age of ultron tho

okay, now that it’s out in the states, i can post what i didn’t like about aou:

  • black widow is terribly mischaracterised
  • the romantic subplot between natasha and bruce was really uncomfortable and unnecessary.  it comes out of the blue and takes up way too much screentime.  it’s really cringeworthy and awkward
  • the entire film was really rushed, and while the main plot was pretty good, it was still rushed.  it shouldn’tve been ‘age of ultron’ it was more like ‘ultron tries to fuck shit up and dies right after he’s made’
  • joss whedon just like.  really really wanted to make an ultron film.  so they rushed it.  it wasn’t the time for an ultron film imo.
  • like hank pym hasn’t even been introduced, ant-man hasn’t come out yet, so they made it so tony and bruce made ultron.  which they didn’t.  it was hank.  but in this movie, they made tony and bruce make him.  even tho in iron man 3 he gave up ‘tinkering’ and started to move past his fear and from hiding behind his inventions.
  • god it like retcons so many motivations in iron man 3 and the winter soldier.  scarlett johansson had the idea to wear the arrow necklace because even tho she’s a badass spy “she’s a woman” and “has relationships outside of her work”… the russos okayed it, feige must have okayed it… but then in aou they throw in lines every two seconds like “oh they’re just besties :)  best friends :)  bros :)  bffs :)”
  • and like tony, who has severe ptsd and anxiety, was all happy to play around with the glowstick of destiny?  the sceptre loki tried to use to brainwash him, and failed only because of the arc reactor that’s no longer in his chest now?  and he was completely fine and excited to tinker around with it?  and we’re expected to believe this?
  • clint has a family suddenly?  even though they’re really adorable it’s just like.  out of the blue.  and really hard to believe.
  • they introduce a beloved avenger just to kill him off and not have that much repercussion.  clint and wanda are just like aw i’m sad :( for a scene or two.  then it’s all good.  
  • and like he’s dead in the first movie he’s been in… they didn’t even give the audience a chance to properly fall in love with him.  it was like ‘i’m gonna kill someone off but it can’t one of these big moneymakers everyone’s already attached to.  bye quicksilver.’
  • baron von strucker was killed off like it was nothing.  like all that leadup and we just see some security footage of a dead body.
  • the soundtrack was 99% reprises from the first avengers film.  like, there’s a difference between having a main theme/song and entirely recycling a score.  the soundtracks to im, im2, and im3 are distinctly different… same for tfa and tws… thor and tdw… meanwhile they literally put exact songs from the first movie’s score in aou.  lazy.  callbacks and main cues = fantastic.  entirely recycled = no.
  • it just seemed so rushed and lackluster.  tbh the first ten or fifteen minutes were better than the “climax,” if you could call it that

like, it’s wasn’t the worst movie ever.  i liked seeing my fave characters together again.  i liked seeing them work together in the beginning of the movie, teasing each other.  i liked the lullaby.  it was cute.  i liked the party, sans the awkward bruce and nat interactions.  i LOVED rhodey <3!  loved the pepper and jane mentions, like “sorry marvel couldn’t afford paltrow and portman lol.  we love them anyway.”  i liked natasha’s witch induced flashbacks.  i liked clint actually getting to talk.  i adored vision.  i loved wanda and pietro.  i was so happy to see tws captain’s orders cutie working on the helicarrier.  i liked science bros.  tony got a lot of fantastic lines.  and omg “jarvis is my copilot” yes

but the movie just wasn’t good.  it wasn’t good enough for them to slap the marvel name on.  it was really lackluster and didn’t fit the franchise smoothly.  tbh whedon seems to be getting frustrated with the confinements of working in such an interconnected universe, and he’s really taking it out on the quality of his work.  it’s insulting.

In honor of 2 years of TWS lets take a moment to remember how Sam and Nat had more chemistry in the 3.5 seconds upon meeting than Nat and Bruce did in the entirety of age of ultron

Inktober #10! I remember watching Age of Ultron and being really bummed that Falcon didn’t get any action during the Sokovia battle, but I nearly jumped out of my seat when he showed up at the end of the movie in his new suit.

When your watching a movie and your favourite character pops up on the screen and you accidentally fangirl out loud

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Tom Hiddleston explains why Loki wasn’t in Avengers: Age of Ultron


natasha being upset about her sterilization is not anti-feminist

nAtasHa bEIng upSet AboUt heR SteriliZAtion iS NOt anTi-FEminist


It’s not about “oh I am worthless as a woman because I can never bear children.” It’s about something irreplaceable being taken from her. The “graduation” was the final step in a long and brutal process that stripped away everything she had and everything that she was. Not only did they take everything from her, they made sure that she would never be able to come back from it completely. They dehumanized her and taught her to dehumanize herself. She said it herself – “it was efficient.” Family connections were inefficient. A mother’s love was inefficient. Nat’s right to choose what happens to her body was inefficient. They were treating her like a machine, programming her to do her job and eliminating the possibility of complications. The sterilization was part of that, but it was NOT the only part, or even the part that affected Natasha the most. She wasn’t just upset because they took her ability to have children. She was upset because they took her ability to have a life. (”I have no place in the world.”)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very passionate about feminism. But “feminism” doesn’t mean being upset when your favorite badass female character reveals that *gasp* she might have wanted to have children some day, or at least have that option open to her. Personally, I would be thrilled to see more moms in the MCU. Moms are hardcore. But like I said, the issue here isn’t Natasha’s fertility or lack thereof. It’s her control over her own body, and the horrifying violations of that control that she had to endure. Being a human being with human emotions does not make her any less of a strong female character.