age of wrath


Life is hard when you have people who assume things about you. ^^; and when you’re a kinda hot single guy with a cute little brother that gets you unwanted attention. :p 

Also, if any of you don’t remember or know why baby Tsubaki doesn’t like his baby sling, it’s just cause he can’t reach his big brothers face and he gets bored in it. 

I had the “random classmate” of Wrath’s call her “Okami” because it means “Wolf” and I was thinking “man,Wrath sure is a strange name to give your child, especially in a human au……” so I was thinking maybe I should give her a name???? Maybe it can just be a school nickname, if anyone doesn’t like the idea. 

Okay, I thought of this comic when I had the “ adoption headcanon” conversation, and how it would explain how no one in the Servamp family looks alike and then I thought of these 3 scenarios. (I had to make up more random ladies for this comic, none of them will show up again cause I don’t plan on having any OCs.) 

1.) Someone mistaking little Tsubaki for Kuro’s son. 

2.) Someone thinking him and his sister were a couple. Gross. This one has happened to me once irl. 

3.) and then someone thinking Mahiru and Kuro were a couple and Tsubaki was their baby. HHAHAAHAHAHaha

anyways I’m gonna try to answer some more of unanswered asks for age au. ^^;


And so Kuro’s unexpected crush on Mahiru begins. HA. (but its only a small one right now. *WINKS LOUDLY*

This is for the anon who asked this:

Yes, he does especially the younger ones. It’s really fun to draw interactions between them and Mahiru.  :D (note: Mahiru is reading a line from Romeo and Juliet in case you weren’t sure.) 

I will add more later in a part 2 for the other siblings cause I didn’t want this post to be too long. 8 IS A LOT. MAN. 

also notice I mention Sakuya here…. *WINKS LOUDER*