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He’s come a long way. :D (The last time Sakuya tried watching the kiddos….lol)

welp took me awhile…. been working on this one whenever I could cause it’s one of the age au comics that’s necessary for the “plot” to continue. One more comic closer to the Kuro and Mahiru confession. EHEHEHEHEEH I can’t wait too. 

Tiny Lily and Sakuya’s friendship comes in handy later I promise. (it’s a part of what helps Kuro and Sakuya get along a little better. Cause trust me they don’t really from what we have seen so far.) Meeting the kiddos a second time he’s figured out how to calm down each one of them, plus they are now used to “Mamahiru’s” weird green friend. ^^ hahaha “Sakkun”….childhood friends like to tease each other. But to be fair Sakuya said “Mahi Mahi” first. 

Stayed tuned for the next one~ ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Also some hints for certain characters we’ll see more of in future comics. wink wonk. 

Age of Triumph Record Book (Still a Work in Progress)

Bungie announced a new record book that will be available on March 28th on their Twitch stream today. Here’s what I was able to gather: 


  • Traveler’s Eclipse
  • City Watch
  • Comet’s Heart
  • Logical Conclusion
  • All in All
  • T-Shirt code


Special milestone to celebrate Day 1 players, which rewards an emblem.

  • From the Beginning: Completed an activity between Destiny release and Dark Below release. Reward: Ab Principio
  • Lunar Veteran: ? Reward: ?
  • Wolf Breaker: Complete an activity between House of Wolves and The Taken King release. Reward: Lupi Reginae
  • Year of Triumph: ?
  • Doom of Oryx: Completed an activity between The Taken King release and Rise of Iron release. Reward: Clades Orygis
  • Rising Light: ?
  • Second Year of Triumph: Compleded an activity during the Year 2 Moments of Triumph. Rewards: Insignia of Triumphs
  • Reign of Iron: ?


  • The Black Garden: Complete “The Black Garden” mission from “Destiny.”
  • The Wakening: Complete “The Wakening” mission from “The Dark Below.”
  • Queen’s Ransom: Complete the “Queen’s Ransom” from “House of Wolves.”
  • Regicide: Complete the “Regicide” mission from “The Taken King.”
  • The Taken War: Complete the “Summoner’s Circle” mission from “The Taken King.”
  • At the Gates: Complete the quests “At the Gates” and “Return to the Prison” from “The Taken King.”
  • An Iron Lord Rises: Complete “The Iron Tomb” mission from “Rise of Iron.”
  • Stories Past: Complete all Story milestones in the Age of Triumph Record Book to unlock this page’s emblem. (7) Reward: The Tale Told

Titan’s Will

Class Specific pages are mostly comprised of the same milestones

Emblem is awarded for each completed page for the classes

  • Hold the Line: Reach Level 40 as a Titan
  • No Surrender: ?
  • Get Personal: Defeat enemies with Melee abilities as a Titan (250)
  • Portable Destruction: ?
  • Super Star: Defeat enemies with your Super abilities as a Titan. (100)
  • Light Show: ?
  • Victory or Death: Complete the Crucible Titan quests “Striking Fist,” “Armored Void,” and “Flameforged.”
  • Be the Wall: ? Reward: ?

Hunter’s Way

  • Mountain’s Summit: Reach Level 40 as a Hunter
  • Hunter and Hunted: ?
  • Cutting Edge: Defeat enemies with Melee abilities as a Hunter. (250)
  • Whizz Bang: ?
  • Insuperable: Defeat enemies with your Super abilities as a Hunter. (100)
  • Eliminate, Illuminate: ?
  • Self-Sufficient: Complete the Crucible Hunter quests “Just a Handful of Bullets,” “Sheathed Lightning,” and “Draw From the Void.”
  • Who Walks Alone: Reward: ?

Warlock’s Path

  • Secrets Learned: Reach Level 40 as a Warlock.
  • Show Your Might: ?
  • Up Close: Defeat enemies with Melee abilities as a Warlock. (250)
  • Tactical Explosive: ?
  • Shock and Awe: Defeat enemies with your Super abilities as a Warlock. (100)
  • A Burst of Light: ?
  • A Hard Lesson: Complete the Crucible Warlock quests “Voidmaster,” “A Song For the Sun,” and “Fulminator.”
  • Mysterious Path: ? Reward: ?


  • You’re the Hero: Complete Strikes on Heroic difficulty. (20)
  • In the Dark: ?
  • Race to the Finish: Complete a Nightfall Strike in less than 30 minutes.
  • Lead from the Front: ?
  • On Target: Earn Precision kills in Strikes. (500)
  • One-Guardian Army: ?
  • Back in the Fight: Revive allies during Nightfall strikes. (10)
  • Team Effort: ?

The Crucible

Crucible pages have to be completed after the launch of the event.

  • Quality Control: Capture control points in Control Crucible matches. (30)
  • Clash Warfare: ?
  • Rumble Tumble: Earn points in Rumble Crucible matches. (10000)
  • Master at Arms: ?
  • Historian: Recover Dead Ghosts on Crucible maps during Private Matches. (30)
  • Ignite the Light: ?
  • Pride of Shaxx: Win matches in the Crucible. (30)
  • Forged Ingot: ?


4 new challenge modes for the raids

Elemental primaries are back

400 Vex Mythoclast has been officially confirmed

Elemental primary sandbox changes will be announced in the 3rd reveal stream

  • Glass Ceiling: Complete the 390 Light version of Vault of Glass.
  • Crota, Endless: ?
  • King of Kings: Complete the 390 Light version of King’s Fall.
  • Machina Maxima: ?
  • Blind Labyrinth: Eliminate all Gorgons in the 390 Light version of Vault of Glass.
  • Silence Falls: ?
  • Raid Insignia: Collect all Raid Challenge Emblems. (9)
  • Light’s Stronghold: ? Reward: ?


Not all shaders, ships and ghosts are required to complete the nodes

  • Life is Fleeting: Aquire Ships. (75)
  • Slings and Sparrows: ?
  • Made in the Shade: Aquire Shaders. (100)
  • Flying Colors: ?
  • Outlandish Arms: Aquire Exotic Weapons. (55)
  • Outlandish Dress: ?
  • Quaint and Curious: Grimoire Score (5000)
  • The Most Toys: ? Reward: ?


  • Echoes of the Ages: Recover Dead Ghosts. (130)
  • Echoes of Darkness: ?
  • Sleeping Echoes: Collect Dormant SIVA. (25)
  • Sneak Peak: ?
  • Public Defender: Achieve Gold Tier Ratings in Public Events. (20)
  • Concordat’s Shadow: ?
  • Spelunker: Disturb the Remains.
  • The World Explored: ?


Get Rank 25 in all 3 Tower Factions

  • Jalaal’s Favor: Reach Rank 25 with Dead Orbit. Reward: Arach and Ruin
  • Lakshimi’s Favor: ? Reward: ?
  • Hideo’s Favor: Reach Rank 25 with New Monarchy. Reward: Blood of the Monarchy
  • Shaxx’s Esteem: ? Reward: ?
  • Vanguard’s Esteem: Reach Rank 25 with the Vanguard. Reward: Vanguard Signet
  • Cryptarchs’ Esteem: ?
  • Efrideet’s Regard: Reach Rank 5 with the Iron Banner.
  • Beloved of All: Complete all Allegiances milestones in the Age of Triumph Record Book to unlock this page’s emblem. Reward: Trust and Honor

Trials of Osiris

It is retroactive so if you went flawless before, you are fine.

You only need 6/7 to unlock the final node

  • To the Lighthouse: Complete a Flawless Trials Ticket.
  • Trials and Tribulations: ?
  • Deconstruction: Earn a Wrecking Ball medal in Trials. (1)
  • Primary Adept: ?
  • Special Adept: Defeat Guardians in Trials with Special Weapons. (30)
  • Heavy Adept: ?
  • Lifegiver: Revive fallen teammates in Trials. (25)
  • Judge, Jury, Executioner: Complete Trials of Osiris milestones in the Age of Triumph Record Book to unlock this page’s emblem. (6) Reward: By Fire

The nodes marked with “?” indicates that they did not hover over it to reveal it’s requirement. However, you can probably sense a pattern and make an educated prediction on what some of the nodes are judging by that pattern and the names. As well as that, certain nodes will auto-filled if you meet the requirements come March 28th.



Remember when I said I had serveral age au thingies in progress?? These drawings were some of them. ^^ Wanted to give the age au sisters some love too, I wanted to draw girls too okay??

drew their younger brothers fixing up their hair cause I dunno I thought it was a cute idea~ (friendly reminder I kept Sakuya’s sister alive in this au, cause it is a family au ^^) 

Okami’s lil bros are bored or something so she’s letting them play with her hair, and Sakuya’s older sis, hmm probably going out or something. I wanted to have Lily doing Okami’s(Wrath) makeup or something but then I remembered in this au poor Lily’s still afraid of his sister….ahhh

too bad… he would’ve done a good job… :( and baby Tsu Tsu would just yank at Okami’s hair lol. Gonna have other au works soon ;D


Life is hard when you have people who assume things about you. ^^; and when you’re a kinda hot single guy with a cute little brother that gets you unwanted attention. :p 

Also, if any of you don’t remember or know why baby Tsubaki doesn’t like his baby sling, it’s just cause he can’t reach his big brothers face and he gets bored in it. 

I had the “random classmate” of Wrath’s call her “Okami” because it means “Wolf” and I was thinking “man,Wrath sure is a strange name to give your child, especially in a human au……” so I was thinking maybe I should give her a name???? Maybe it can just be a school nickname, if anyone doesn’t like the idea. 

Okay, I thought of this comic when I had the “ adoption headcanon” conversation, and how it would explain how no one in the Servamp family looks alike and then I thought of these 3 scenarios. (I had to make up more random ladies for this comic, none of them will show up again cause I don’t plan on having any OCs.) 

1.) Someone mistaking little Tsubaki for Kuro’s son. 

2.) Someone thinking him and his sister were a couple. Gross. This one has happened to me once irl. 

3.) and then someone thinking Mahiru and Kuro were a couple and Tsubaki was their baby. HHAHAAHAHAHaha

anyways I’m gonna try to answer some more of unanswered asks for age au. ^^;

Marserha’s Wrath

I needed some fluff, so this time I went for literal fluff. Have a short tale of six-year-old Mara having a tiff with her mother’s spoiled finx wrat.

It is not the homecoming Captain Gilad Thrask anticipated.

After nine months deployed, he walks through his front door for his precious three days of leave and stops short, his mouth hanging open. His six-year-old daughter walks past, a squirming, hissing pile of flesh and wrinkles gripped tightly in her small arms. Her gait is as close to a predator’s stalk as a six-year-old can possibly get. Which is closer than average - her Pureblood heritage ensures that - but still amusingly incongruous.

The snarling beast in her arms is his wife Ragna’s finx wrat: a hairless, wrinkled beast with red eyes and a permanently disgruntled expression on its pointed snout. At 6 kilograms it’s a bit large for Maranel to carry under the best circumstances; now, with it writhing, wrapping its forked tail around her arm and sinking its every tooth and claw into her red skin, it should be nigh impossible. But Maranel’s face is set in an expression of grim concentration as she hauls the beast across the room. She looks uncannily like her mother, using her pain to focus.

She knows he’s there, of course; she’s been able to sense both him and Ragna since before she could walk. She greets him distractedly without taking her intense amber eyes off the animal in her arms.

“What are you doing with Marsah’s wrat?”

She pauses then and looks up at him.

“Sweetums has been bad, Dardiz.”

Keep reading


And so Kuro’s unexpected crush on Mahiru begins. HA. (but its only a small one right now. *WINKS LOUDLY*

This is for the anon who asked this:

Yes, he does especially the younger ones. It’s really fun to draw interactions between them and Mahiru.  :D (note: Mahiru is reading a line from Romeo and Juliet in case you weren’t sure.) 

I will add more later in a part 2 for the other siblings cause I didn’t want this post to be too long. 8 IS A LOT. MAN. 

also notice I mention Sakuya here…. *WINKS LOUDER*


Things Literally Nobody Asked For, Part One

In case you missed my tiny announcement the other day – I’m working on character pages and bios for the Malignant Virtues crew!

Gen 1 is here.

wonderfulchaos69  asked:

I'm so glad you liked the fic~! <3 And if you decide to draw all the Servamp costumes, that would be absolutely awesome! I originally imagined sneaking Hugh in as Harry Potter, because I thought it'd be funny. But I had no idea how to include that besides having him be quite proud of his costume until he saw Mahiru and then be like: "... you may win this round, insolent fool, but you will rue the day you made a mockery of me!"

I LOVED THE FIC SOOOOO MUCH. I was a giggling mess, it was so cute and perfect~ And it took me awhile…. but I drew their costumes from the fan fic as a token of my appreciation!! (you had some great choices @wonderfulchaos69 !! This was fun to do!) 

I loved the way you wrote Lily~ The ballerina fairy costume was too cute!!<3

Sailor Moon Ophelia and Tuxedo Mask Hyde was something I didn’t know I needed. ;w; BLESS THIS IDEA. 

Zombie Sakuya was great as well. :D (It was kinda hard to draw his zombie makeup but I like the outcome anyway!) poor Lily when he saw Sakkun lol…. ;w;

Just the mention of baby Tsubaki’s Winnie the Pooh costume made me collapse from the cuteness. Also that last minute Mafia Wrath idea was great, I laughed when she said:  “I’m joining the mafia for Halloween.”

Also here’s your Hugh idea as well!

THANKS A MILLION FOR THIS FIC!!! <3 now I must return to answering the rest of my asks in my inbox… TwT

If anyone is a fan of this au I highly recommend this fanfic! 

TYL! Mafia! Tsuna and his Son

//I only did one stage of editing so sorry for any mistakes;;//


         Tsuna groaned, woken up by the sudden slam of his office door crashing into his wall. He would’ve shot the person but honestly at this point it was more of a hassle (though in no ways did that mean they were getting off scot free he could just toss them to Mukuro for punishment later).

         “Who the hell…?”

His eye twitched just barely making out the person in front of him. His head was pounding, more than usual. And if the fact that he was too tired to keep up appearances weren’t enough, the crackling of is bones really cemented that fact.

         He had been up all night approving documents, ordering hits, weeding out traitors, downing three bottles of Polish Vodka- the usual. But it didn’t mean he had to like it (he really didn’t have a choice did he?).

         “Apologize,” the male voice demanded.

        Now what fool would dare to-

         “I said apologize!”

         Tsuna finally looked up, waking from his groggy state. He raised a brow at the boy in front of him.

        “What are you doing here-?”

         “Don’t you say my name!” the boy interrupted, clenching his fists in anger, “I hate you more than anything father. I’m not even sure I can call you that now after what you’ve done.”

         Tsuna sighed. What did he miss another holiday or a family dinner? You’d think by now his own damn heir would know the importance of running a family.

        Tsuna got up from his office chair circling his way to the front of his desk before leaning his lower half on it.

        “What did I do to warrant this much hostility from my own son?”

         His eyes flared- Sky flames burning closer to the flames of Wrath. “You know damn well what you did!”

         Tsuna retraced his steps seriously wondering what he did wrong.

         Nothing came to mind.

         So he merely shrugged, his own eyes shifting hues. Though his son’s colour was vastly sharper since he was too tired for this shit. “What did I do exactly?”

         He bit his lower lip, his hands quivering at the sight of this man feigning ignorance. He knew that he couldn’t do much. Even in this state, Tsuna was much stronger than he was. It was like a prideful lion looking down at an alley cat- the differences outweighed heavily.

         But he refused to falter. “You. Are. Nothing. But. Scum.”

         “Did you hang around the Varia again?” Tsuna crossed his arms, in an effort to reprimand the child in front of him (you were better at this than he was). “Xanxus isn’t exactly the best influence you know.”

         “At least he has enough pride and chivalry to keep his damn promises!”

         Tsuna glared intensely. It wasn’t as if he hated Xanxus nor did the opinions of other, lesser famiglias mattered to him but nothing could take out the worm whispering in his ear. So to say those words -coming from his own son no less- struck a chord with him was an understatement.

        “What are you trying to imply?” He said, an underlining threat evident in his voice.

        “YOU CHEATING ON MOM!” He spat with venom.

        Tsuna froze, his blood turning cold.




        (It was last week when an allied famiglia of his got wiped out resulting in losing nearly hundreds of able men. He went to bar to drown out his worries and let’s just say not even his Sky’s harmonizing factor sobered him.)

        Tsuna’s proud stance faltered slightly knowing he was guilty- but he refused to admit it. “It was just a drunken mistake.”

        “You forgetting a meeting. A mistake. You accidentally pulling the trigger to a passing bystander. A mistake. You forgetting your own anniversary. A mistake.” His voice shook, anger coursing through his veins. “You getting piss drunk, going to a motel, fucking some woman, not telling anyone, then feigning ignorance is. not. a. fucking. mistake.”

        “Watch your tone,” Tsuna grumbled refusing to submit to his guilt, “you don’t speak to your father like that.”

        “Are…Are you serious?” He took a step back- not out of fear but genuine surprise at the bullshit his father was spitting out. “YOU ABANDONED MOM! EVEN AFTER ALL THE SHIT SHE HAD TO GO THROUGH TO PAMPER YOUR SORRY ASS! SO EXCUSE ME FOR MY ‘TONE’ WHEN MY OWN DAMN FATHER BASICALLY STOMPED ON HIS WIFE’S HEART!”

        Tsuna gritted his teeth, his nails digging into his palms. He inhaled slowly trying desperately not to explode in anger. He was definitely not pleased with his son’s behaviour but he had nothing to retort with, damn it.

        “Do you know one thing I hated about you the most?” His eyes bore into his own- the two skies conflicting for dominance. “The fact that you were always a damn hypocrite.”

        He took Tsuna’s silence as his cue to continue. “You always told me something. Hell, I even heard from all your guardians in one way or another! You said… You always fucking said… You never wanted to become a ‘useless, unloving dad like your grandfather.’”

        Tsuna braced himself for what was coming next.

        “Well guess what?” He let out a wry laugh. “Grandpa visits mom more often in the past year than you have your goddamn life!”

        (If that statement wasn’t the brutal truth that pierced his heart, the way his own son held more affection to Iemitsu’s title than his was definitely the thing that tore it.)

         “You know out of all the things you taught me, out of all the things you forced me to learn, I actually listened to one of them.” He sounded much more confident, seeing his father avoiding direct eye contact- something Tsuna drilled into his mind at a young age. His wrath mixed with the satisfaction of rebelling against his father sent adrenaline pumping through his veins. “Thieves are worse than any criminal.”

        (He wished Reborn was here to shoot him in the goddamn head. He would feel less pain than this situation now.)

         “You stole mom’s heart.” Stop. “You stole her life.” Stop. “You stole her happiness.” Stop. “You stole her future.” Quiet. “You stole mine too.” I said quiet. “You stole any chance mom and I could’ve been happy and kept it for yourself! And what do you do with mom’s trust and love? Ignore it! Abandon it! Trample it!”

         Tsuna fingers dug into the desk he was leaning on, the crackling of wood burying deep into his flesh- leaving pools of blood to leak out.

        “And I’m glad I can finally say this to you deadbeat son of a bitch.” He smirked, knowing there was nothing more he needed to hammer the nail on Tsuna’s grave.

        ”Fuck you.”

        And with that, Tsuna was left alone in his office the sense of dread eating away his skin.

        Not only did he lose his wife and son, he lost himself.




        The sky lost and crumbled under its own weight.