age past

Anders: No wonder they call this the Dragon Age. The bloody things are everywhere.

Anders this is literally the first place where we’ve run into any dragons, other than Flemeth and you weren’t even there. Although I guess to be fair that’s just this game.

Speculated dialogue from right before the Bone Pit boss dragon fight:

[everyone peering from behind a boulder or something]
Hawke: Well, that miner wasn’t wrong, that is a pretty huge dragon. So… has any of you actually fought one before, by any chance?
Fenris: No.
Merrill: Like I just said, never even seen one. Apart from Asha'bellanar.
Anders: Yes.
Anders: …What? I’m a Grey Warden. You seem to keep forgetting that even though it’s the reason you sought me out in the first place. The Archdemons are dragons.
Hawke: I thought you weren’t recruited until after the Archdemon was defeated.
Anders: Well, yes. But. I’ve still fought a dragon, with the Hero of Ferelden.
Hawke: That’s good then! Any tips?
Anders: Uhh… pretty much both ends and also the sides bite, so have fun with that, Fenris, Hawke. Also their breath does spirit damage, no wait the Commander said it might but it was lightning, no actually the normal ones probably just breathe fire? And may or may not turn into a bunch of energy orbs mid-battle?
Anders: Look, I don’t even know. The one we fought was actually a dragon ghost made out of lightning. …I’d love to be able to say that’s the weirdest thing I saw while traveling with her.

Its dangerous to go alone…

This is one of the prints that were available at Anime North that I forgot to upload. Had a lot of fun incorporating all of the Links. Can you recognize them all?

countdown - quicksilver

lil an - i would have added a gif but as there are two, i’ll let you pick. for the sake of this imagine, i will be using ‘peter’ instead of pietro =)

warnings - angst, implied death, mentions of blood, illness

au - everyone has a countdown on their wrist, but everyone’s countdown means different things, so what could be somebody’s lifetime, could be another person’s countdown to their first hamburger without lettuce.

when you first met peter, there weren’t exactly fireworks, there was, however, a bloody nose and a horrible excuse of a pick up line.

you had been walking towards a door, minding your own business, when something came running through, slamming the door against your face, pushing you to the floor.

with a groan, you had sat up, feeling the blood gush  from your nose, and within a millisecond, you had tissues shoved at your face.

o-oh my god, i’m really sorry,-

when you looked up to see who had run in so fast, all words were lost in his throat.

he couldn’t believe his luck.

actually, he could, he had unlucky occurrences happen to him all the time.

but still! of course, he’d slam into someone hot.

and, of course, the first thing he said was “hey, is your blood type b positive? because i’m positive i want to see you again,”

and that was when his countdown stopped.


when peter asked you to be his, it wasn’t smooth, but smooth isn’t the word to describe peter.

it was awkward, and he was embarrassed as he held a box of chicken nuggets, almost shoving them at you.

“uh, hey, y/n.”

you had looked at him with a smile, nodding him to go on.


he stood momentarily still, waiting for an answer to a question he hadn’t asked yet.

“o-oh right, here.” he said, pulling a crumpled piece of paper from the back of his jeans and placing it in your hands, ignoring your comment about where it came from, to your surprise.

“you alright?” you had laughed as he blushed, nodding, ushering you to open it.

you unfolded the paper and opened your mouth to read it aloud, to which peter almost toppled over you to take it back.

“use your words, p. i won’t bite,” you winked, but nonetheless, read the letter silently.

‘i have these chicken n_ggets, now all i need is u’ was scribbled down in messy writing.

you had grinned and rolled your eyes at him, but opened your arms to hug him.

“i was always yours, p.”


when you married him, boy, that was a thing he’d never forget.

he can remember your soft hands interlacing with his at the alter, as you said your vows to him, grinning like a cheshire cat.

he can remember your soft lips on his for the first time as a married couple, fearing that if his heart went any faster, he’d surely die,

the sound of your friends and family cheering in the background pulled him back from the cloud he was on with you, and when he opened his eyes, he was glad to see your smile matched his.

and as you two danced, to some song forgotten in time, he had pulled you towards him in a tight embrace, as if he could protect you from the world.


but as we all know, he can’t.

so here he was, hand wrapped in yours at the side of your bed.

he looked at the countdown on your frail wrist and frowned, now knowing what yours was counting down to.

you two had always hoped it would be the day you to would become parents, but that had happened three days ago, and it left you in a bad way, making him realise it could only mean one thing.

as he looked up at your face, finding your eyes already looking down at him with tears.

“it’s alright, p. i’ll be fine. we’ll be fine,” you whispered, bringing his hand towards your cold lips and placing a delicate kiss on his knuckle.

peter released a sob, turning his face to his lap.

he knew what was happening.

he knew he couldn’t stop it.

and now, as your countdown read 00:01:27 he, for once in his life, wanted everything to slow down.