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Friday, I’m In Love 2/5

Inspired by this marvellous prompt, courtesy of the delightful @losvers-clubb​ : “(IM BASING THIS OFF OF “Friday I’m in love” by the CURE) Okay so what if on Monday Eddie is feeling kinda upset over Richie because he talks about a really cute girl in his class, Tuesday and Wednesday Richie kinda flirts with her. Eddie pretends to be sick of Thursday and doesn’t even wanna get out of bed to hear this bullshit (but it was all a plan to make Eds jealous) so that night Rich crawls into his window and confesses his love at 12 am on Friday”

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: The Losers are all 17/18 in this, and in year 12 at high school. I haven’t read any Reddie fics or imagines that are in 1st person, but it’s my favourite style to write in, so this will be in Eddie’s POV.


Part One


Bill. Bill would know what to do for sure. I mean, he and Stan had been together for years now. Surely that has to be a good sign!

Tuesdays were the only days where I didn’t have any classes with Richie until last period (of course, it also happens to be the class that we have with Sarah Chaffer), so that gave me plenty of time to talk to Bill during class.

I clutched my books tightly to my chest as I passed Richie who was at his locker, and kept my head down to avoid him spotting me. I watched him carefully out of the corner of my eye, taking in how good he looked. Loose white t-shirt, slightly baggy, rolled up blue jeans, black Vans. His hair was a complete mess of curls, even messier than it usually is. A lot of people looked at him and saw a rebel kid with dirty clothes and a mop on his head. But not me. No way. Richie was beautiful. How come it took me this long to realise?

Richie glanced up and his gaze met with mine, however I quickly looked down at the floor and rushed as fast as I could to class.

“Eddie! Hey, Eds! Fuck - wait up!”

It hurt me to keep walking down the hall, ignoring Richie’s calls, but I had to. I needed to talk to Bill about all of this first. About all of these things I’m feeling. I needed to figure out how to stop feeling so angry and jealous any time that someone ever approached Richie, no matter who they were.

I shoved open the door to the science room and immediately joined Bill at our bench at the back of the room, eager to get his opinion on everything.

“Hey buddy,” I whispered to Bill, sending a nod his way. He nodded back, keeping his mouth sealed so as to not disrupt the teacher. I anxiously ran my fingers through my hair, feeling the sudden need to tug on it in frustration.

I waited impatiently for the teacher to let us get on with whatever we were doing, simply so that I could spill my guts. And when I did, it felt like I wouldn’t ever stop. Bill listened closely as I told him what had happened on Friday night, how I couldn’t get Richie out of my mind all weekend, how I ran out of class the day before just because Richie made Sarah Chaffer laugh, how all I could do at the moment was think about Richie and nothing else.

“W-well,” Bill started, pouring some kind of liquid into a beaker that was set up on a Bunsen burner. I hadn’t paid attention to what the science teacher had actually instructed us to do, so God only knows what he was doing. “Seems like yuh-you’ve got a case of the l-luh-ve bug, my friend.” He finished pouring whatever it was he was pouring, and began smirking at me.

“Uh, okay?” I asked, confused as to what the smirk was all about. “I sort of, already know how I feel towards Richie, though.”

“Yes, I see that,” Bill nodded, his eyes still on me to show that he was giving me his full attention. “However, I ah-m the love doctor, E-Eddie. I have tuh-to make a proper di-ahg-nosis.”

I laughed at this. Bill honestly was a bit of a jokester, but it seemed that Stan and I were the only ones who found him funny.

“I see, I see, doctor,” I nodded, pretending to be serious. “And how would you say I go about telling Mr. Tozier of my feeling for him, doctor? I can’t keep leaving class whenever I get jealous. Or ignoring him whenever I see him.”

“Hmm, that is a truh-icky one, Mr. Kaspbrak. I say, j-just be honest with him. Th-that’s what I duh-id with Stanny. A-a-and we’ve been togeth-th-er for 3 years.”

I took this in. Bill was right. The best thing for me to do was to be honest with Richie. I mean, really, what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, for starters, he could not like you back and reject you. He could laugh in your face. He could say he doesn’t want to be friends with you. He co- No. Nope.

I shoved my crazy thoughts into the back of my mind and thanked Bill with a hug. I could totally do this! I can be honest with Richie, can’t I?


“You’re so funny, Richie!” Sarah Chaffer laughed, throwing her head back and placing a tanned hand on Richie’s shoulder. I rolled my eyes and pretended not to care, but on the inside it felt like my body was about to shut down with the amount of rage that was coursing through it. Richie and Sarah had been going on like this for the last 40 minutes of class, and I was thanking the heavens above that there was only 10 minutes of this period left, and then I could go home.

“I know, babe,” Richie chuckled. He reached his hand up and grabbed Sarah’s off his shoulder. He gripped his fingers around her own and smirked at her, and she let out a giggle.

Sarah gestured for Richie to come closer to her, and she pressed her lips against his ear. “You know what I was thinking?” She whispered. It was obvious she was intending for no one else to hear what she was about to say, but what she didn’t know was that I had been tuned into their conversation for this whole class, not missing a single beat.

“What’s that, babe?” Richie whispered back.

“I was thinking that maybe you could come over tonight and we could have some fun?”

I held in a gasp, not exactly expecting that to be what Sarah was about to say, but also not being surprised.

As Richie was about to answer, the bell rung and I quickly grabbed his arm and his backpack and began dragging him out of the classroom.

“What the fuck, Kaspbrak?!” Richie exclaimed once we were out in the hall.

“You shouldn’t be talking to her,” I huffed.

“And why the fuck not? Since when have you given two shits about who I hook up with?” He shrugged his arm out of the grip I forgot I’d still had on him, and I shook my head, not knowing how to respond. I didn’t want to confess my feelings for Richie right here, as we were walking down the school hallway on a Tuesday afternoon.

So I didn’t. And I stayed silent. Until Richie spoke up again.

“Ohh, I get it!” Richie exclaimed. “You’re jealous!”

I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth open as wide as my eyes. “Wh-what? N-no I’m not!” I shrieked.

“Of course you are!” Richie said. “You’re jealous because now your mum won’t be getting any action.” He winked at me and continued walking, whilst I stood there in the hall, kids rushing around me everywhere.

“Shut the fuck up, Richie!”

The Houses as Video Game Things


Only picking the nice dialogue options. Carrying around way too much stuff because “what if it might be helpful later?”  Pausing a fight because you’re about to die and need to use a health potion. Being really good at puzzles and minigames. Balancing your skills so that you do well in a fight, regardless of the circumstances. Never wearing matching armor. Fighting the same enemy over and over again and cheering when you finally beat them. Panicking whenever dark music starts to play. Having to walk everywhere because you’re carrying too much to fast-travel.


Spending 2+ hours on the customize character screen. Getting emotionally attached to the NPCs. Using actual strategy to plan out your quests/fights. Always having a lot of money but never having anything to spend it on.  Spending all of your level-up points in one category.Never getting caught when you steal things, but only taking small items because you’re afraid that someone will notice if you take something big. Wasting a lot of lockpicks on something that doesn’t even have good items in it. Placing waaay too many manual map-markers because you can never find your destination otherwise.


Spending too much time on side-quests instead of working on the main objective. Accidentally walking into a ridiculously difficult battle when you’re only level 2. Using long distance weapons to fights the enemies because you’re terrible in close combat. Forgetting what quest you were working on because you got distracted by a hunt for a random object. Actually using resistance potions/spells/e.t.c. Having conversations with companions and unlocking extra quests. Forgetting which buttons on your controller do what and having to spend a couple minutes to figure it out.


Forgetting to save and having go way back to the beginning of the quest when you die. Screaming out loud whenever something scary happens. Getting lost in a location that you’ve been to 50+times. Sneaking? What is that? You run straight into the open and hope you won’t die. Not understanding what the different stats for your weapons mean and picking the one that looks the coolest. Always forgetting that you have helpful items and never using them when you need them.


A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 

running a studyblr as an adult is so strange. i see kids as young as 13 having breakdowns about grades, isolating themselves from everyone because they don’t quite fit in, not knowing how to deal with very real mental health problems… it’s not my place as someone significantly older than you to try and intervene in your personal life, but i hope you all know that if you ever want advice - about studying, dealing with life, or just which colour to change your blog to - or need someone to listen to you when you’ve had an awful day, my inbox is always open. things will get better for you, and you will be okay, i promise.