Pietro Maximoff {#5}

Request: you’re a really good author! ☺ I was wondering if you could write a story where she has like a dirty dream about Pietro and the next day when she sees him that’s all she can think about (so like blushing, crossing of legs, etc) thanks so much!
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You groaned. He was between your legs. His thumb rubbed circles on your clit while two of his fingers where inside of you.

“Damn, Pietro. Fa-aster.”, you didn’t need to tell him a second time.

Your back arched under his moves and obviously he enjoyed every time you groaned his name. The Sokovian had a sassy smirk on his lips which turned you even more on.

“Pietro, I’m cumming.”, you moaned.
“Then cum- .”, he moved his lips but you couldn’t hear the end of the sentence. The only thing you saw then was a slightly blur.

You were a little bit confused and felt something touching your shoulder.

“( Y/N)? Hey, wake up sleepy head.”, a female voice pulled you out of you dream.

With both eyes wide opened you stared into two sleepy eyes. The Scarlet Witch played with her hand through her brown curled hair and smiled.

“W-what?”, you asked slightly embarrassed after your dream.

“You said Pietro’s name for like three or four times so I was wondering if you had a nightmare or something like that.”, her hands made a gesture like she had already figured out what your dream was actually about.

Right away you turned dark red and started to stutter.

“Well, uh you know.”, you tried to find the right words. “Uhm, I think I’m gonna go to the bathroom and take a shower.”

She just smirked. Of course Wanda knew about your feeling towards Pietro but til now she never said anything.

‘Dammit’, you thought, ‘I take a shower? Oh lord I’m so dumb.’

However you went in your bathroom and got ready for breakfast. As you went in the kitchen Nat and Tony were the only ones sitting there and talking about some missions.

“Good morning.”, you said still a little bit tired and the two replied to you with a nod and a smile.
You went to the cupboard to get your cereals and a bowl.
After you got everything you needed you sat next to Nat and started to eat your breakfast.

However, you couldn’t stop thinking about your nasty dream. And again you blushed just as Pietro came in the kitchen and winked at you.

‘Damn this guy.’, you thought while your where crossing your legs. He walked over to you and whispered in your ear

“Well, you look really tensed right now.”

You held your breath. What the holy hell was he doing?

“Well, do I?”, you asked playfully and he placed his hands on your shoulders starting to massage you.
You closed your eyes while totally enjoying his hands on your skin.

“Get a room you two!”, Tony said with a dramatic voice while Nat was just trying to hide a laugh.

You instantly turned red and Pietro whispered “Maybe we should.” in your ear as he then sped off.

The day went on and everytime your ways crossed with the Sokovian you couldn’t think clearly and always had those nasty thoughts you’d like to try out with him.

It was almost 11 pm and most of the Avengers were already sleeping except of you. You always stayed up late because your were more nocturnal. Humming some of your favourite lyrics you went to the kitchen for some midnight snack.
You opened the fridge as some air rushed around you. Looking around but not seeing anyone, you carried on with picking your favourite things.

After closing the fridge you placed your food on the counter and two strong hands were grabbing your waist. Your heart started to bumped as loud as it could and you slightly blushed as you could hear a thick sokovian accent.

“Well, you still look really tensed.”, he pressed his hips against yours.

“I think it’s because you frightened me to death, Speedy.”, you tried to act relaxed.


You lifted one of your eyebrow as he started to smirk.

“What?”, you asked a little bit confused about his sudden reaction.

“Uh, you know… Wanda told me about your dream.”
“Huh?What did she?”, your heart stopped beating and you thought you were dreaming.

“You know, this is awkward.”, you said finally.

He started to push gis lips against yours. What the hell was happening right now? Your whole dialoge was just some weird stuff and your reactions weren’t even better. However, you suddenly started to kiss him back. Your tongue tangled around his and he grabbed tightly your waist. Your hands were running through his hair. Damn. You’ve waited for this so long. And now it was happening. Okay maybe it was a little bit weird and you really didn’t understand why Speedy was here in the kitchen. But actually you didn’t really care.

You both pulled off as you hadn’t enough air to breathe. He rested his forehead on yours and started to smirk again.

“You know what?”

“What?”, you asked kinda excited.

“Maybe we should find out whether dreams can come true.”, he groaned in your ear while kissing you deeply.

Hello everyone! Here is another Pietro x agent!reader piece that I hope you enjoy. I like to call this one ‘Early Morning Workouts.’ Warnings: Swearing, smut.

You were running around the track earlier than usual this morning. Well, you always took your runs early, but this was about an hour before your usual. Your cat had woken you up and you couldn’t quite fall back asleep. So, here you were, running while the sun rose steadily into the sky. You were thinking over your next mission when a flash of blue flew by and a familiar laugh shook you back into reality.

“Pietro Maximoff, you little shit!” You yelled, slowing to a stop. “Fuck you!” For dramatic measures you threw a fist into the air and shook it at his quickly returning figure.

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sickness (Pietro x Reader)

Mobile update so no gif! I’m so sorry that I’ve hardly posted, I had exams and then I was ill and then I had so much on (School Awards, Alton towers trip, Taylor Swift concert, Color Run, Brass Band etc!!)

I’m going away to Florida tomorrow (love a good 9 hour flight #scottishproblems) so I may not post as often, but I’m hoping to write a few more tonight and get a short que sorted (probably wont happen).

I’m also looking for another writer to help me, just send me a sample of your work or something and I’ll get back to you when I’m back from holiday!

Anyway, this was requested by an anon, so here you go! (Sorry it’s short!)


Your boyfriend was ill. It was slightly ironic.

Pietro had come back from the dead, he could run faster than almost everything in the world, he was a part of the superhero team called the Avengers and he had saved thousands of lives.

But here he was tucked in his bed and wrapped with so many blankets he faintly resembled a burrito. Pietro was ill, and it wasn’t anything life threatening.

He had the flu. Everyone (including you, much to his annoyance) found it hilarious. His increased metabolism somehow couldn’t figure out how to ward off the flu and he was stuck inside with tissues and sick bowls while the rest of the team were out fighting the bad guys.

Despite you being a member on the team, you had been ordered by Steve to stay behind to look after him, but you knew it was more because he was your boyfriend than it was because you were probably the most sympathetic of the team.

You agreed with the sympathetic part. Wanda, found Pietro’s suffering hilarious as it was only a mere cold but he was acting like he was dying. Natasha and Clint have no patience for the flu, and would probably have ended up sending him on the mission anyways. Steve didn’t really care but was slightly sympathetic. Tony and Thor found it comedy gold, and the amount of jokes and puns they had thought up were getting to a ridiculous number.

So here you were, pressing a cold towel to his hot face as he lay surrounded in pillows, blankets and cushions. One minute he had a fever whereas the next he had a chill – and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

He started shaking again, his temperature having dropped again and you shushed him affectionately, tucking the blankets around him tighter as you stoked his head gently.

“Lay with me?” Pietro asked you, his voice quiet and you noticed how vulnerable he sounded compared to when he was in full health and running around all cockily while making Clint’s temper quickly rise.

You crawled under the covers, Pietro pulling your body against his constant changing heat one. He buried his head into the crook of your neck as you placed a soft kiss against his forehead, ignoring the sweat on it.

“I love you (Y/N),” he muttered, letting out a slight cough on your neck. You grimaced slightly before remembering his words.

“I love you too, Maximoff.”