aisley or Lars by his friends) 

Age: 26

Any special positions: House prefect 

Previous house while at Hogwarts: Hufflepuff

What they teach: Herbology 

Sexualtiy: Pansexual (quite open) 

Interests: Latin root names for plants, Muggle plants 

Favourite animal: Bees (those count right) 

something you couldn’t live without: his notebook 

Favourite time of day: Sunset, all of the plants look a bit different in that light 

Pet peeve: Lying/ avoiding the subject 

friendly reminder that sera pranks cullen to get his subordinates to see him as a real person

that pranking josephine may be about giving the kitchen staff a laugh, but will probably result in them seeing her as a real person, too (how often do you think josie loses her composure period, let alone in front of people she barely knows?)

that sera downright refuses to invade leliana’s privacy for the sake of a prank

friendly reminder that sera is precious and must be protected at all costs

Daily Reminder

Vivienne de Fer is a complex character and a caring person who’s achieved a lot in her life despite facing great opposition. Her dynamics with other party members are varied and interesting, and given respect and adequate reason, she values and respects the Inquisitor as a close friend. She’s a valuable member of the Inquisition and one of my favorite parts of the game. 


This….is probably going to anger people, but I really need to get it out.  As a Christian, I love that in Inquisition, the only way to address the Chantry is with reform. I’m weary of the “religion is bad” trope, because while I understand how lot of people feel about it, for many religion can be a very positive thing.   There seems to be am anti-religion trend to this fandom that frightens me. I agree that by miring itself in politics, religion frequently gets twisted and corrupt. The Chantry is clearly drowning in politics. Mother Giselle is a beautiful example of what the Chantry should be, and I hope in fututure games, we’re able to find a cooperative balance between the Mages, Templars, and Chantry that is healthy and doesn’t invalidate any faction.

Nonbinary people of all ages are valid. Whether young or old, you are valid and you matter. You’re not too young to know your gender and who you are. You’re not too old to identify as nonbinary. You are nonbinary. Age doesn’t matter.

Where does this whole “Anders is about as romantic as a brick” thing come from?

My boy Anders is very romantic and very sweet.

He tries to learn to play the lute in order to serenade Hawke in-game. He’s obvious enough with his affections that not only the whole party has taken notice of it, and pretty early on in the relationship, but Leandra knows just on the way he looks at Hawke, Gamlen knows. Meredith knows they’re together, even. He breaks down in-game if Hawke falls in battle. He worries constantly that his mere presence in the Hawke estate is a danger to Hawke and takes preventative measures to protect them. He desired Hawke, both romantically and sexually, for three years and didn’t act on it because he was hoping for it to become ‘right’, but rationalized that his mere existence was considered wrong in the eyes of the Chantry and it would tear both he and Hawke apart if their love was discovered and they were separated.

He’s not poetry and roses every night and sweeping love ballads, but he is romantic. He’s brushing aside his partner’s hair while they sleep as he marvels at how he managed to find someone so wonderful. He’s small love notes in the margins of your journal when he’s gone before you wake up. He’s an excess of healing poultices being left in your pack because he can’t join you on the field, but he can make sure you’re well-prepared while he worries for your safety at the clinic. He’s his chest growing with pride whenever someone talkes about Hawke in a positive light, and jumping to their defense, consequences be damned, when they’re spoken about in a negative light. He’s nights of passionate lovemaking because his days are spent fighting for his cause and healing the infirm.

Anders is romantic, just not in a traditional sense.